Thursday, 29 November 2012

Oh I Have Missed You!

Hello Cycle blog lovers!

Its been a while since I got little angel out, (that's my bike, why little angel, well, she is white of course!) I wasn't feeling too well. My marathon training is lacking to say the least, this bloomin cold virus thingy is really getting me down. I googled if it was a good idea to run while having a cold, and it came back yes and no!

Yes, if its all above the neck, i.e. head cold,  snot and headaches, but no, if its below the neck, chesty coughs and yucky stuff like that. Grrr, it just seems so unfair, the fitter I get the more colds I seem to get.  I remember when I was Mrs. Couch Potato, the kids came in, sneezed, coughed and splutter, all over me, including in my tea! But I never got what they had! Germs seemed to bounce right off me, or get killed by my fat cells before they could multiply!

But I have this event that I have to do, this minor, little event, that is taking place in April next year. I need to be, you know, fairly fit. So I want to keep moving, keep up with the training, and exercise, and muscle building, stamina building training that I NEED to do beforehand. Oh, the event? Well its the London Marathon, you know, the one they close London down for, televises all over the world, that's the even that I a doing!

So I decided, just a little short ride out, ten miles tops, maybe just around town and back, just to keep my legs going, (make sure they know that I have not retired!) I feel at least I am doing something, cross training. Ten miles on the bike is very good cross training! Even if the first 5 miles were down hill!

So there you go, a nice short blog this evening, want more?....... well ok, erm, well, it's like this, when you are ill, you do need things that make you feel good, so today's little 10 miler did include a two Inns stop! For medicinal purposes only, you understand!

Geeky stats, for you, but this is mainly for the route only.  The Old boys Garmin was having some issues, which we have now sorted out, but it is now on default settings so there is no auto stops, and no mile marking either.