Thursday, 5 July 2012

The Bromley Boys And Girls V Chavs

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Yesterday me and the Old Boy thought we would go and introduce ourselves properly to the boys and girls of our own Bromley Cyclists. After all they do seem to do the same sort of cycling as me and OB do anyway.

We met them out side Bromley South train station, around 7:30 in the evening. We were a tad early and there was no one there!  But soon the 'bikers' came. Spencer, Eve and Steve arrived first. Steve was on a trike. Not the sort the kiddies ride, but a laid back recumbent style trike! complimented with a rainbow flag flying proudly from the long pole attached to the back. He said he didn't know the connotation's when he bought his rainbow flag!

A few more people arrived, Nev riding a rather fetching pink Brompton,but he rode it like it was a BMX, bunny hopping over pavements and humps! Not so pink now, are you Brompton! And Mellisa, who promotes cycling in Bromley, and does training to all the little darlings for cycle proficiency, or as it is now known, Bikeability.  And then Paul arrived, not from the left hand side, and not from the right hand side, but from the middle! Straight out of the rail station! He said he was busy at work and didn't want to be late meeting up, so the train took the strain. So with, as Spencer said, a rather smaller group, and a group photo (because apparently there were some 'celebs' riding with them today,....Moosh, the Old Boy and Mellisa!) We set off.

I knew where the final 'resting place' will be, and its not that far, so I was quite intrigued to find out how we are going to get there, what route and roads will we use. I mean, these guys love to cycle as well, like the 'Fridays' do. I was looking forward to it. But I also know there are some hills involved to get the, resting place.

We rode straight down pass the railway lines heading towards Nagging Sisters house. If I knew that she was in I would have called her to get on her bike and join us, but she does her Badminton on Wednesdays. We rode up the hill, which I used to think was quite a feat back in the old days, but I seemed to have managed it without really much effort! We turned right and then stopped outside the LBS. all the guys we drooling over some bike that was in the there! They wanted Steve to see it, but he was way behind. We were waiting to see the rainbow flag appear.

When he got there, he started drooling over this bike, it's a motor bike, (I think) a BSA wing thing, I'm sure one of the guys will put me right on that.  It so happened that the owner of the shop arrived and Steve had asked him if it was for sale, and the reply was no! Just as well, because how he would have got it home I don't know.

From here we were heading to Jubilee park.  It is not trike friendly! They have the way open for the bikes, and the gates for the walkers, but the trike will have to be man handled over the posts. By the way, I still cant ride through these, I watched as all the others just had the right side peddle up and rode on through, but I just can't do it. For some reason I panic, put the right peddle down, and have to get off my saddle and walk through! I need to practise getting through tight places I think.

We rode on through Petts wood, and then up St Johns road, another tiny hill, (the hill training is definitely working) and then over the rail bridge to go through the park. We had lost Steve again, Spencer did go back to find him, and he said he was behind him. We waited but know rainbow flag! He does know the route that we are going to take, and maybe he just didn't like this bit of path, so would meet us at the other end.

We rode for a little bit more and then stopped outside someones home. Spencer knocked on the door. We looked like big kids "Can Steve come out and play?" was the cry from the 'gang'. Steve did come out and play (another Steve, apparently there are a few Steves among the group)

On wards and upwards. I knew that the  hill still had to be done, I just didn't know how we were going to get there. Before long we were riding on Eves new path that she had found. It was through the woods. The Old Boy was on his road bike, I bet he wished he had his Giant! And how that trike thing was going to cope with it I don't know! It was a bit sticky in places!

We popped out near this, hut thing. There were some people sat on the steps. "I'll give you 50 quid for the pink bike" said one of the chavettes. We sat there waiting for Steve, with the trike Steve, to emerge from the woods. "I wouldn't stay there too long" says the girls, "They will have your wheels off before you can blink" "How do you think we got them" says a quick thinking Spencer.

Steve did appear, but again, not from the path where we were waiting for him! He was further up the road. I didn't have a clue as to where we were. I was still waiting for the likes of Starts Hill to ride up, because I knew we were not too far from the pub. Then I suddenly recognised where I was! The A21! The pub is not that far, and there is no more hills to climb! Wow, way to flatten a route guys!

We ended up at the Woodman, sat outside under the awning on a lovely summers evening, sampling Orangeboom (it's a lager not  tune!)

Another great evening ride, one of their shortest rides though, but still great fun. We were all chatting about bikes and rides we had done, and some of the others had a go of the trike thing, and Spencer had a 'trip' on it too, litterally! He tripped over it knocking a full pint of beer over himself, Paul and Steve! Yup, I think me and the Old Boy will fit in nicely with these guys and girls!

Here is some pictures of yesterdays ride. And I'm sure I will be able to ask Spencer for the group shot outside Bromley Station!  Oh, and the geeky stats as well.

This is Eve, The Old boy, Spencer in red and Steve, who we collected on the way!

This is Mellisa, Steve with the trike Steve, and Nev in the green, who rode the pink bike.

Eve help me 'tidy up' our mess, its a thing that I just have to do!

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