Monday, 28 October 2013

Stick To The Road!

Hello blog lovers.

It does seem a while since I posted a ride blog.  I did go out last week, but I just didn't get around to writing about it! Anyway, we decided to go out today and stick to the main roads!  There was a bit of a wind during the early hours of the morning, and was still going when the sun came up.  We lost a fence and a bit of felt from the shed roof.  So not too much damage.

But we wasn't quite sure how the lanes would have fared. Whether there were going to be trees and large branches across the roads.  We headed off into Bromley, staying on the main bus routes.  It seemed there was quite a bit of debris in the kerb side, spreading out filling up some of the cycle routes!  Leaves and twigs and other debris. 

We rode straight past our usual place in Bromley, this was going to be just a one refreshment stop ride, as its only going to be a short one.  The clocks have gone back, it's still quite wet out there and there is all that debris to consider!

We were doing a route that we have done before, and it has this particularly nasty little hill in West Wickham.  It's particularly nasty because when you are riding up it, there is no where to stop if you do get a bit tired, you just have to keep on going until you get to the top of it.  Not only that, but the cars that go past, for some reason only know one!  I just looked ahead and pedalled. I just wanted to get to the top of it as quickly as my little fat legs could do.

The Old Boy was very encouraging as he said, "That's it, keep going"  I just kept on pedalling, I didn't want to say anything back, acknowledge his encouragement, I just wanted to get up to the top.  As soon as I felt the hill flatten out then I relaxed a bit.  Apparantly I got up that hill at an average pace of 8 miles an hour, just steady and keeping the same pace!  I was pleased with that!

It wasn't that far to go to get to the Greyhound at Keston.  Just a little more undulating roads to get there.  The Old Boy put on his other light which lit up the very dark road like daylight.  The pub emerged through the darkness and filled up my horizon!  Now that was a very welcomed sight!

A quick pint in there and it was off towards home.  We decided to carry on sticking to the main roads and ride through to Locksbottom and then Crofton, Pettswood and home!

A nice ride, and the weather wasn't at all bad, quite mild really, and I was really pleased that the wind and rain was all done with this morning.

Geeky stats from the Old Boys Garmin.
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Monday, 7 October 2013

All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go!

Hello blog lovers.

Time to test out the padding on my bars! Apart from my bike look particularly lovely in the black tapes, I am hoping that the gels that was put on to my bars, will help with the issues of my hands! I so want this to be the answer.  I do love my bike, and I am getting more and more confident on it, until that is, my hands start to feel weak again. 

Today our ride was going through Farnborough, then up to Downe Village, and then up again through Biggin Hill again!  We are going to go the opposite way down Grays Road.  I don't think I have ever done that before!

It was getting pretty dark in the lanes on the way up to Downe, and the blinking light just had to go! I'm sure that could cause an epileptic fit if I had left it going! So I had my light on the lowest full beam.  But when the Old Boy put his light on it lit up like daylight! But it also cast this enormous shadow of me on the trees!  All I kept thinking was, "My thighs are still looking a bit big, and my bum deffo looks big in that light"  It's strange the things you think when you are pedalling up hills!

There was no stopping when we go the village, we turned right and the then left and headed for Jail lane.  More uphill climbing, although not half as bad as what we have done. And our lights looking really good, making sure that we are seen!   Once at the end of this road, we turned left!  Even though I fleetingly looked longingly at the right hand turn. The one that brings us closer to home!

But up we continued up the hill.  I couldn't quite figure out how far it was to the turning by the Shampan.  All I knew was that it was more up hill!  So I just get on going.  Trying my best, repositioning my hands when necessary, and just enjoying being out on my bike!  The weather is just lovely,  not too cold and no wind about! Perfect for riding about. 

Once at the Shampan we turned left and went down Grays road.  Usually I am riding up this hill, so I have quite a few down hill bits to look forward too!  The cars coming towards us, up really do see us coming, which is very reassuring.  I am sure that some think that it is a car and get a bit confused when me and the Old Boy pedal on by them. 

At the end of this road we turned left again, down, down, down Cudham North Lane!  We had a stop off at the Blacksmiths Arms! Well, it's thirsty work! We sat outside in the 'smoking' den, but they had this fantastic wood burner going.  It was just so warm and toastie, I just didn't want to get going again! 

After that, continued the downhill journey to the A21 and went home via Magpiehall Lane!  A very good ride today, my hand didn't feel too bad, I am hoping that it will continue to get stronger and stronger, back to how it used to, but right now, I know that I have done a ride!  It don't feel as bad as it has done, but still, it don't feel like it should do either! I am hoping that my hand will start to heal up so that I can start to enjoy my bike properly.

Anyway, geeky stats, and I am using the Old Boys, as I had forgotten to restart my after the pub stop!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Cosmetic Surgery and New Clothes?!

Hello blog lovers.

My ride today was no so much as a pleasure ride, but a ride for a purpose.  Not only that but the exact time that I was ready to go out, the rain came! The issues with my hands was still giving me cause for concern, although, I am sure with each little tweak by the bike shop and each 20 mile bike ride that I have been doing is getting it solved.  The lovely chap at Bromley Bikes has still not given up with me, and his next thing to try was putting 'Fat' on my handlebars! I know! Usually us girls want fat removed, by Joe thinks that the gel cushions will do it. 

After he showed me what they looked like and also what colour tape I would like, put back on the bars, I left my Spesh in their capable hands, while I went in search of MeerKats and spiders! (with a spot of lunch thrown in)

It was only going to take about 40 minutes, so my first stop was to the post office, I had a parcel to collect from the near by post office.  This happened to be my Meerkat! Yes, I am afraid I have become a collector of Alexandr and his friends. So that explains the Meerkat. The spider was to be a costume for my grandson.  He wants to be insy winsy spider tomorrow, for his nursery rhyme day at school.  That was more difficult to find.  So his mummy found a 'cheeky monkey' costume, later in the day.

After all that was done it was back to the shop to pick up my bike.  There was a chap in there waiting for his bike to be finished, and he said "I guess that must the ladies bike there?" as he pointed out my bike.  "Did you guess that, or was it the pink that gave it away" I said jokingly. But when I saw my bike! Well, the obvious change was the lovely colour of tape that she was wearing! I bet you all think I've gone for pink! Well I didn't, my bike was now wearing lovely, 'slimmining' black tape.  And she needed it, as the 'cosmetic surgery', has provided a lovely, cushiony layer of 'Phat'.....ok, gel....underneath the new black 'clothes' on her handlebars.

It did feel a lot more comfortable on the ride home, just like holding on to an armchair!  But I am dying to show you a picture of her in her new clothes, so here she is!