Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Testing Testing!

Hello Blog lovers,

Today is the first time me and the old boy have felt fit enough to do anything more energetic than getting our boots on! The dreaded Christmas colds have landed on all of us this Christmas, even though we really tried to ignore it.

But the call of our new toys and attire was much too strong and we decided to go for just a short bike ride. So there was me with my new glow in the dark hat, and gloves (Which are for running actually, and I think that is the only time I will wear them, the seams for the key pocket was very annoying, so now must go and get some new winter riding gloves) and my new super duper thermal padded riding tights!

The Old Boy set up his new Garmin edge 200, and was looking at it as it found satellites, mine took for ever to locate, and he had already rode around in circles for quarter of a mile before I was ready! And then we set off.

It was only a very short ride today, about 13 miles, geeky stats will be at the bottom, and just to show you all how hard the OB pushes up hills, as soon as he has made up his own account for Garmin, I shall add his geeky stats on here.

But can you believe, we still stopped for a pint of lager and packet of crisps before making our way home, via the burger shop.

Roll on January, tee total and healthy eating, for one whole month!!

Geeky stats

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Wednesday Meander

Hello Blog lovers.

What can I say, definitely getting old, I forgot to take my garmin, but even in this cold me and the Old Boy were out cycling. I am just glad that wind has died down. Wasn't it windy?!

It was a nice ride though. We turned left this evening and headed towards Jubilee park. Our route was only going to be a short one, from Jubilee up through to Bromley, through the high street, and the turn right through an ally way to ride towards Hayes. I was really expecting to stop for a pint at the George, but the the Old Boy turned left and went into Normans Park. Darn it, no pint and olives today!

We cycled around the park towards the gate that will take us to Bromley Common. I then heard the Old Boy say "Noooooo!" when I caught up with him I could see why he said that. The gate was locked! So it looks as if we are going to go off road, through the woods, near the stream! in the dark. But fortunately the Old Boy knew another path, it meant lifting the bikes over a gate, but with the our lightweight bikes that is not difficult. We ended up coming out just by the college, Not too bad, and no danger of me plopping into the water!

So just a ride home from here, but of course, it was heading up before we headed home, going through Chatterton, and whaitehall rec! A stop for some choccies and a bite to eat.....chips!

A nice pleasant saunter this evening, and no beer! Well not till I got home, I had a bottle of lager that has been sitting in my fridge for two weeks now!

Oh and I know that the wind had died off, but I just like the picture!

Monday, 5 December 2011

One Ride, Two Nemesis's

Hello blog lovers!

What a lovely day! Sun shining, well earlier it was, the heat.....from my radiators, blooming freezing out there... yet I wait until its dark, and even colder to go for my bike ride.

Well I do like to go riding with the Old Boy! He keeps me going, especially up the A21, "Go on keep peddling, that's it" And that is just the start of the ride! He was threatening to ride up to Biggin Hill, but I kind of gently persuaded him to ride on to Chislehurst and see how The Tigers Head has turned out after the refurb! As I was in front he just followed on behind anyway!

My Garmin has having a hissy fit and refused to find satellites until we had reached the A21, which is about a mile from my home, so I need to add about 10 mins onto my moving time, plus some more moving time because being as that I am old, I forgot to restart it after we stopped at the Tigers!

The first of my Nemesis's was soon rising up in front of me! "Not today, Perryhall" I am beating you!" I started the ascent. I could feel it getting steeper and steeper, the cold air soon started chilling the moisture on my face (I won't tell you where is coming from, but lets say, I didn't want to stop to get a hanky!) The round about is just up ahead, if I'm lucky there will be traffic on the opposite side wanting to turn right, in which case I can take a legitimate breather! But guess what, the white van man saw me approaching the roundabout and WAITED FOR ME TO CROSS OVER! What a gentleman! I just wished he was a typical white van man just went over the roundabout as if it was his right! I was hurting, my legs were feeling like jelly! But I did it! And I was bloomin pleased that I did.

My other nemesis is of course Summer Hill. Ok so we are going the easier route from Chislehurst to Bickly, but it still gets me puffing hard! So after our pint of lager and a few olives we headed for Summer Hill. The Old Boy let me lead again, but going down Summer Hill he overtook me! I was riding sensible, with the brakes on slightly, he must have had his head down, making himself small as he sped past me heading the the uphill section.

I tried to remember all that the OB had told me, peddle in high gear until you get to the hill, then start working down the gears as you get on the hill! Again it was a struggle, the cold hampering me all the way, the snot annoying me, but I just wanted to get up the darn hill! Made it!! Done it. Two hills in one faily short ride!! I'm pleased with that! Now anything is just a plod along!

We headed on to Bromley, then we turned for home, stopping for a bottle of milk and then a ride though Jubilee! Well, there is no just heading on home when you're with the Old boy!

So geeky stats, with a few little missing sections, but I am old you know!

Ride with Alan by moosh001 at Garmin Connect - Details