Thursday, 31 March 2011

Crazy Geese and Covert Chevrons!

Hi bloggees!

I told you there would be another blog today, and here it is.

Mine and the Old Boys tales from the farm yard! That's right, we went through Hayes farm again. And the geese were on the attack! We had a pleasant ride through our old neck of the neighbourhood before we set off for the farm. And again here, I saw places I never seen before! I only lived there for 2 and half years! There was a bit of greenery and a park there! It's amazing, I must have lived like a hermit, not moving or investigating anything. The only time I did go out was when we went out in the car!! And I wondered where my couch potato days started!

So there we were, riding through the farm again, and there are these angry looking geese every where. I watched the Old Boy cycle pass them, and they stuck their necks out and hissed a bit. "Well that's ok, at least they wont attack me" I thought. The Old Boy got through safe and sound, so I should be fine. I rode my bike towards them and the Old Boy was watching me, with a smirk on his face as this huge goose craned its neck up and me and gave a huge "hisssssssss" as I went past. A bit scary but then there was the other one on the other side of me. They were ganging up on me. This one put its neck low and beak opened and 'hisssed' at me feet, I'm sure it was trying to get my tyres!

Geese successfully passed we head off through the rest of the farm. The paths through here are pot holed and filled with water! Tractors have also been down here, well there is a farm here, and I kept getting stuck in the tracks! The Old boy with his hybrid bike and suspension was negotiating these just fine.

We get through the Common again, and it's back to road riding! Yeah, no more muddy puddles. I just kept following the Old Boy as he done his left turns and right turns. I hadn't a clue where we will end up. But when we got through to the other side of Norman Park, Bromley Common side, he said "Lets go to Chislehurst now, we're not in any hurry" I couldn't think how we are going to get there from here, I was trying to wrack my brains to think of the route, all the while following the Old Boy.

It wasn't until we were heading up Southlands road that I knew how we were getting there. "He's going up Summer Hill!" I stated to say out loud, "He's going up bloomin Summer Hill" The realisation kicked in "Flipping nora, he's going up bloomin Summer Hill" What the drivers in the cars thought of me I don't know"

We got to the round about only to find a coach with a small car nestled into the side of it, as the obviously both tried to turn right at the same time! The traffic built up was huge! Of course being on bikes we can zip through the traffic, take a look at the accident, (and try to figure out who is in the wrong) and the go on a merry way. Well I say merry way, it was Summer Hill that we had to get up!

The first bit is just perfect, because its all down hill. So I just went for it, hoping that some of the momentum will get me up quite a bit of the other side! No holding on to the brakes, I am just going to let it roll, and not only that, I am going to peddle, even if my legs are going ten to the dozen on the down hill, as long as I can feel pressure then I am peddling. The bottom of the hill came, I started to peddle harder now, I want to get as much out of this momentum as possible. Now I am ascending. I go down the gears as slowly as I can make it, but with every revolution of the peddles is getting very hard indeed, and I am changing gears very quickly indeed. "1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3" I started the counting in my head, at least I think its in my head! The Old Boy is in his own world now, tackling the hill at his own pace, no time to think about me, he is having his own battle.

I couldn't managed to get up there. I looked up from where I stood, and it just continued to climb and climb. All the traffic going the opposite direction to me giving me encouraging smiles, and I'm sure one car full of girls just cracked up laughing as I came to another stop. Now it could have been a coincidence, (probably) but because of my struggle up the hill, it some how felt personal. I managed to do the hill in three (I think) albeit a very slow three.

From here the way seemed heaven as we headed home. Until that is, we got to the railway bridge. I crossed over in the proper manner, I got off and walked it! Just as it says "Cyclists Dismount" I rode through the car park on the other side and do what I always do, ride a little bit on the pavement to get to the road on the right, so that we can ride through the park. A real easy manoeuvre, you would think! But some how, just as turned right I hit the chevron board! I wasn't quite looking up, and was just looking at the pavement, I think it was because I was feeling pretty tired, but I hit the chevron board and broke my front light!

We still went through the park as it was dark just yet, and we were riding off road, besides I did have my head lamp in my pocket it it gets too dark

Geeky stats for you,

Monday, 28 March 2011

Got To Remember To Switch On Garmin Again!

Hello blog lovers.

Well, I had a non exercising weekend, the only exercising I did was my brain cell, which is virtually on the missing list, and my right arm! At the pub on Sunday afternoon with Naggy!!

So today I thought it best that I get out today on my bike, I need to build up mileage in my legs for the long ride to Brighton in June! I am loving these longer days, because today the Old Boy took me to a place that is virtually on my doorstep but I have never been too!

The Old Boy has it in him to do a bit of trail riding, so his hybrid bike with suspension won't have been bought in vain. Although my bike is not fully a road bike, it is compared to his. He took me to Hayes Common! A huge expanse of land that I didn't no was there. The amount off times I have ridden by it, hidden by trees and things, I never really questioned what was behind them. It was a very pleasant surprise. Not only that but we rode through a farm and all side the Ravensbourne River. There was a dip that we had to go down with a 'splash pool' at the bottom. I watched as the Old Boy do what all boys do, just ride straight down the hill without thinking, splashing through the puddle and riding back up the other side using the momentum to get to the top again.

I just stopped at the top of the hill, and I wondered whether I could do this on not. Or whether I would fall off and land in the river, or whether once I got to nearly the top, I would slip backwards and fall off my bike. Too much thinking, I know. I got to be more of a bloke, disengage brain and go for it..........So I did! I took just a step or two down the hill, then just released my brakes, feet on the peddles and go!

The thoughts going through my mind I had to totally ignore, and just look up at the hill that I need to get up. Ok it was only a very short up and down hill, but that with the added danger of a splash pool it just seemed so exciting. ...... Did I just say that?? Ok, need to re-engage brain cell now, to complete blog.

All the years I have been living here, and I did not not that this place was hiding behind the trees, I should investigate all those signs that say 'Public Footpath' there must be loads of other hidden places that I have never seen right on my doorstep.

This place led us to Normans park, I was just so surprised to come out on the park that I jogged with Nagging Sister, and Vic.2 last year! From there we went to Shortlands were we stopped for a break, chewing gums (and chocolate). But obviously I had forgotten to re-engage brain cell, because I stopped the Garmin while we were scoffing.......erm, taking a well earned energy treat, and I forgot to re start it. So the geeky stats at the bottom will show me still at Shortlands.

Just as well the Old Boy had his bike gizmo going, at least it can tell us how far we rode and what time we did it in.

So half the geeky stats.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Don't Look Now, But I think I'm Getting Fitter!

Hello Blog readers.

I told you this morning I shall be writing another one! There is just no stopping me from talking about fitness regime!

After a really lovely (there's that word again) run with Smarty Pants this morning, I was looking forward to a pleasant ride today, and I wasn't disappointed! Me and the Old Boy decided that we will do a 10 miler or so today, and get out while the sun still shines.

He told me which way we were going. Up, up, and up! Up to Keston, then Up to Downe, then up to Farnborough and finally up Starts Hill lane! There is a few down hills to break the monotony of all those ups, its just as well or else I would have been broken! He also informed me that he had a bit of cash on him! So a nice refreshing drinkies half way round the route!

I normally complain like mad on the way up to Keston, and maybe even stop somewhere on this road as well, but not today. I'm not saying it was easy, but I just stayed focused and kept on going! That hill done, now to sort out the next one.

This is the hill that takes us into Downe Village. I knew it was a long road, so again, head down, concentrate on the bit of road in front of me. It is still quite bright out, although I do have my bike lights on, my head lamp is still in my pocket.
Before I really started to even thinking about stopping, (and after a few moanings on the way up) we were in the Village! I couldn't believe it. I felt quite pleased with my self.

Its mainly down hill to we get home, just a couple of steep 'pimples' to get up, one is Church road, that takes us through Farnborough, and then the next one is Starts Hill. I did both of these hills, it seemed like the ride was all too soon coming to a finish.

When we were nearly home and on the way to Pettswood the Old Boy was just poodling along in front of me I couldn't resist cycling past him with a chuckle and a smile!

Just the usually ride through the park, and there you go, one 10 miler sorted, well actually 12 miles, but done!! Yup quite pleased with this effort today!

Geeky stats

Saturday, 19 March 2011

She Talks The Talk, Can She Ride The Ride!

Hello Blog lovers.

Its a glorious sunny day out today! Perfect for riding. Perfect for a photo packed, lunch filled ride. No lights needed on my cycle hat or on my bike! No need for raincoat either. Just warm layers, ones that I can tie around my waist for when I do get warmed up.

The Old Boy has dressed the same, not the same as me, just layers, you understand. "Now, do you remember what you said about this ride" he said to me. "What you said to me last night, about doing the whole ride non stop" Of course I denied ever saying that, and anything said while under the influence of alcohol is inadmissible as evidence! "Today is a pleasure ride" I told him, "A nice ride, with fitness thrown in by going up hills" I said to him in my defense.

This ride today is all about having a lovely morning and afternoon out. Take some pictures for the blog page for a change. In stead of just geeky stats, (which will be added at the end though).

We set off, and the temperature was fairly mild, frost was off the ground, but I was glad of my layers, I even had layers on my hands! Its not easy doing hills first off, without a warm up, but it has to be done. Up the A21 we went, but that really is the warm up for the next hill! Cudham North Lane!! Not a thing to do on cold legs. I did stop once going up here today, unlike the first time I tried it, I stopped at least twice! "1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3" All the way up the hill, well until I stopped of course. The counting does help. But as I said, this is a picture blog, so the first picture is of me (well they all are actually), after reaching the top of Cudham lane. The pub looked so inviting,

But it was still early, far too early for beer, not that I would have beer of course! Not while riding a bike on the roads! Don't I look all lovely in this pic, and this is only half way up the hill!

After moaning and groaning up the rest of the hill, we flew threw Knockholt village and had another photo opportunity, looking down towards the motorway where we will be crossing.

No Resting though, I couldn't tell you what time it was when we got to this place, all I knew was that I was totally creak crackered, and wondering how far our lunch. stop was from here. If you look carefully in the background you can probably see the motorway, and we will be crossing over a bridge that is to the right of the picture, but fortunately for me, its all down hill to there!

I believe this is the part where I got my max speed from, I may have to check geeky stats to be sure of that though. This next picture is from the bridge that crosses the motorway, and if you look carefully you can spot the place we took the last picture! And because we were going so fast, you can probably see us coming down the road!
Ok maybe not!

By this time I was getting hungry, and in need of refreshments, we had drinks bottles filled with squash, but a nice cuppa is what was required. We still have at least five miles to go before lunch, so back on our bikes and think lunch! So much better that '1, 2, 3'

We rode on through Chipstead, and passed yet another lovely pub, opposite a lovely lake. Another photo opportunity, to the amusement of three elderly people sitting on a bench. Well, we did look a pretty funny sight, as the Old Boy said, "Move over a bit, that's it, now smile" while we were both perched on our bikes! Here, take a look, what a lovely lake this is.

Soon though we got to Shoreham, and into a lovely pub for lunch, but only after a very hard decision. "You can ride down the hill to the pub, but then we have to ride back up again to complete the route, or you can just pop into the tea rooms next to the station" Oh my goodness! I looked down the road towards the pub, or just across the road, to the tea rooms. But the Old Boyd told me about the lovely little river that flows through here, and "Whats another hill among so many hills" he said!

I chose the harder route, well I have got a charity ride booked now! Off down the road towards the pub, and as we were going down, a cycle club merged with us! Me and the Old Boy felt like proper cyclists, and we both were getting 'lycra envy' as we saw how good they looked in their brightly coloured cycle gear!

Finally a stop for lunch, a lovely sandwich each, and a diet coke. But after I had my fizzy drink, what I really wanted was a cuppa! So I asked the girl for a nice cup of tea! It came in a tiny little teacup, with a saucer! One mouthful and it was gone! Oh well, just have to wait till I get home.

Two pictures here, but the dog looked just too cute not to add. These are from Shoreham village, on the little bridge. It's a lovely little village, this is the river Darenth. The dog just stood in the water looking up to me and the Old Boy, it wouldn't take its eyes off of us!

Not far to go home from here, and not too many hills. Well, that's not true, because I know there is a least two nasty hills to get up before I can even think of putting my feet up!

There is the one at Eynsford and then there is Poverest!. But lets have some more pics before that. Eynsford is a lovely place to be, with another little stream, ...... mmmm maybe I should re name today's blog to 'A Stream to Far,' or something like that, any way, pictures.

The first picture is on the road towards Eynsford, and the second.......... Well, what can I say, there is always one! But he did manage to get out of the fjord! After trying to entice a swan to go nearer to him.

The other picture is me near the fjord, I'm not sure if the Old Boy was waiting for me to fall in! But there is lots to see in eynsford, there is the roman villa, and eagle heights, and of course the via duct. Which leads me into the next set of pics.

So thats the end of this epic blog today, I can hear you all clapping, but don't forget, I will still write more blogs!!

The pictures of the horses were at Enysford as well, apparantely to other people tried to get the horses to come near to them but they wouldnt budge, I just stood there and called them and they came over. Its a gift I have!!!

Till next time bloggers., oh yes and geek stats.

And to answer the question at the top, No, I cant ride the ride, well not at his pace anyway!

Friday, 18 March 2011

What's That Rattling Noise?

Hello blog lovers.

Well I am writing this today because I really didn't have anytime yesterday to write it. I went for tea with Naggy, and her self conscious tea lights!

The Old Boy was not feeling on top for yesterdays ride, but he did want to get out and stretch the old legs. I certainly needed to get out, just vegging in doors is not good for man nor beast! We decided on a just a short 10 mile or so ride.

It was still quite bright out when we left, which makes a pleasant change. Its nice to see where I am riding. But just to be on the completely safe side, as it was a getting to that dusky stage, I put all my lights on.

WE set off, the Old Boy said we were going to ride up to the Ponds and then see how we feel after that. So I set off leading the way. Up the hill to the ponds. When we got there the Old Boy said to turn right, which I did. Its a lovely down hill bit of smooth road, so I whisked along nicely enjoying the whole cooling process of the wind. But the Old Boy shot passed me with a "We were supposed to stop there and see where we was going to go from there" Oh well, we can discuss where we're going at the top of the road now, there will be only left or right to choose from!

Just then I started to notice a noise on my bike. The Old Boy's bike has been sounding like at tank recently, he thinks the cables are all stretching and now need adjusting. But he is like me, hasn't a clue how to service a bike. I think we both need to enrol on a course some where!

But when we got to the top of the road, we had our discussion, and then I made him put his head light on, as it was getting darker now, and it will save stopping to do it later. We decided to head on up to Downe Village, after all, we have gone the other way so many times now, we need a change.

Those of you who know the area and those of you who read my blogs will of course know that Downe is up! Long steep hills that will bring on a good sweat! And not even at nice pint at the end of it. On wards and up wards we went. The Old Boy telling me to stick to the side of the road like glue as they do tend to drive fast up these roads.

I think we only stopped once.......ok so I only stopped once before we got to the village itself, but I was still pretty pleased with my efforts. We drove passed the two pubs and turned left. A long road down hill to Shire Lane. By now it was pretty dark, thank goodness for the headlamps. I had to ride carefully though, there are so many potholes in the road, and just a beam of light to spot them with. I could still hear that annoying rattling metal sound, what was that?

From shire Lane we went straight up the road heading for Greenstreet Green, and then on into Orpington. I was thinking we were going to go up my old conquered nemesis, either one of them, Perry hall or Poverest, but I think the Old Boy is feeling tired because he didn't go through the high street, we took the turning to go up Knoll Rise instead, the very first hill I tried and failed at when I first started to use the bike for fitness, (and have never attempted again!)

Psychologically I was at a disadvantage, I wasn't expecting it, and I hadn't yet been able to ride the whole way up it! I just had to think, "Well Old Girl, just do it, whats the worse that can happen" And so it was head down, gears low as low can be, and peddle like mad. I made the Old Boy go up before me, I am not good with the pressure of him seeing me trying to fight the hills. His lights were getting further away as he just 'ate' the hill up, I peddled and peddled, there are no round abouts to stop at, there are no lights and no road works to halt my ascent up the hill. I looked up and saw the crest just a few yards more. Keep going Old Girl, you have this hill under your belt now! Yes! I did it, the Old Boy had stopped and looked around for me as I came over the top, my hand punch up at the dark sky, I hope he could see the huge smile on my face.

We headed on home towards Petts Wood, but the Old Boy wasn't quite ready to go home yet. He decided to go through the woods again, and then turn left as we came out and through our local park when we got to the end of the road. That darn noise was still with me on my bike. I could hear it, it was a squeaky type of noise, and like metal rubbing on metal. What was it, it's so annoying. I could hear it all the way as we went through the quite dark park, "What is that noise?" I said to the Old Boy, "it's there every time I peddle the right side" It was then, that I wished I hadn't said anything as I suddenly realised where the noise was coming from! It was from the keys in my pocket rubbing against my tin of lip balm!! Such a blond bird I am sometimes!

We spotted our sons girlfriend on the way to our house as we rode on the road towards Southborough Lane. She was heading for our house and had just told us that she was calling our son to come and meet her! And so he should, its the only exercise that boy gets is walking to me her and home again!

Geeky stats for you

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Testing Testing! Syncronise!

Hi blog readers.

Today was just another mooch around Bromley, going through some parks and back streets. We are both using our gizmos, my Garmin and his bike computer. And we shall compare data when we get back...........I know, its all very sad these days. Same bikes, same cycling coats, same head lights, and now we are going to swap gizmo data!!

We set off later that I expected, (we were trying to sort out the Old Boys gears on his bike) and the temperature when we left was 44 degrees Fahrenheit, and not raining for a change. I had no idea where we were going, I was just going to follow the Old Boy around like a love sick puppy.

He mentioned that we were going to go through the parks again. Its like a wild coaster ride, in the dark! Its quite scary!, and I think it amuses him that I squealing behind him! It is quite exciting though, and it keeps your mind wide awake!!

After the first park then we went through the country park, and then Normans park after that. We went darting about the backstreets of Bromley. Either he is taking it easy on me, or I am getting fitter and stronger, because I don't feel as if I have done any real work so far. Even the hill going up to Bromley High Street held no fear in me today!

More back streets through Bromley, and another little alleyway! It's just as well he is not bombing along and losing me, because I wouldn't have a clue as to how to get home! Or maybe that's his cunning plan. Get me lost and he can carry on getting fitter without me! MMmmm.

I finally recognised a road and I knew we were not far from home. In fact we were on the road with the supermarket on it! Which means that the Old Boy did have a cunning plan after all, and it was a chocolate plan. Well its Wednesday, we normally have Orange Wednesday, complete with bag of Revels and diet coke!

Goodies bought and it was just one last park ride, and that is the park near our home. Oh yes, and the mad dash down the road. A quick 'burn up" down the road, and of course he beat me. But I'm sure I made him work a little bit harder this time!

Geeky stats

Monday, 14 March 2011

Four Parks and a Woods!

Hi bloggers.

Today was not a nice day outside. It was gray and overcast. I knew I was going to do a ride with the Old Boy so decided not to run today, and only just do the ride.

We set off, it was dark and drizzly. We decided that it was only going to be a very short ride, close to home, no more that 5 to 10 minutes ride to get back. A what a route it was. Lots of turns and twists. We set off to go one way only to find that he had changed his mind and went down some other road.

It was a bit different though. Because we went riding in the pitch black through the local parks! The first one was about 10 minutes into our ride, its on one of my running routes, I normally run pass the road where the park is. I couldn't understand where he was going, but I followed along. The head light on my head is such a handy light, I just switched to full beam and pull down the diffuser and look at the path, brilliant. We rode around the park, with a little bit of skirting into the woods, well that is where the path goes. It was quite exhilarating really, and the Old Boy mentioned again to me about doing a night time ride through the night in the woods!!

After we came out of the park, we decided to just go through the woods, just to see. We headed off towards Petts wood. The path that we first looked at we decided to not go, and so did a couple of ladies walking a dog. We think it just would have been too muddy. We headed off to the other side of this path, using the roads, and then went up another path. This path though took us to two bridges, which we had to carry our bikes up and over the bridges. Thank goodness I have a light bike!

On through the country park, in the dark! It was quite a ride. Down another path, straight through a muddy puddle. The Old Boy by now had his suspension up and running, I was still bouncing around, but it was good run. We got through the park safely, and without anyone falling into any muddy piles!

Park number three was just up the road from here. But even in this park the Old Boy threw me, instead of following the path all the way round, he decided to take the path through the middle. Always expect the unexpected, that's what I should be thinking! When we got through this park, it was a quick pitstop at a shop for a bit of chocolate munch stuff. Sometimes you just got to treat yourselves!!

I knew where we were, on Chatterton road! So when the he said that we are going to head on home now, via the new supermarket on the fairway, of course I am thinking of a direct route! But as I have come to know by now, nothing is direct. We went back through park number three and then up a long, long walkway! He told me to not ride in the middle as the gaps between the pavement slaps were quite big, and it will be like running like a tram, through the grooves. But just as he said this, I hit one of the grooves and nearly came off my bike. I was quite pleased when we got to the concrete part of the path, but again, I nearly came off my bike when I fell off the edge of the concrete bit!! I was giggling all the way to the end of the path.

After we got a bit of shopping, just a few extra bits for our dinner for when we got home, then it was park number 4! And no, we didn't go the way I expected to go, we went a slight different way, pass the pastors house. And as you will probably notice on the Garmin geeky stats, we had a bit of stop, the pastor was outside his house, and we all had a chat for a few minutes.

Then it was through our local park and then head on home.

Geeky stats

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Total Burn-up!

Hello Bloggees,

Well after this mornings jog, I knew I would be feeling tired, (because I was tired jogging) so I am really glad that today is Wednesday, just a gentle 10 miler, then off to the cinema.

Me and the Old Boy got all our gear, set the lights up, helmets, hats, gloves etc. Then Headed off. It was still fairly light, but I kept the lights on, anyway I had no intention of stopping on this ride this evening, so best switch them all on.

It was raining slightly, which I wasn't pleased about, but only gently, maybe it will ease off. We are doing one of my old routes, to Greenstreet Green and then on to the awful hill, Perry Hall Road! The Old Boy let me lead the way, I'm sure it is just so that I can't see how tired he is as well! Unless there is another ulterior motive! Up through the path and head on to the A21.

This road was horrible today. My legs were complaining, just like this morning when I was running. But I knew that I couldn't stop on this bit, I had only just started the ride, for goodness sake. But up ahead in the distance I saw a cyclist. She was on the cycle path and I was gaining on her! I was amazed. She looked like a proper cyclists, all the right gear on, etc, yet there I was gaining on her. Just then the hill started, but I really wanted to 'burn up' this other cyclists. I have never overtaken another rider, well apart from the Old boy to wind him up a bit, and this will be the first time, ever! But the hill was taking it out of me> I dug deeper, I pushed my legs as hard as I could and I started to gain on her again, at the top of the hill. I finally was neck and neck, I gave a quick cheeky look to see if she noticed me, trying not to be smug, (I more than likely had a pained look on my face) and then carried on.

The Old Boy, behind me, of course was noticing all this, and was quietly smiling and chuckling away to himself as he was guessing what I was thinking. (Which of course he was right!) The slight hills after that first one, didn't seem as bad anymore, but still they took their pennies worth from me!

A more speedy ride once we reached Greenstreet Green, and the ride down to Orpington was not too bad either, but thoughts of PerryHall Road were now on my mind, and already I can feel my legs complaining.

We were soon at the dreaded hill, the Old Boy still following up behind. I tried and tried and tried to get up in one go, but just about 10 feet from the blooming roundabout my legs just refused to peddle anymore! I stopped dead, the Old Boy stopped dead, and the car behind him stopped dead.

Even the Old Boy got off and walked today, just to over the other side of the round about, and then he got back on and rode up the restof the hill. I walked just a tad more then got back on and rode the rest of the way.

Coming down Frankswood we heard a voice beside us "Oi oi" the voice said "Keep it going." It was a friend of ours, and he is usually heading in the other direction, which means that he has already Ridden up Southborough and spun around to come back and chat with us. I was thinking, "Oh yes, here comes another burn up" (this chap is a mad keen cyclist, it wouldn't surprise me if his bikes have their own centrally heated room!) He fancies his chances in a down hill sprint with me and the Old boy (my silly on brain cell was thinking), Bring it on. But, after evaluating the calibre of the opposition and all the gizmos that we have on, head lamps, front lamps, back flashing lights, and bright bright coat, then he thought better of it and said his goodbyes and turned off just at the crest of the hill!! What a chicken!.

On the home stretch now, and its a faster ride all the way down to the park, and then the last road home. This road the Old boy has decided that me and him should have a 'burn up' I try and try to get the better of him, but I just don't have the strength in my legs to keep up with him. One day, one day I will beat him to our house.

Geeky stats for you.

Monday, 7 March 2011

More Exercise For Today

Hi bloggees,

The evening was just beckoning us to go out for a lovely 20 miler. The Old Boy was up for 20 miles, and I was too, even though I had done a 3 mile jog this morning. But as the Old Boy loves to point out, he has done a full days work too. I shall give him that. Plus he comes home and cooks dinner too! He says he likes to eat the food that we buy!

This is a fitness ride, well for me it is, the Old Boy calls it a leisurely pace! But twenty miles, up that awful hill towards Badgers Mount as well. And towards the end it did have me shouting out load, and telling my 'fat lazy couch potato' self to get my backside moving.

The ride back from Badgers Mount is lovely however, its mainly down hill, well it would be really, wouldn't it! And after we get across the big roundabout the road there is really quite smooth to ride on. Just a few slight undulating pimples before we get to Orpington bypass, Crittals Corner.

I did feel pretty good after over taking a cyclists, especially as today we were overtook by at least two cyclists. The first one was on the A21, and the Old Boy swore he could have 'got him' up the hill, because he slowed down. The second was further on after we reached Chislehurst. He came flying past us, you can tell he was a keen enthusiast as he had a bike that positively cut the air and a body built like a racing snake, in fact I'm sure I heard some 'hissing' as he rode on by.

The way home now, it always feel good when you know you are heading for home, a nice warm cup of black coffee My goodness, why did I agree to copy the Old Boys diet!! Oh yes, and dinner, lovely stir fried chicken and veg, very tasty, with a few hot green chilli's to warm up from the inside out!

Geeky stats for you (and this time it didn't freeze, that was just me and the Old boy this evening)

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Tour De'Bromley!

Hello blog lovers,

Today has been a very relaxing day for me, the Old Boy, however, had a tree to slice up and mulch down with big son. But I was eager to go for a ride, so the Old Boy suggested an nice pleasurable easy ride around Bromley today.

It was still light out when we went out, so we didn't need all our lights on, but they were in place. We went up the path and the headed right towards Bromley. I was expecting to go through Bromley High street, but the Old Boy had another agenda. We turned right and headed off in long before we got there. And that is pretty how much how the rest of the ride went today.

I was just watching the Old Boy for hand signals to let me know which way we were going to go. Even then I still wasn't sure, because occasionally he changed his mind and said, "Oh no, lets turn left here instead" Its just as well we weren't that far from where I live, because I would have so have got lost!

Turning left here, turning right here. I was surprised there are that many roads behind the main roads! All the little nooks and crannys, we were darting in and out of. Coming out of roads and then the sudden realisation of where abouts in Bromley I was!

I was pleased when I recognised roads that I knew, and had driven, ridden and jogged on before! We were riding up behind Kentish way, this was about the steepest hill of our whole ride! The Old Boy was very good to me today! Then we went straight up and then turned left going towards the high street and pass the supermarket. I am sure going to enjoy my dinner today!

Then it was the journey back towards home. Again it was the same as the way up! The only way that I had been before was through the High Street. There are a few more pedestrians about this time of the evening as well as the stall holders, who were busy dismantling there stalls. I was trying not to run any of the over today!

Instead of going down Masons Hill, we turned right and then left and then who knows after that, I shall just have to look at the Garmin once I have downloaded it! (Check geeky stats at the bottom) He took me up some footpaths and dark roads and small roads. I didn't recognise much really until I got to Whitehall rec, (even then I didn't realise that this park was close to this road I have used loads and loads of times)

Even going through this park the Old boy knew of more footpaths that lead to different roads. Roads I have never been on before! So the next time I recognises where I was we were already about to turn right to face Southborough Lane!

A quick ride through the park! Even this bit he took a slightly different route. Instead of taking the first exit out of the park we rode on through rode pass the golf course, heading the path where we first started our Tour De Bromely. Negotiating a rather awkward stiff gate!

We got home and looked at the Garmin, we had ridden for only nearly 9 miles in just over an hour. A very easy ride today, at a very leisurely pace!!

Geeky stats

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Welcome To Earth!

Hello bloggers,

I thought I would start another blog, one for the bike riding only. Seemed silly to keep on about riding on my running for runnings sake blog!

So today, me and the Old boy went for just a short '10' miler today. They always start out to be 10 miles, but there is always an extra one or two added extras!

It was cold, and I was still aching from run with the PWR's, and not looking forward to it, but at least its not a long one today. We got all togged up and the Old Boy put on his new bigger back light. He had light envy when I got mine, being as mine had 3 modes, now his new one as 4 modes, constant, side by side, all flashing, or random flashing! My next front light will be like a lighthouse!

The long road up to Keston had me moaning and groaning. I thought I had got up there in one go, but then the Old Boy reminded me that I did stop, just before we reached the top, and he said "You can't stop here, its to dangerous" Well lets see if the drivers see his back light now! After that it was a fairly comfortable ride, but so so cold! Especially on those downhill roads, the speed and the wind really chilling us down after all the hard sweaty work getting up to the top of Keston.

After passing by the Pickhurst, and going up towards Bromley, the ride was fairly easy. I am sure I didn't think that before when I first tried to get up these roads, so I must be improving.

We went through the high street, I narrowly missed a pedestrian!, I know I shouldn't have been riding down the high street, but it is in the evening and most of the shops are closed! We rode straight on and then turned right, heading for the homeward stretch now. We stopped off at a little shop, to pick up supplies for a cinema visit later this evening, and headed on home.

Jumping a head now, we are riding through the park near our home, there were kids playing in the dark park, football! how they were doing that I don't know, but don't the kids come out with some great stuff? Of course kids heckle you as you ride along, but this one was a corker. Just imagine the scene, me and the Old Boy, riding tandem down the path, lights on the bike, lights on our heads, plus me in my fluescent jacket with reflective strips, This little lad shouts across the park "Welcome to Earth! I almost fell of my bike laughing!

The Old Boy didn't hear the comment, but after I told him he laughed as well, "Yeah, thats a good one" he said, as he chuckled the rest of the way home.

So geeky stats for this ride. The first on my new bike riding blog spot!