Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Get Up, Get Out, Stop Feeling Sorry!

Hello blog lovers.

For some reason this evening I felt very tired after looking after my grandson today. Even snoozing for a bit after the little darling had gone home.  I was wondering how the Old Boy was going to be feeling, when he got home.

It appears he was up for a bike ride. I on the other hand was feeling like I just wanted to snuggle under the blankets and have 80 winks! But sometimes when I feel like that and then go for a ride, I have a really good ride. I was hoping today was going to be like that.

The Old Boy had been busy while I was taking a nap, he had prepared dinner for when we got back, then he woke me up and said 'Come on Girl, lets do this, you know it will do you good" So to wake myself up a bit, I tidied away 'grandson chaos' swept up the days debris, and went up stairs to get my cycling gear on. Already I felt a tad better.

We got out side our house, looked up to the sky, in the direction that we was going to head, and saw the clouds building. Hmmm, will we get a soaking tonight? Neither of us fancied a soaking, so we decided on a route that is shorter than our usual route, but the general direction. And it still included hills!

We were going to go through Farnborough village, then up to Downe village, then through Biggin Hill with a stop off at the Greyhound at Keston. Only about 11 miles, still enough distance to give a good work out, and still with those darn hills. Getting up the A21 never seems any easier! I am sure it must be, because I can remember really struggling when I first started out riding, and I even had to stop at least three times before I even got to the PRUH, the local hospital! The thought of going up that road was filling me with euphoria!

It was quite cold out and I was glad that I had put on my long cycling pants and my jacket, even though I was working quite hard to get up the A21, I never felt over heated.  Maybe going up to Downe road will bring on a flush of heat!

The wonderful down hill section to Shire Lane is always a welcome rest. Now it's more hard slog, up to Downe village. My legs were feeling quite heavy, and I was still feeling a little tired and grumpy. The hill got the better of me, or at least my ladylike manner, as I screamed and yelled at the hill towards to the top.  The last few times I have ridden this hill I have manged to get up it, just stay focused, not even talking to the Old Boy, closely following my back wheel, just as today! But I lost my temper with the hill today. Grumpy Old woman, people, beware!

The site of  'civilisation' as I call it, that is the play park, put me in a better mood. The village is not that far now. But there will still be more up hill before I can enjoy another longer rest. The clouds looked threatening, and we were heading to the top of the hill. Normally this is where the weather would 'happen' all the wind and the rain starts at the top it seems.  I tried to pick up the pace a little bit more but my legs really didn't want to play ball.

I was quite pleased to see Jail Lane. I knew then that it wasn't that much further to get to the main road. Down hill to the Greyhound and a pint of lager. Maybe that will perk me up a bit.  I do manage to get quite a good speed going down this road. Even peddling out, I just have to sit back and enjoy the ride down. Of course there is a couple of blips to spoil the way to the pub, but at least I should have burnt enough calories to enjoy my refreshment.

We didn't bring the bike chain, so we were going to have to sit outside.  At least its not raining, although the bench seats were a tad wet from a previous downpour.

We decided to go straight home, the direct route, through the path that we came down on. We were both feeling a little chilled. Maybe it is this summer cold thing that is getting us lethargic. But maybe my excuse is the awful nights sleep I had last night. Just couldn't settle.

Geeky stats,

Friday, 24 August 2012

Fast & Furious!

Hello bloggers,

Today I am writing about yesterdays bike ride! We got back to late really to write it up, and besides, I was quite tired after it as well!

The Old boy said that we were only going to go for about 20 miles. But also that he wants me to 'Pick the pace up a bit' to an average 13 mph! I know that I have a bit of trouble going at 12 mph, let alone pushing it just that little bit more.

Not only that, but it was still up hill towards Halstead, but then we were going to go down hill, all the way into Orpington. The OB mentioned the 'The Tigers'. I like this pub, it has my fav bowl of olives anywhere! The only thing is though, is the hill going up into Chislehurst,....after the hill going up to Crittals corner!

He was behind me the whole way, telling me how fast I should be moving, and whether I was on track for getting a PB at the roundabout at Halstead. A bit of a headwind too! So blooming hard work.  After crossing the A21 and riding towards Polhill a Lycra clad cyclists, who, shall I say was a lot maturer than me, passed me by and said "Good evening". He didn't even sound out of breath!

We turned left and headed towards Orpington now. Watching all the time trialers over taking us. I was daft enough to try and catch one up, or at least not let him get to far in front! Who was I kidding?! At least it took my mind off the OB's constant nagging. I was wondering if he ever got out of breath while cycling! Probably not when he is cycling with me!

It was mainly all downhill into Orpington, but the nagging didn't relent. "Come on, fast on the fast now" says the OB. It was all too just far to short lived, as the hill climbing started again. Up towards Crittals Corner. I tried my hardest to keep on going. Knowing that the Tigers Head was not that far away.  All my energy was used up getting to the top of Crittals, then there were more hills! The Old Boy decided to wind up the nagging another notch! I ignore it. I chose to get angry with the hills, I chose to......go slowly up the hill! Soon time to sit down for a pint.

"Keep on going, turn left, no going to the pub" The OB informed me when we finally go to the top. "You said we're going to the Tigers" I whined. "No, I said we were passing the Tigers" DARN it. He did say that.

"Our stop is at Hayes!" he said. Oh my goodness! That's miles away!.  But I kept on spinning my legs, kept on peddling my bike, and kept on going at a pace I was comfortable with! If I could have gone faster I did, but if it was too hard then I just slowed down.  It was soon all over mind, as I heard a slow hand clap from the OB as we approached the George.

We rode through Chislehurst, passing pubs, through Pettswood, passing pubs, and down Southborough, passing pubs! Now it was time to stop! "You have done an average of 13. something miles an hour" said the OB, "Great, mines an Amstel and a bowl of olives" I said.

Geeky stats, mine and the Old boys,

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Very,Very,Very, Very Short Ride.

Hello blog lovers.

I know. I know! Why am I writing a blog for such a short, short ride. Well, because, to me, it is exercise. I started my blogs, years ago, with just blogging about a 1 mile run! Yup, thats right. Just a 1 mile run, to Turn Around Lamppost and back again.

There has been quite a few rides, that I have done  to date, that wouldn't even register on Bradley Wiggins Garmin if he was plodding along a my speed for 20 miles. But in reality, my little plod out this evening  was exercise! The whole ride was probably only about 5 miles long, if that, and goodness knows what speed we went today. Neither of us took our Garmins.

I was feeling a little jaded today, after having a very restless night, last night, and so did the Old Boy. The thought of hauling my ass up the A21 or even up the path, was not good.  "Lets just go for a pint up at the George" was the last suggestion that we both agreed on.  It was raining every so lightly, and the George destination was foremost in our minds after deciding that Chislehurst was a no go this time round.

This evening it was to be a direct route to the George! Even cutting across the common. The Old Boy had his Giant bike out, ideal for a little off roading. After a pint here, we decided to ride on to Keston. Now Keston is 'Up' hill. I normally ride down to the George from here! Considering its only about 2 miles, I shouldn't complain really. Even so, I was still suffering! We made it to Keston, another pint in the Greyhound. And I bumped into a friend I have not seen for a good few years!!

It was lovely, seeing her, her hubs and her little baby! Well, baby was a toddler now, (just incase you were wondering about the obscure picture up top, which by the way is not George) and was deffinately old enough to chose not to have a little squeeze from mummy's friend! When they are babies, they have no choice but to be squeezed and cooed over, and argued over who is having the next squeeze. When they get to little toddlers, and mummy says 'Go on George, give the Old girl a cuddle"  and little George gives the Old Girl a suspicious look as if to say "yeah, right mummy, you cuddle her!" then you know that you have left it too long to see friends! Kids, they grow so quick!

But I did have a little cuddle from another little precious girl. Totally friendly little thing, climbed up on my lap.....and tried to get my beer!, but she was just so cute. You can tell, that I haven't had work today, as I was just totally enjoying talking baby talk and having a little squeeze with the little people!

A nice little ride, and one that I thought worthy of a blog. No matter how short the exercise or bike ride we do is, the fact is,  we do it. Even when we are not feeling 100%. It doesnt matter how far we walk, jog, run or cycle ride, if we are not sitting on our asses then we are doing ourselves good. Be proud of that! Too many people are sitting watching mindless t.v. and getting wider and are blaming everyone except themselves. All you have to do is get up and walk, jog, run, swim, cycle, canoe! Just do something.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Post Holiday Ride Out!

Hello Blog lovers!

Its been a while hasn't it? Well I did have a few days away with the Old Boy, eating drinking and waling and singing!  That's right, we had a bit of a break from all the keep fit that we have been doing, even though the hotel had a swimming pool or two and somewhere a gym, but we didn't find that!

So today, the OB though we would do a nice easy ride out! Yeah right! Easy for him, not for me, who has put on several pounds over the 5 days we were away! Our route was the usual route, up the A21 and up to Halstead. It was a warm day, the OB was encouraging me to 'keep going, don't stop!" As if I would stop! My legs was peddling like mad! getting nearer to the turn off towards Halstead, a couple of fast cyclists rode on past me! I felt a little discouraged, one chap had a bigfoot jersey on, so he was quite an accomplished rider really, so I shouldn't be.

We took the right turn to go to Halstead. As we crossed the main road, the two cyclists that had passed us by a little further back was having a break! "They couldn't 'ack" I thought to myself, as I rode on past them. I had it in my mind to get as far up this road as I could before they rode on past me again.

I peddled and pushed myself as hard as I could, the OB was behind me, telling me to keep on going, push harder. There was a couple of times when I stopped peddling to take a quick 'breather' of course the bike was still moving, so why on earth he says to me "Don't stop, keep moving" I don't know!

I got to the roundabout, and realised that, maybe they were not going to be coming up this way afterall, but it sure made me peddle my ass off!  But now I started to get aches and pains. My bum was hurting, my knees were hurting, my feet were cramping up! Is this because I have not done any exercise for the last 5 days, or is it because I just pushed it a little too hard after having a break?

From here until we got to the George in Hayes, I was continually shifting about in my saddle, standing up to stretch out my knees, shifting my feet on the peddles to try and stop the cramping? I started to think then, "Is my bike set up right for me, should I be thinking of getting it checked out" I know I have been riding this bike for quite a while now, but I started off slowly and maybe my body got used to the position. Last year we even took our bikes with us when we went on holiday!

So any thoughts from fellow cyclists out there will be appreciated immensely. It could be that I have put on way too much weight after my holidays and I am not used to pushing that much on a bike anymore!

As you can guess, it was the Biggin Hill route today. The OB left it up to me about which way to go, I chose to go to Biggin Hill, rather that down to Shoreham. Shoreham is a lovely ride, but I just couldn't face the up hills on that route. The Biggin Hill route is still continuing to go up. There is not many down hill sections. This may seem strange to go this way, considering I am a known hill dodger, but I just thought it would be easier to keep pushing hard to go up and then enjoy the long down hill all the way virtually to my home! Plus a stop before hand for a refreshing pint of Amstel!

So geeky stats. Now, these stats are from the Old Boys Garmin, but they can count for me as well, as he stayed behind me all the way from leaving our house, and they only time he overtook me was when we got onto our road. For some reason he wont let me beat him home!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Loving The Warm Weather!

Hello blog lovers.

What absolutely fabulous weather! We have waited an age for our summer days, and then three of them come along in one go!  I just love, love, love the summer days.  Yesterday we had a relaxing day with our grandson. Spent the day at Eastbourne watching the free airshow, by the seaside! You just cant beat days like that!

Today, well, the Old Boy caught up on all those odd jobs that is always 'done when I got a spare hour or so'. Then after that, it was out for a cycle ride.

He said we shall go out for about 30 miles. But when he said head up towards Halstead then I thought, "Oh well, the usual route then!" But when we got to Halstead (and I must say, I was slower than last time, what with the head wind all the way up!) instead of going to Biggin Hill, we took the turnoff for Shoreham Village.

I do like this village, and it's a great place to visit! so much nicer staying in the lanes really. and he said that we will stop for a pint here as well!  There was a huge family there, enjoying being together for the day, and they were all at the pub finishing off their time together. Now this is what family life is all about. Getting together, being out and about, fishing nets, streams, dogs crisps and beer! Perfect!

After our refreshment it was on to Eynsford. I was thinking that we would end up in the Plough there, for our second stop of the evening, but today we were going in a different direction. On to Swanley village! It's a new route for me, and the Old Boy! How he just 'knows' where he is, is beyond me. 

As we were riding along he said 'Right this is all new territory for me, so lets just take the road going straight ahead and see where it goes, it feels right!" Well, we had no plane to catch, no reason to rush home, even Big Son was safely in doors, so we don't need to worry that he will be 'freezing cold' outside like little orphan Annie!

At the end of the 'mystery' road the OB said "Well, my instincts tell me to go right, so lets go left!" That obviously makes sense to me...........not! So I got out my trusty phone and looked on maps to see which way to go. Guess what!? Go on.....guess! it was left that we needed to turn!

Swanley village was our destination, in fact, we were heading for the pub that the Bromley boys and girls visited a couple of weeks ago, on one of the Wednesday wanders! I must say, it is a very friendly pub, it's called the Lamb Inn, some very nice people in there!

This ride seemed a lot nicer and not so hilly as going through Eynsford and going up Crockenhill lane! It is a main road, which is not as pleasant, but it was still a nice pleasant ride up!

From this pub we decided to end the evening at the tigers head. So through to Sidcup and then Chislehurst. More hills! But nothing that I couldn't handle today. Am I getting stronger? Well, I hope so! It's still blooming hard work!

Geeky stats, I think we can safely ignore the "max speed 85.4 mph" as I'm sure my Garmin had a hissy fit again!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

A Solid Ride!

Hello Blog lovers,

We are back on the road! The Old Boys bike seems to be running as it should, and he is back to nagging mode! So there is no more Mr. Nice Guy! But, he wasn't too bad, I mean, Naggy Neighbour has been worse, and so has Nagging Sister, when I have been running with them! 

Our route today, well, its the usual. I have a little challenge with myself, when I ride this route, and thats door to bus shelter at the roundabout at Halstead. I have been getting to the round about in little over 40 mins from my door. I want to be able to beat this. I have done it once and I know I can do it again. But not having pushed myself with the cycling lately, I didn't think I could do it today. It's something that needs to be built on again.........or so I thought!

Apart from zipping through the path with the bugs and stuff, something I just don't can't do! 1. because of all the flying bugs, I can't just can't stand them touching me, and 2, going slower means I can spot the dog turds and avoid them! The only time that I can really exert myself is going up the A21 and then the old A21, going past knockholt station!

It's all up hill! You all know how much I hate going up hill, especially at speed (or as speedy as I can go) the Old Boy was behind me, I could see his wheel every so often under my left arm!, He is nagging me to go faster, keep the pace going. I really didn't think I would make it in the time that I have allowed myself, after I looked at my watch when we crossed over the A21, but I kept at it, just to get a decent time to the bus shelter at the end!

This is my training bit, after this I tend to slacken off a little, although it is going up and up and up! I my tiny little brain cell of a brain, I have convinced myself that from the roundabout to the Shampan restaurant it's a relatively 'easy' ride! And strangely this has worked, or maybe it is an easier ride. I can remember the first time that I rode this route, I just couldn't believe the amount of hills that was the Old Boy expected me to climb. And now look at me, thinking that this section is the easy bit.

Very pleased with my ride today, weather was just perfect, not too hot, not too cold. Of course we stopped off for a pint, but because the weather was just so nice, we rode on to the George as well,  just after Usain Bolt won the 200m mens final. Well, this is what summer riding is all about!

Todays geeky stats. and I shall write out what the geeky stats says on the Polar RCX3 says, unfortunately the usb sensor is an optional extra!!!

Polar stats

         Steady state Trainin
          avg HR 109 (64%)
          max HR 144 (84%)
          min HR 54 (32%)
          764 Calories Fat burn % of calories 37%

There is some sport zones stats which I cant write down, and don't understand anyway!

  and then it says" excellent!  this long session improved  the endurance  of your  muscles and your  aerobic fitness. It also increased your resistance to fatigue."

A little bit of encouragement there then!

And now for my Garmin geeky stats.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Testing Testing!

Hello blog lovers.

For those that don't read my other blogs, (and you all know that I just love chatting about stuff) I have been given a load of stuff to use, test and comment on. In my other life as a runner, one of my fellow running club members was asked if the club would want to test out stuff. Of course there was quite a few people that said yes.

I have been given two pair of running shoes, three running tops, a wind proof jacket, (a sports bra!,) socks, and a piece of gadgetry! The jacket and gadget I used this evening for my bike ride.! Let me say, I loved the jacket. It's a tad snug around the midriff, (I do like my beer and curries) but just loved the way I can fold it up and stick it in my back pockets and I don't even know its there.

The Old Boy has been busy, he is on holiday, but I have had him doing all sorts around the house and garden. But today, he had time to sort out his bike, which has been making peculiar noises and the chain been popping off.

He managed to get some parts for it, cleaned this that and the other, and this evening, while my curry was ruminating in the pot, we went for a short bike ride to test it out!

Up to Downe village, Jail Lane and then fly on down Biggin Hill. We were going to stop for a pint at the George before going hope to enjoy our curry.

His bike seems to be sorted out. I didn't hear him as he rode behind me, in fact my bike was probably noisier than his now!

It was a nice ride though, I tried not to get too hot and sweaty, (I had just had my hair done this morning!) but the weather was quite a muggy warm evening. My jacket stayed in my back pocket, all neatly packed up in the little carry bag that comes with it. But when we got to the George, after sitting outside enjoying our points, it did get a little cold. My jacket came in handy then! It kept the cool of the evening away, and when we cycled back it kept me warm, and the wind from chilling me down anymore, or maybe that was the beer that kept warm!

A nice pleasant ride tho, and some geeky stats for you. Unfortunately I can not transfer any info from the running watch that I am testing, as it comes without a usb port to upload to my laptop. Apparently that is an optional extra! Unlike my Garmin!, I love my Garmin! Even though its a running watch, when I upload to my computer I can change the sport to cycling! Even a blondie like me can do that!