Saturday, 30 April 2011

A Mystery Tour!

Hi blogees.

Yep, another blog today! And its a bike riding blog! Hows is that after the weekend that we have had! And there is still plenty of weekend left!

We decided to do Cudham Hill again and then cut across and head for Biggin Hill. But as its still kind of holiday type weekend this was a leisure come workout ride. Well anything going up Cudhum Hill is a workout! But at the top (ish) of the hill is, wait for it,.....a pub. We stopped here for a well deserved pint. Ok, we didn't quite ride up the hill all the way, we stopped and admired the rabbits in the field, and I did have a break just because I wanted one. Its been a busy day!

I didn't stop my Garmin either, while we were sat at the pub. But the stats shows run time and elapsed time, so I am not too bothered by that, at least I didn't forget to switch it back on again! After our pint we were going to continued up the hill for about another two miles or, we could go for the mystery tour and head off down the road opposite the pub! Well you know me with down hills!! It was quite steep, I kept the brakes on because it was also a winding road, with lots of pot holes!

After the pleasure of going down the hill though, I almost cried out loud when I saw the climb before us, stretching up and up and up. I just got off my bike and thought stuff that, I shall do some training for the London to Brighton bike ride, and this bit is training for hill at Ditchling Beacon!

We carried on riding, turning right, and seeing more up hills. And the we came to a junction, it was either left or right! We chose right. The Old Boy said that this goes to Downe Village. I just presumed that as we were traveling up and up then Downe Village was on the level from here!

Boy was I wrong! Kind of, well sort of. Just read on and you will see. There was still tons of hill to do yet! I didn't think we went down that far, but, this is the way we were going, and again, I got off my bike. No way, not even I have been cycling for 20 years would I have got up those hills, well maybe I would have done then. But definitely not today, not with almost four miles of jogging still in my legs from this morning, and hours of housework as well! So I walked, even the Old Boy walked some of it, but only briefly, and then he was back on his bike! How does he do it? Berrys Hill changed into Church Lane. AT the top of this road the Old Boy was waiting for me, and then explained to me that he knows where we are.

We were about a 400 hundred yards from the pub where we had had our pint! 400 yards, 400 hundred yards!!He said that we have gone in a circle! Which means that we could either carry on up and then go back down Cudham North Lane, or we could go down the hill and head for Downe Village. I quite liked the idea of going down hill! and I know Downe Village, surely its just down this road, if I remember rightly. Yes, lets turn right and go down this really, really steep hill, a hill that mad keen cyclist use for hill training, its a 20 percent! But fortunately we were going down it.

What I didn't remember, because I have always been on this road while I have been in the car, is the up hill that takes you to Downe Village! I again decided that I would walk some of this hill. And I was so glad that I did, because normally on hills, my head is down, I am concentrating on nothing but getting up there, but the Old boy called me over to the other side of the road where we saw a deer!! It was just standing there, just down the hill, in the woods, we eventually made it run, but then just five seconds after that a badger came into view! Now I have seen a badger in the wild, (alive) for only the third time in my life!

Once we were into Downe though the journey home was easy, with just a few struggling points where I slowed down, but not got off my bike.

When we were nearly home we stopped off at the local supermarket to get something extra special for a treat, after doing all those hills, we felt we deserved a little treat!!

Geeky stats, and don't forget that we did stop off for a sherbet! (About 50 minutes or so)

Friday, 29 April 2011

A Right Royal Bike Ride!

Hello Bloggers.

How did you all celebrate the royal couple, William and Catherine? Well, we watched it on the telly, me getting all smiley and happy, as I always do at weddings, and the we decided to go for a short (ish) bike ride. With maybe a a stop at flag festooned establishment, to toast the royal couple!

We decided to go to Shoreham, there is a very nice little pub there, and its not to far to go and get back home again, after toasting the new Prince and Princess. Of course it means going up to Halstead, but I'm sure I can do that. It should be a breeze after the last long, long hills. And I feel I did really well, I felt a little stronger, and I didn't complain as much. Of course it's still hard work, it's still hard on these 'big engines' of mine, but I feel I am getting better, I am getting fitter, I must be, all this hard work.

But, today is not about hard work, this is a recreational ride out, a shake of the legs, so to speak. On to Halstead then and the we turn right that takes us in the direction of Shoreham village and our pint of refreshment.

We seem to come across it quite quickly from here, there was another hill to negotiate but nothing spectacular and I managed to do it with not too much moaning escaping from my lips, well, not that I had noticed anyway. The pub was decorated in red, white and blue bunting, and little Union Jacks. There was a bouncy castle outside for the kids, which is why I decided that we have our pint inside the pub!

As it was lunch time we decided to have a bite to eat, but I suppose being it was a bank holiday, all they had on offer was burgers, sausages cooked on the barbie, or pizza and paella, neither of which I fancied, so we shared a bowl of chips, which were ok, ish!

After our pint we headed on our way. We were going to Eynesford, of course there is a lovely place there, and no doubt it will have the bunting out. The weather is quite warm, not raining at all, and I'm sure another drink wont be out of the question. So guess what? We headed for the Plough at Eynesford, well, it is a special occasion. I had forgotten to restart my Garmin, but I remembered as we were riding there, so I think there is about a mile that is missing, and it looks as if I cut across fields again, but I really didn't, honest!

It is not that far from Shoreham to Eynsford, and we were soon there. We could see the wet road where some of the cars had gone through it. The Old boy decided that this was a good thing to do on his bike! It was only a foot high! I don't think he realised how much a foot of water would come up on his bike. I just wished I was a little faster and could have been on the other side to take a picture of him as his feet were getting a good soaking!! I just looked over the bridge, along with another lady and we both smiled at the sight!

Still, it didn't stop us from having another celebratory drink at the pub! Only I would have to go and get it, the Old Boy didn't fancy squelching his way through the pub! The sun was still out, although there was some clouds about too, but still no rain. It was a perfect day! We found a nice place on the patio out the back and enjoyed another lovely pint!

The hill that normally gets me moaning, up Crockenhill, seems to be having less of an impact on me with each sip of my drink. Mmm interesting! Still, we had our pint, and squelch, I mean the Old Boy put his wet shoes back on and we made our way homeward bound.

We needed to stop of at Halfords to get a few bits, so we decided that we might as well go through Botony Bay Lane, and through the woods. It sounds delightful doesn't it! Its even better than that, because just before we ride down Botony Bay Lane, there is another pub that me and the Old Boy normally visit. And today was no exception! Well, it is a very special occasion! Another toast to the happy royal couple! There is not going to be too many roads to get home from here, so I didn't mind.

After our last drink we headed down Botony Bay Lane, passed Tong farm, and......up and over two foot bridges!! Still, I am glad that I have a lighter bike than my old Raliegh. Not far to home now. The rain stayed off, we saw a few street parties on our travels and everyone was happy and in very good moods. A very pleasant recreational ride today!!

By now, though, cooking dinner was very appealing to either of us, even though we could eat, so only one thing for it! A lovely jubbly Ruby Murray!!

Geeky stats

Saturday, 23 April 2011

A Storm Chasing Pleasure Bike Ride! (?)

Hello blog lovers.

Today me and the Old Boy went for our longest bike ride so far! It was going to be a nice leisurely paced ride, to our lunch date, and the then back home via a slightly different route. Our destination was Penshurst, lunch at the Leicester Arms, and the a leisurely ride back. Or so i thought!

The Old Boy did warn me that it was going to be quite a hard slog to get up the hills on the way there, but once at the top, it will be all down hill for quite some time to Penshurst. And believe me it was a hard hard slog up hill.

But, give the Old Boy his dues, it was a very pleasurable ride after we rode up SUNDRIDGE HILL. My mad keen cyclist friend did actually put me off trying this route way back in January or February when we thought about doing it, and now I know why! It was horrendous! And I did stop on this route, much to the Old Boys disgust. "I thought you were a cyclist?" he was saying, and he was tutting as he was riding next to me. So infuriating!

but here is a picture of me at the top of the hill, pointing to a place where we will be heading, you will not its all down hill!

But I will keep this short and then you can all look at the geeky stats to see where I had slowed down and stuff, and then check out the elevations to know why I was going so slow! Any way, we got to our lunch date, and when I looked at the menu sausage and mash just jumped right out at me, and I thought, "Oh yes, that's for me" So I let the Old Boy order our food, while I went and got us a table outside in the sun.

Lunch came out, my sausage and mash, and the Old Boys salad, looking very tasty indeed, and I am thinking that maybe I should have went for the healthy touch too, mmmm, but still, I ate most of my lunch, and the Old Boy had his Mediterranean salad.....with chips!

I really did wish I went for the healthy touch! Sausage and mash was laying heavy on my tummy! but I know that it will hold me in good stead, because we now have the journey home! And there is still a hill similar to the one that we rode up this morning to deal with!

As we were on route the Old Boy did change it slightly and decided not to go into Tonbridge, only to go out again. But the path that he chose was a footpath that went across the weald. It was, shall we say an experience! It was a very thin, off the beaton track path, that took us through some lovely bluebell woods. But obviously it really wasn't meant for cyclists. The gates were not even people friendly, let alone people with bikes! It was just so lovely though, and seeing some very curious cows just made me laugh, He is the picture of these curious cows, and no, it' is not a 'wheres wally type of picture, I am the only one wearing a cycle helmet!

So, as I am trying to keep this short, the hill, the monstrous monotonous hill was soon upon us. The 30 miles that I had already done, and the sausage and mash lunch, was really telling! The Old Boy going on and on about picking up the pace. I had to give up and walk some of the way. It was just too much for me. Then he starts going on about how I am not going to get to Brighton! Well, by then I had had just about enough. I got angry, screaming at the hill, telling the Old Boy that I would get to Brighton, no matter what!!! I will make it. It was horrible. I was not enjoying this part of the ride at all.

The Old Boy said "Look, only another quarter of a mile, are you going to ride it or walk it" I just screamed at loud as I attacked the hill. Tears were prickling my eyes, I was fed up, I was angry, and I was glad the Old Boy was behind me and cant see my face and the tears which were threaten to fall.

Finally done it. We got to the top, and I did cycle the last quoter of a mile. But I was spitting feathers by this time and I had run out of water on the way to Penshurst! But I did have a blackcurrent juice in my backpack, which I swilled back in about five seconds!

A bit further on we stopped at a local supermarket and grabbed a bottle of water each and a chocolate icecream.

Only eight miles to go before we get to Eynesford, and then we can have a pint of lager before continuing our Journey home. But as we started on a way, the weather changed. It dropped in temperature, (which I was quite pleased about) but the sky darkened and it became quite muggy! We got to the Pub and it really as quite a dramatic sky and the storm was building up.

After our pint at Eynesford, listening the thunder and watching the fork lightening in the distance we decided that we have a chase on our hands, and try and see if we can get back before it got to us. Here is a couple of pictures of the storm 'brewing'

We were just getting to Orpington when the rain started! Just two more miles and we would have made it home. We sheltered under a tree, at the beginning of Poverest Road, but then we decided, lets just go for it. We are wet anyway, lets see who will look the wettest when we get home!!

Dirty, wet and thoroughly pleased with myself that I rode to Penshurst, and back again, we got in and had a very well earned cup of tea!

Geek stats for you.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Roe Deer, Pheasants and Sun Sets!

Hello blogers,

Yes, I did go out again this evening, for a lovely bike ride with the Old Boy! A menagerie of animals and birds to see and a wonderful sunset!

But, yes, there is that but again, ....But I could only see the sun set. We were riding up Cudham North Lane, a humongous hill, of mountainous proportions! The Old Boy seems to find this hill just fine these days, but I am still struggling, and I feel sure I always will! He rode up by the side of me and pointed to the field on the left at the roe deer, "Oh look over there babe" he says, "its a roe deer, can you see it?" I just had to concentrate on the piece of road in front of me. I think I said "Oh yes" I did have a quick look, but I can't look to my left, and ride up hill in a straight line.

We had already rode up to Green Street Green, well the Old Boy thundered up there, he was waiting for me there for about 3 or 4 minutes! Then he said "We can either carry on straight up the road, to badgers mount, or up Cudham North Lane for some hill training" I knew I shouldn't have said anything about Naggy doing her hill training yesterday!

I was just blase' about it, and said "Well lets get on and do it then!" I must be crazy! I had already ran 4 miles this morning! Oh well, its all doing me good, right?! So there we were, riding up Cudham and I was really having to concentrate on the whole of the hill. I was determined not to stop today, so the Old Boy pointing out creatures, that normally I would love to coo over, was not helping! "Keep pushing, get those legs going" he was saying, I was just looking at my road, my piece of road that I need to ride on..... There are many roads like it, but this bit was mine, ........Oh I am sorry, went into 'Full Metal Jacket' mode!

We passed a place that I remember stopping at last time, it was a cattery or kennels or something like that, but I do remember stopping there the last time I tried to ride this route. I let out a cry as I rode on past. "How much more" I cried out to the Old Boy, "Not far now, we are nearly at the top"

Yeah right! He told me when we were 3 miles up the eternal hill, that we were nearly there, so I just kept on going, and all I could see before me was more of the hill! "Are we nearly there now?" I said desperately, it was a pathetic cry really, and the Old Boy telling me that he was on the third gear, fairly high gear, (for me it was anyway) wasn't making me enjoy (as if!) getting up this hill. "How much further, how long is this hill again?" I said to him, but for some reason he didn't tell me!

Every time I thought we were about to turn right, then there was more hill to climb up, a still quiet voice said "This hill is a drag!, not enjoyable at all" If only it was a drag, someone dragging me up the hill! I just kept on peddling, I knew it couldn't be much more, and my efforts were rewarded. I had finally made Cudham North Lane in one go, my third attempt at doing this monotonous hill!

But then the Old Boy reminded me that the hills hadn't quite finished yet. There was a total barst..... opps, a total horrible hill that kind of jumps out on you and takes you by surprise. I remember it from last time, I was totally confused and instead of going down the gears, I was changing up! I shan't make that mistake again.

But even that hill, I managed to ride the whole way up, no stopping, no stopping what so ever until we got to the top and the junction! From here to home it was a virtually down hill, with just a few uphills thrown in to let us know that the fitness regime was not over until we get home!

I just really had loads of fun riding home, all down hill, no braking, unless it was because of traffic. I was getting hungry and so was the Old Boy, because even on the down hills he was nagging me to keep on peddling, as he wanted to get home for his dinner!

A great ride, pretty fast for me, considering it was a monster mountain I had ride up
Geeky stats

Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Very Pleasant Sunday Afternoon

Hello blogees,

I know I have had a couple of days off from doing any sort of physical activity, but today, as the Old Boy was off today, we bunged the bikes on to the back of my car and drove off to Tonbridge.

I told you he wanted to do this route again. It was a lovely sunny afternoon, and we had a destination, Penshurst, in particular a lovely pub called the Leister Arms. So with that in mind we headed off.

I had forgotten to take my Garmin, so there are no geeky stats today, but the Old Boy had his bike gizmo, so at least we can get an idea of time and distance. I am enjoying reading and comparing all the data!

We took a fairly leisurely ride to Penshurst from Tonbridge, all along the cycle paths, with only a little bit of road riding involved. But the cycle paths were really good, there were no muddy holes anyway, and they were well signposted as. It was just as well because there were tons of people about! Walking, cycling, it was just great to see, but at least we knew bit of the path we should be riding on, although we did get slightly confused on one part, and was told so, by the walkers!

It took us about 40 minutes to get to the pub from where we had parked the car, that is actual moving time, as the Old Boys gizmo only records moving time, but we did stop and see the marching band and all the cubs and brownies marching along behind them! Now we know why it was so busy today!

The ride there was fairly straight forward, with only one long steep part! But that bit was on concrete, and it was fairly wide, so I just put my head down and peddled hard. The Old Boy seemed to fly up there. I saw him stop nigh on at the top, and he was watching the buzzards looking for their Sunday dinner, as he waited for me!

But we soon go to the pub, and the Old Boy bought me a nice pint of lager! Very nice it was too! But it was just so nice out we stayed for another half, and a lovely bowl of chips. We were going to share just the one bowl, but somehow, our ticket was lost in the kitchen, and the very apologetically came to us with two bowls of chips. And then the waiter sais "I hope you can get up the hills after this" I wasn't even thinking hills as I tucked into the lovely, fat (not the thin french fries thingys) chips!

After consumer most of the chips and just enjoying the sunshine a little more, started our journey back home. But for some reason the Old Boy had it in his mind that we was in a hurry, or that he wants me to shed my chips on route!! We peddled back the same way like there was no tomorrow. The Old boy was in front of me, but I kept up with him fairly well! the only part that I struggled on was the up hills, but the rest of the way I was on his back tyre.

He kept looking behind him, and he could see that I was their, still pretty close to him, keeping up this ludicrous pace, with a bowl of chips and and pint and half of lager inside of me. Probably just as well, I'm less fearless now! There was no stopping to admire the birds this time, no stopping to look at fish in the rivers, or no marching bands to listen to. Oh no, it was ride, ride, ride, all the way to the car!

We got back to the car in 25 minutes!! We averaged about 14 miles per hour on the ride back to the car! I was quite glad the Old Boy said that we should just poodle around the park, doing a slow ride, to cool down.

So I shall write the geeky stats down, according to the Old Boys gizmo

Mile 12 miles plus 1 mile around the park
time: Moving time was 1 hour 24 minutes including slow ride around the park
Temp Max 72f

plus no doubt a couple of pounds heavier due to lager and chips !!!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Lighter Days Are Here!

Hello Bloggers!

Another pleasant afternoon, followed by a windy evening! Just in time for me and the Old Boy to go for a bike ride!

And it really was a bit windy, and the clouds were darkening up, threatening to give us a good soaking. We did have a plan, we had a plan of taking a light back to the shops and exchanging it for something else, but the Old Boy in his eagerness to get out and cycle, left it on the kitchen table! So as the weather was not looking to bright at all, he decided that we will stick fairly close to home, in case we need to make a quick dash home.

So through Whitehall rec, down the road and then into the woods we went. The woods where I ran the 10K back in October 2010. It really is such a lovely place to be, but then the Old Boy said, "That's where we are heading" and he pointed up at the hill, that even had Naggy herself wondering why on earth she had entered the 10K race. If he thinks that I am going to ride up there, then he is truly mistaken!

I did have a go though, but of course, failed miserable. But what a place to fail. At least I can look out over the field and the same old bored looking sheep that me and Nagging Sister saw back in 2008, and don't anybody tell me different, that would be too cruel! Not only that but there are the bluebells to look at on the right hand side, carpeting the floor of the woods. Oh yes, I don't consider this as failure, just a little break to take in all of His creation.

At the top of this mountain there were several options, but the Old Boy said, "You know where you are don't you?" I knew kind of 'ish' which way to go, but we turned left and ended up outside a pub!! Now I didn't know that was there! So we had a quick pint of lager and a packet of crisps! Lovely! The back on to the biking.

When the Old Boy bought the bikes he did say that as soon as the weather warms up, and the longer days are here, then there will be plenty of new trails to ride through. Of course he has his suspension on his! And his is gloating right now. We were riding on a path and we turned to go up another. There was a sign saying, 'Horse riders and cyclists use other path' Do these people that decided on that know what its like to ride along a path that has been trodden on by horses? I was bumping along, bottom coming off the saddle, feet coming off the peddles. It was a hair raising ride, let me tell you.

We soon came out of the woods though, going along some more of the Petts Wood 10K route. I can't wait to do that run again! (My goodness, did I just really say that here on cyber space!) I do love tarmac, I can get a bit of speed up, I don't have to concentrate too much on the road and huge tree roots and the like!

From here it was a straight forward ride home. The Old Boy zoomed through the park, and up Whitebeam. I was just following his trail dust! But I tried to go as fast as I could!

Yes, today was a pleasant ride indeed!

Geeky stats

Pictures to follow, soon!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Hang the Bikes!

Hello blog readers.

You like the title of the blog today? Have me and the Old Boy given up on the whole cycling thing? Have we posted our bikes on ebay? Well the answer to all of the above is a resound NO!

In fact it's the complete opposite. We bought our selves a bike rack, just so that we can go further afield, take the bikes on holiday, and just explore more of our great country side, and (apparently) more trail riding!

We had a little bit of running around to do this morning, creeping into Essex and making it back out again with the urge to pop in and buy some white high heeled shoes! Then we went to buy the bike rack.

It was late afternoon by the time we got it home, figured out how to put the thing on and get the bikes hung up it and secured. Its a rear high mount bike rack! So, as the bikes were sitting comfortably up there, we decided just to test it out, and take the bikes for a spin.

We drove up to Tonbridge, and took the bikes off. Well, that seemed to have went well. The bikes were safe and sound up there, no damage to them, and the Old Boy had a great view out of the back window. "It's just a confidence thing" he said, "But I think I will get used to it" said the Old Boy.

We rode around the park at Tonbridge for about an hour. He also took me down some path which he hoped would take us to the other side of the road bridge. But it was far to overgrown, and not a very well used path. "Maybe its another path, on the other side" he said as we picked our way back again.

We rode about a little more, and then headed on back to the car, with the idea of grabbing a coffee before we went home. Now, I forgot to take my Garmin, but the Old Boys super duper bike gizmo said that we had done just about 7 miles, through the woods, along the river and through the park.

The Old Boy said that he wanted to put the bike rack up onto the car by himself, and put the bikes up on it, as he is going to have to do that by himself come L2B day! So the practice will be good for him. I didn't mind, as I just watched while I finished off my coffee.

All in all, quite a successful day!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Lovely day! Lovely Ride. Lovely Lunch!

Hello blog lovers.

Oh how I love, love, love summer! Ok its spring, but WOW! its totally gorgeous out there today!

The Old Boy had his plans today, and I have mine. Well mine are not particularly grand, just to have a very nice morning, tiny bit more shopping, (things I forgot yesterday) and then a lovely ride through the parks. Since the Old Boy got his bikes I have been around some fantastic routes, and now they are all virtually etched into my one brain cell, and I intend to use these routes, before I forget them!

I like the parks route. So today, its going to be a leisurely ride through three parks, Jubilee, Whitehall and then Normans. In my mind is a wonderful thought of bacon and brie melt. So far the best one has been in GSG. So from Normans park I shall head on to there, if I can remember the way.

The first park is just lovely, people walking the dogs,.....their huge dogs..... I hope they don't take to chasing ladies on bikes! It must be the size of a horse! Out through the other side, and slowly, slowly, the map co-ordinates of the next park pops up in my mind. Of course, straight down as if I am going to nagging Sisters house, but turn left through the foot path at the end.

The next park, again, lovely. Its so good to see parks being used, kids playing footie, couples sharing a jumper to sit on, on the grass, and children in the play park. Life is good.

Normans park, wasn't too much of a challenge to remember where it was! Straight down the road from the park. Memories of the 'mob' match came flooding back to me, I so wished I had pushed harder on the running! Next time though I will. Oh that's this Sunday! Not a mob match, but another organised run. Its the annual Bromley Fun Run. There will be fancy dress, a kids 2k race including a those in pushchairs, and it's all light hearted and fun! If you are in the area, this Sunday, at 10 am, then come along and join in the fun.

Heading towards Hayes now, on the other side of Normans park. And trying to remember how to get to Green Street Green from here. Oh I'm sure it will come to me some where along the line.....or road! I am passing dilliangers, mmm now they do do some tasty ribs in there, but I am still thinking bacon and brie, so I push on. I spot a sign that says 'Keston' I know I am on the right road. Just keep going straight Old Girl, I'm sure my nose will pick up the scent of bacon and Brie soon.

I arrived at Fishponds road, and then my brain cell goes slight awry, I'm not sure if I should turn down there, or just continue up. Of course! My super duper phone is now working, complete with sat nav! I quickly dug it out of my back pocket, input bacon and brie....I mean Green Street Green and away we go!

It was up, I knew that! So with the lovely 'Jane' telling where to go, and how far to ride till next turning, I could just concentrate on the ride, the traffic, the lovely sunshine, and making sure other motorists notice me so they don't run me over.

I got to GRG, ordered my lunch, turning off Garmin!, and sat down to enjoy it.

Time to go though. I was going to go through Opington and head for Perry Hall lane. I have done the hill a couple of times now, and I am sure I can do it again!! I am looking forward to 'kicking ass' as I 'do' the hill again. But what I didn't count on was the amount of traffic around this time of the day! I had to stop before I got to the round about, and then 'scoot' up slowly. I just knew I wouldn't be able to get over the roundabout, quickly and safely, and I would probably annoy other road users, so I got off my bike and just pushed it over to the other side, just in front of the next set of bollards, and then got on a rode the rest of the way home.

As I was just at the crest of the hill on Southborough lane, or is it Frankswood that bit, I never know!, I head a "Hello!" Shouted at me from the bus stop. It was my daughter with the little dude! He has just come back from his football training, looking delicious in is red football kit. I stopped had a quick chat, and then daughter persuaded me that she needed me to ride home and get the car to come back and pick them up, as the little dude was tired!

So there was no going through the last park for me, it was turning off and going down Oxhawth to get home quickly. but by the time I got home, put my bike away, got moaned at my big son for not being at home (sorry for being out son!!! Not) found my car keys and started to walk to the car, then the bus arrived and they both got off.

I could have gone through the park after all!

Oh well, geeky stats, and you can probably see, I forgot to switch off the Garmin again, at least it does let me know what my moving time is!

Monday, 4 April 2011

Push, Push, Push, ARRGHHHH!!!

Hello blog lovers,

What can I say about today's ride? ARRGGGHHHHH is what I was saying on the way round some of this route, and some other choice words!!

The Old Boy has become my personal bike trainer! And he is a tyrant! "Push, push, push those legs, dig deep, keep it going" and that was just getting my jog pants on! He didn't let up one bit. He let me choose the route, and as it was quite windy out I decided that maybe we will only do a ten miler today, with one of my nemesis hills at the end. Up to Greenstreet Green and then either PerryHall or Poverest road, before heading off home.

He was fairly quiet behind me as we rode on up the A21, with just the occasional "come on" thrown in. I knew what he would be thinking when these two guys come flying past us, while going up hill! The Old Boy said he could quite easily have 'taken them'. But after we got there and started the homeward journey, things changed!

"Come on, no more leisure ride" he starts, "I'll give you 'proper cyclist'" he says to me. What do people mean when they say stuff like that!! He stayed behind me all the way, every so often barking out his orders "Push those legs you lazy mare" And not only that but he was inches away from me! I am not the worlds best bike rider, in fact I am probably the worse, because I slow down, I can't keep my pace going all the time. On the harder bits, up hills and even on the flats I do tend to slow down, to get a lung full of oxygen and then go again. He knows that, yet he still rides pretty close to me, so that I feel I can't slow down or he is cycling on the left side of me

We get to Orpington, and its time to switch our lights on, my super duper new 'send Morse code' to overhead jet planes light! And I decided to have a quick look at the Garmin. 29 minutes had passed. Wow! that's not bad at all. All that barking the Old Boy did has worked its magic! I don't think I have ever got to that point on the route in that time before! Nagging really does work. (It does in my running too, I should have expected it to work on the cycling) Then, as I was contemplating which hill I shall be conquering, the Old Boy said, "lets add a bit more on this, and go to Crittals Corner, we're doing pretty good time" I just agreed, I was feeling pretty good anyway, another five miles is not going to make much more difference.

So that's where we headed for. The Old Boy took the lead down Sevonoaks Way. We rode on the bike path. I did try very hard to keep up with him, but I was also secretly just riding at my own pace for a little bit, with the occaisional blast to try and catch him. The las bit towards Crittal Corner was a killer for me, and I was so glad that the Old Boy was ahead of me. I don't think I could have taken his 'push push push' technique just then!

I saw him waiting for me at the top, I 'dug deep' and tried to go as fast as my legs could push the peddles to reach him. I was totally knackered by the time I got to him. But he said that we are still doing pretty good time.

From here to we got home it was non stop, relentless nagging from the Old Boy, I was answering him back, and telling him to keep way behind me. Goodness knows what all the pedestrians thought, me and the Old Boy 'arguing' while we ride along.

Just Southborough Lane to do now, and still he is going on and on, I try and keep to the ruddy pace (his new toy has a lot to answer for!), "Just one more mile per hour and we are on track" he says, "Surely there is one more mile in those legs" ARRRGGHHH I am pushing harder and harder now, screaming up to the top of the hill, looking forward to the down hill. But I am going to peddle, peddle and keep on peddling till I get home now.

Through the park, the kids are out in force, and some of them are on the cycle path with these really funky scooters. One lad decides to play 'chicken' with us as we all start riding towards each other. Of course I slow down, I don't want to have to swerve out of the way and fall off my bike, I have had enough of crashing my bike (I did it again on Saturday, I sort of fell into the fence as I was riding up my path!)

Out of the park now, and ride as fast as I could down the last road, but there is that head wind again, it was there on some of our ride today, and it really is taking its toll. I don't seem to have the strength, I push as hard as I can. I stop my watch just outside my house!

Here, check out my geek stats!! And, keen mad cyclist dude, check out what the Garmin said was max speed!! I so needed a laugh like that after today's ride!

I will correct it when I write my next cycle blog, I shall use the max speed that is on the Old Boys gizmo!