Monday, 30 April 2012

The Sun Is Out!

Hello Blog Lovers.

I had forgotten what the sun felt like, but today it was there, shining away in the morning, in the afternoon, and early evening. I was hoping it was going to last until the Old Boy gets home so that we can go for a bike ride.

Fortunately it did, and we were out the house by about 6 this evening. "Lets just see where we end up" The Old Boy said, so I followed him.  We went through the ally and onto the A21. I was expecting the usual route up to Halstead, and then through to Biggin Hill. But today we turned left, and headed homeward bound, but down the other road.  We have done this route before, last year, when we first got our bikes. I like to go over some of the old routes, compare times and stuff.

Now, if you are a follower of my other live blog, Running for Running sake, then you will know I had ran for 6 miles yesterday with my running club, so I was maybe just a tad tired. But the Old Boy was relentless in his....encouragement to get to as far as Halstead. From there it was a lovely down hill ride, virtually till Orpington High street, but even on the flats the OB kept telling me "Keep on spinning, no coasting now"

Just as we reached Court road, I had to stand up on my peddles to get over the lights, I got really bad cramp in my foot. I had to pull over and get off my bike to try and stretch out my toes. Just then I kind voice from behind me, came to investigate to see if everything was ok, no punctures or anything. And it was one of the Sky Ride leaders, like a knight in....a jumper. After introductions to the Old Boy, offered me a drink of water, (which i declined, the thought of beer was in my mind!)  he even checked out that my bike was set up right for me, (the Old Boy said he thought my saddle could possible set higher by about another inch) I'm not sure if The sky ride leader thought so to. I mean, I am on tippee toes when I am sitting on my saddle.  But it just goes to show, cyclists are the most friendliest people especially the Bromley cyclists and are always keen to help out another cyclist. Thanks Spencer!

After recovering from my cramp, in my feet we started off again. I was on for a  promise of a pint of lager, and I know, that the way we are going, we will be heading towards the Tigers Head. They do do some lovely olives in there. But instead of going up to Crittals Corner we went straight across and headed to Sidcup. I have never been this way before, well not on my bike anyway. This should be interesting. It's always good to try new things.

I was expecting this way to be less hilly! Not have to do that huge hill to Crittals Corner, but we still head up hill, just on narrower roads! And we still pop out at Crittals Corner, which means there is still the hills to do before we get to the Tigers!

I was beginning to feel quite tired, and looking forward to a pint, but for some strange reason the OB turns right and starts riding towards Bromley. He his planning on going up Sundridge hill, I can just feel it.  "Where the dickens is he going"  Then I start to realise, he is doing one of our routes but doing it in the opposite direction. Sundridge hill is a huge hill. Flippin Nora! this is going to be a struggle for me. The Old Boy took off, on his super duper, lighter than lite, higher geared, speedy gonzales GT Lagato (Thanks for that by the way, Ian, he leaves me eating his dust when he is riding this one)  But I can honestly say that I didn't stop on any hill today, even thought there were quite a few of them.

We did end up having a pint, but at the George, in Hayes!  I was certainly ready for my refreshment then. 24 miles later! and in just over 2 hours! you could say I was pretty pleased with todays effort, pretty pleased indeed.
Mind you, I am blooming knackered! so it's a ride to the local takeaway to get something to go with our already chopped and prepared salad, a nice burger!

Geeky stats, and these are from the Old Boys Garmin, so the speed is actually his riding speed, I had forgotten to take my garmin with me!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Route Finder Ride

Hello blog lovers,

After all the rain we have had we now how the wind! Wind is not a cyclists best friend! The drizzling rain I can just about cope with, ....... sometimes........ but the wind, yuck!

But this evenings ride was just to get out for a bit of fresh air, so the Old Boy suggested that we ride the PWR's members 10k race route. It's always best to know where you are running, especially if there is timings that going to be made public, well within the club! So that's what we did today. (And don't tell Nagging Sister, but there a a few hills dotted here there and everywhere!)

We rode up to where we were going to be starting our race from and that is where I started my Garmin, I shall plonk this blog onto Nagging sisters Facebook Page so that she can see the route on a map as well as have a written instruction sheet to follow! I bet she still gets lost!

The ride turned out not as bad as I thought it was going to be, not that windy, and not that cold either, plus the rain stayed away!  We even had time for a quick pint before we came home for our dinner!

P.s.  We saw a couple of members from my running group, they had been doing a special training course, it was our illustrious leader, a chap and a marathoner runner, although how she coped with the training I don't know, she put a picture of her very sore looking toe on her facebook page!

Geeky stats

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Cinema Or Riding?!

Hello blog lovers,

Well as all my local readers know, the weather was shhh.............ocking today! Rain, rain and more rain!

It did look like it stopped when we were sat in the house, but I just knew it would start again. I just presumed that we would do what we normally do on a wet Wednesday and that is to go to the pictures.  Now I realise that this terminology is quite alien to us now days, but it means to go to the movies or cinema. I must stop showing my age!

Just as I was about to let the OB know what film I fancied he said "Right the route that we will take is....." I just stopped in my tracks, turned my IPhone to him and said "But, but, I thought, know, the rain and everything" He just said, "Nah, that's all stopped now" So I went up stairs to get changed.

As soon as we were ready out the door and ready to roll, the rain started to come down again! Oh well, its only just drizzling, we have been out in worse, I have been out in worse! Lets roll.

The OB mentioned something about going to Farnborough then up to Downe and then from there, Jail lane to the Greyhound in Keston. I could do that, it's not a long journey, I think I can manage to do about 12 miles or so today, at a pace where I can talk instead of sending out expletives!

When we got to the top of the lane, however, the rain had no intention of stopping, and was coming down a little harder. The OB obviously had changed plans and rode off towards Keston. I was still thinking that maybe the Greyhound is still on the cards, or maybe the George and then home! But no! Onwards and upwards, towards Biggin Hill, pass the Airport. "Lets ride down Cudham North Lane" he says to me. I always like riding down hill.  But the weather was against us. As we were getting higher we could see the valley below and it didnt look good, huge dark clouds looming ready to empty their contents on to us. "Jail lane it is then Old Girl" I still wasn't quite sure of the whole geography of where we are, I'm totally useless, been a passenger far to long! I was still expecting to pop out on to Cudham North Lane! So when the OB said "There is Downe House on the left" I realised where we were!

We took a little break here. My hands were freezing, my coat soaked, but I seem to be dry inside and I was glad I put in contact lenses this evening, otherwise I would have been handicapped by my rain splatted glasses as well. I remembered to turn off my Garmin, but of course being me I forgot to turn it on again. So on my geeky stats it looks as if I had fell off the edge of a cliff and survived! But it was the ride down from Downe village to the bottom of the road!

Up church hill, I used to really really struggle with this hill, even getting of my bike back in the beginning days. I found it hard, but there was not one time I thought "I can't do this" I am not sure if it's because I know its a short hill. But I did it, with a smile on my face.

Next hill is Starts Hill. Again, this held no fear for me and I almost flew up, well, the OB will say differently, but to me, it felt like I flew up. The top of this little hill and again, all down hill to the end, where we will be turning right.  I made the OB laugh when I shoved out my hand, to let everybody know that I am turning right. I can do this quite confidently, it's turning left where I don't like to let go of the left, I must work on that.  But he said that I sort of do this in an 'aggressive manner, as if to say "Oi you lot, look, I am turning right, so bugger off and let me do it" He was saying all that sort of stuff, in a John Cleese style, which was making me laugh.

From here we were riding to Pettswood to pick up a bit of dinner and then home!

The OB's geeky stats say that we rode for 14.7 miles, with an average moving speed of 10. something mph.  But here is mine, with the missing 'fast bit' from Downe village' and always the stop at the local tasty burger shop, attached to it!

<iframe width='465' height='548' frameborder='0' src=''></iframe>

Monday, 16 April 2012

Hup To It, Back To The Programme!

Hello blog Watchers.

I thought the Old Boy was not feeling his usual self still, you know, what with him having this 'man flu' and stuff, but his energy is there, and his strength is there, and his fitness is still there!

"Are we going for a bike ride this evening" I said to him. After me saying yesterday, that I need to get back 'on the programme', he really came up trumps, pulled out all the stops, gave it is all, and any other cliche that you can think of!!

The nagging started from the A21! and it stopped, hmmm let me see, oh yes, at Hayes! He was on top form! In fact he even sounded totally bored as he nagged me. Imagine Eeyore saying "Come on, keep on peddling, don't stop" Well that is how he was nagging me, on some of the up hills!

I tried to be lady like, even saying to my self as I peddled up to Halsted, "I can do this, I can do this" but I felt like Ivor the Engine, when he was going up hills and down hills,  "I can do this,,! ARGGGGGGHHHHH! Another expletive coming from mouth!  The OB not even breaking a sweat! He promised me a 3 minute breathing at the top, if I got to 10 mph before we got there. Well I peddled like made, and I grimaced all the way to the top. There was a cyclist riding in the opposite direction in all his red and white Lycra and cycle hat, I just hope he thought I was smiling!

From here we were heading towards Biggin Hill, so there were still more hills to climb, another 4 at least! I was going to try and get into the zone! Try to ignore the OB behind me giving friendly advice and encouragement, sergeant major style! and just nag myself to push harder!

I was so pleased to reach the top of todays hill climb. To see the lights of the 'Shampan' was!! Now its all a downhill ride, more or less! And the Old Boy said that we could ride on to Hayes and have a pint and some olives! Yup, that will keep me motivated!!

So geeky stats

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Saturday Saunter

Hello Blog watchers.
I am writing this a a ‘Word document’ and then I will copy and paste it to my blog at some point. My internet has been absolutely diabolical these last couple of days! Even though my ‘Server’ is on it. Yeah right, Well I hope ‘Dick’ moves his arse and gets it done quickly!

 Anyway,  it was an unexpected plod out with the Old Boy today, he was supposed to be fishing, and I was going to be doing something which I just simply adour! Shopping! I was going to get some new ‘hanging out’ trainers as my old ways are looking tottaly hung out!
So after getting him motivated, the poor OB is not feeling too well,  we strapped the bikes to the car and set off. No particular destination, just get out and see which way the ar heads.  Eventually he decided that we would go to Bewl Water, but the changed his mind.  We needed to pop into a bike shop to get some new supplies, so Tonbridge was out destination  to start our sort ride.

 With the bikes off, bag sorted and clothing packed into back pack we were ready.  First off though just a short ride into the town centre to get that all important nozzle for the CO2 cannisters! It was only about a mile or so away, and then we rode back and headed off for Penshurst.
This really is a particularly lovely route, I must bring Nagging Sister this way, she will enjoy this route.  It’s virtually traffic free riding, there is some roads, just not a lot of it.  And then, of course, there is that hill! That hill that always had me stopping and waiting for my lungs to catch me up, that hill where the OB seems to fly up, even last year, when we were less fit! And today was no different, apart from the fact that I didn’t actually stop. Oh no I peddled all the way up, slowly yes, but I did it. Jelly legs!! But it felt good.

Here is a photo of the pond in Haysden ponds, just love those birds.

 Then on through Penshurst place and a stop for a little light refreshment. A rather flat lager actually, but I was so thirsty, I soon made short work of it.  After that not so nice pint the OB suggested we go to the other pub, ‘The Spotted Dog’  just <strong><em>up</em></strong> the road. I can do hills, I can do hills, Yeah, lets do this! So on would to the next watering hole. He did also suggest that we could go to the ‘Bottle House Inn, just a little further and a little bit more hill. I assured him that ‘The dog’ was just fine.
We were climbing a fairly little slope when the Old Boy said “There’  is a bit of a hill, but we can go this way and make it a little more of a gently hill, or we can do this right turn and just take it on”  I’m in the zone now, “Let’s do it then” I said as I made the right hand signal!

 OMG! The hill just seems to be like a cliff face rising up with the road clinging to it to stay in place! “I can do this” I told myself. The OB rode beside me, of course telling me what gear he was in, it was something like 20 “What gear you in?” he asked me “1 and 1” I said.  I didn’t quite make it in one, but nor did I even think about walking up any of it. I just took a quick breather and carried on.  I think I did it in three, at the top the OB told me to turn right, I was just totally in the zone, focusing on not going backwards, and I was heading towards the left. “Right, right” the OB broke my concentration and I quickly took the right hand turn.
As we were riding up I saw the pub coming into view “You cheeky boy, Mr. Old Boy” I said to him, as ‘The Bottle house Inn’ came into view! This is a very lovely pub, lovely food, and I was quite pleased actually that we were here! So a lovely ploughmans lunch, shared between the two of us was deffo on the menu!!

Just as we were leaving some more people arrived and I heard them say, “It’s a long way to come for a bit of nosh, but its worth it” They were from where we live virtually, Orpington! See, it really is a lovely place!
The journey home is vitually all down hill, well apart from that hill in Penshurst Place!  Still, I should be able to do it!

Bikes strapped safely on the back of the car and we drive home. A nice pleasant ride today, unexpected, I shall have to leave shopping for another day!

And one more action shot of the Old Boy

Geeky stats for you.

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Friday, 13 April 2012

Ride for our tea!

Hello blog watchers.

Today was a very short bike ride. The Old Boy not feeling too good at all, he has this really husky (i think quite sexy) voice going on and he looks really pale. Not seen him looking like that for a while. But like a trouper he wanted to keep up with the exercise (or should I say like a man)  he said he would go, just to the nearest pub, have a refreshment and back home again.

It started raining when we were almost ready to leave, I really though he would not go, considering how he fet, but he said "We will need our rain jackets" I went upstairs to change out of my jeans, there is nothing worse then trying to peddle a bike in wet jeans.

We were only going to Hayes, its about 15 mins away, if that, and then going to go on home after that, but after we started out, just as always when you start of exercise, you start to feel ok. The Old Boy thought he could manage to get to Bromley and maybe even partake of some muscles, at a very nice place in Bromley. Which reminds me, One day I am going to write a 'Who's Who of the Public Loo' blog. And those who have been to this particular place will know why its reminded me to do so!

After we had our 'Starters' it was time to head on home. (oh here is a picture of our starters, very nice it was too)

To be honest, the starter was more like a main meal, so whether I cook the salmon I had planned is probably not going to happen! I put on my woolly luminous hat and put on my gloves, Zipped up my luminous coat and switched on lights. As I was adjusting the head lights we noticed a young police office heading our way. "I like to be seen," I said to him jokingly and he said "Oh that's ok, we saw the lights from our office and was just coming down to see what it was all about" Well, that confirms that our lights are good!

We rode home in the shortest route, and through our local park. When we got home, neither of us really fancied the salmon, so that will have to be tomorrows dinner!

We rode for about 6 or 7 miles this evening, and I was only expecting to ride for about 4, so I am quite pleased with that.

Oh yes, and my Christmas present came in very handy this evening, except when I went to get our refreshments the OB decided it looked better on his bike than it did mine, Tell me, what do you think, does my saddle look big in this, or does his?
And here it is on my bike

Monday, 9 April 2012

The Viking Way

Hello Blog lovers.

A second attempt to record my on going struggles for that svelte figure, heart of an ox and fit as the proverbial fiddle! (and push save)

Now, can I remember? I am old you know! So after the opticians, thats right, it was back to the house to get the bikes strapped on to the back of the car to head to Reculver. We were going to do part of the viking way, a route that we will do in the summer, the whole of the Viking way, hopefully starting and ending in the place where we finished today, right next to the pub.

It was a very windy  day, made it feel so much colder. It seemed ludicrus to me to be out there cycling in the freezing cold, by the seaside and riding along the sea defences. I just hoped that the sea wasn't going to be going over the defences as we were rode on by. There were some places that it did splash up on to the top of the wall!

I seemed to be grimacing all the way to West Bay, and my teeth were freezing. The promise of a cup of tea kept me focused. Yes, thats right, you read it correctly, I did say a cup of tea!  (and save!) I really didn't want a cold drink, not yet anyway! But with our tea came a lovely chocolate muffin! You need your 'carbs' when you exercising!

After tea it was back to our riding, and to get to our destination. It wasn't that far to go really, only another 2 or 3 miles. It felt good to be cycling into Margate, the site of the old Dreamland, funfair site reminding me of many family days out. I wonder if they will rebuild a new fun park! Here, this is a picture of me with 'Dreamland' in the back ground, taken from another little tea stop. The Old Boy even bought me a bucket of candy floss, (cotton candy, for my american friends), now that really is reminisicing!

While we sat there enjoying our second cuppa the sun came out and the wind died down. The return journey was much more pleasant. All the way to Margate we had the wind in our faces, but on the way back there was hardly any wind.

We decided to push it a little, keep above the 11 mile an hour, as there was hardly anyone on the route, we had the trail to ourselves! The Old Boy stop to see something, he thought maybe it was a tawny owl, and another cyclst rode on past us. By the time we started riding again he was quite in front, and the Old boy decided that we should 'buzz him' So I peddled like made to catch him up. The Old Boy, of course passed him with no problem, and kept on going, I expect, just so that the cyclist couldn't buzz him back!

I managed to pass him as well, and  I noticed that the gentleman cyclists was not a particulaly young man, shall I say, but he still had quite a good pace going!

We arrived back at Reculver where I took some more photos, (I had forgoton to take pictures before we started, but as its an out and back, it does't really matter)

These pictures were taken after we had finished our ride, and there as some more from the day as well.

And now just a couple more pictures. And in of them you can see Reculver Towers, as a little dot on the horizen, and that is where we started and finished1

Thursday, 5 April 2012

A Short Ride - Long Look AT New Blog Page!

Hello Blog lovers. Ok, so now I am really confused! I hate it when things change, I just get used to something, then enjoy it, then get set in my ways, and then they change things! Why is change necessary, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" is what I say! I have started this post again, because for some reason, known only to blog site owners, they have taken away the automatic save thing! So when I accidentally clicked off this page on to another page, it was all gone! Grrrr! Luckily, this is only a short blog! The OB isn't feeling too well, he has this cold thing now, and I hope it don't feel the need to share it with me either! He wanted to go out for just about 10 miles, a nice and easy ride, (Well it turned out that way, after I talked him out of going up to Downe Village!) We decided to go to Chislehurst via Locksbottorm, but then we changed the route slightly and rode on through 'Milliaires row'! Oh I just love looking at this houses, and marvel at how someone can live in those huge houses. I can only imagine they have the entire family living there with them, even after they all get married! So it really was a short route, from there we followed the path that takes us to the very top of the woods that come out of our road. In fact it's part of the Old Boys 10k route that he does. (Ok so now I can see blogger is 'flashing, I presume its saving my blog, but I just don't know where it is! I expect I will get used to this new system) We followed the OB's 10k right up to the point where he goes into the woods, but then we carried on going right up till we got to the Tigers Head! A quick pint of amber nectar, and then we decided to go n home through the woods. All in all about 9.5 miles, a nice stretch of the legs. Now to see if this post goes 'live'!