Thursday, 14 July 2011

Cudham North Lane? Enjoy? Is It Possible!

Hello Blog readers.

I haven't been on a bike ride for ages it seems, well, I have had the odd trip out to the pub and back with the Old Boy, but nothing to write home about (Or blog about) So today, as I have no children I decided to test myself, see how far I can get before I cry off and say "I can't do it"

My route today was Cudham North Lane, here after known as CNL! A horrible long, laborious climbing hill. Not Only that but I had decided to go to Biggin Hill, then to Keston, and see How I felt after that!

But before all that took place, I had to put a hose on to my bike, I had run through something awful on the last 'pub ride' and it was stinking the whole shed out! I didn't fancy having that as a go faster stripe on my nice yellow top!

The weather was quite warm but a bit windy, I put on my fleece because it did seem that there might be a rain cloud up above, I can always tie it around my waist later, which no doubt I will definitely be doing!

The first few hills seemed horrible, and that was just going up the A21, you can tell I have not been on a 'proper' ride for a while, so I just tried to ignore the hills, knowing that I have some awful hills to climb up soon helped me to visualise these tiny pimples of hills as just specks of dust! Ok, slight exaggeration, but you get my drift.

I have plans to make this ride a non stop all the way to at least Biggin Hill, where I will buy myself a nice cool cola, (I had forgotten to put my water bottle on my bike) luckily I had cash on me, and maybe even enough for a choccie bar there too! It seemed the turn off to CNL, came all too quickly, and I still had on my fleece, so the the next flat drive way I shall get myself comfy and in that special place in my head and just spin all the way to the top.

I was doing really well, at least I thought I was, until another cyclists came up the side of me and overtook me! She looked very comfortable, and just kind of casually riding along, unlike me, puffing out of my..... But she looks as if she has been doing this for years! Skinny thing, and so was she! The tyres on her bike were as thin as a hair band!

But I just kept on plodding away, kept my legs spinning, no stopping, just kept on keeping on! So you can imagine my surprise when I caught up with her again! But when I tell you that she had actually stopped to chat to another cyclist, then you wont be that surprised! But they said to me "Well done for getting up the hill!" I knew I still had loads more to do, but I was.....quite.....enjoying it! Strangely enough! I know, I find myself thinking back to that place, and trying to remember if, in fact, enjoyment was the emotion I was feeling. And it was! Just the fact that I was doing this non stop so far, and I wasn't even thinking about pulling over to stop for a rest.

Just then the girl on her skinny bike came past me, and we had a quick chat as she told me the other chap she was speaking to was a chap from her cycle club, and he was riding in the opposite direction, down hill! The she continue on her way, overtaking me up the road.

Onwards and upwards. I am sure I should have taken a right turn somewhere. It seems to go on forever this road, I had already passed the pub. It seems different when I am on my own, I am in control of route today! But then Grays Road soon showed itself, and I headed on up there.

This is another quite hilly road, with some little steep bits that kind of jump out and surprise you. I remember the first time I went up here they showed them selves that quick that I got confused with my gears and was changing up instead of down! But I was ready for it today.

I got to the top of this road and then turned right towards Biggin hill. I had decided that I will get myself a diet cola and a bit of choccie at the next sweetie shop that comes up. And I also decided that I am going to Keston, then on to Bromley, and then see how I feel from there as to which way I shall take to go home.

Biggin Hill road is lovely, I am sure its newly laid! No potholes there at all as I cycle past the airport! I got quite a bit of speed on this part of the route, it sure coolde me down.

More hills as I start to look out for the road that will take me to Keston. I can feel my muscles start to complain a bit now. But I have no time for that, Bromley was my destination so I just have to ignore the aches and get on with it.

The turn off for Keston. It all seems to be happening quick. That CNL is certainly a long boring road! So much more interesting having to turn left and right, look for signs as to which way to go! At Keston now! So soon, I must have been speeding or something! I knew there was roundabout which I knew I had to make sure I took the right exit which will take me towards Hayes, or else I would end up at West Wickeham, I think!

Passing the pub on the right, The George! I wonder if the Old Boy wants to make a visit there later! He is having a rest day, but sometimes his rest days include a short bike ride for a swift pint!

Bromley is in spitting distance now, and I am still feeling quite good. Maybe I could make Chislehurst, I shall see when I get through Bromley. The little hill that takes you to the High street really hurt my legs now, but there was still no stopping for me, only at traffic lights. I was feeling a little tired now, and I was thinking maybe from the other side of Bromley I shall make my way home.

Through the high street and up towards Old Bromley before I turn right in the direction of home. I decided that Chislehurst will have to wait until next time!

A few more hills to get up before I get home. I feel pretty happy with my ride today. 23 miles! And for the fact that I didn't get lost!!

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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I Was Stiched Up!

Hello blog readers.

Today me and the Old Boy dusted off our bikes for a quick ride. He is feeling pretty achy today, (he went jogging yesterday and the day before, doing about 2 or so miles each time) He said to me "Lets just go for a very short ride to the George and back" he says, "I don't think I can do much more than that"

Well, I do like the George, and its only about 3 miles away, so that makes about a six mile round trip if I done my sums right! so we set off for the George. Have a lager there, packet of crisps and some olives! A regular little feast really, and the The old Boy informs me that we are not going through the farm, but straight up, and either to Keston or Locksbottom.

As it turned out we did both! But after we go through Locksbottom, he says to me "Do you fancy just one more pint?" Well, how can I resist. I love my lager! So I said "Yes, love another" But then he continued, "Yes, I was thinking of the Bull, in Chislehurst"

Now the Bull in Chislehurst is a little further then Pettswood is from our current position! And Pettswood is so much nearer to our home than Chislehurst! But, being the biker that I am, and feeling fairly fit (ish) I agreed.

Of course we had already done some hills, and then there was some more hills to get up to Chislehurst, but I had the Old Boy giving me encouraging noises from behind! And plus the songs that he was singing out loud, 'The Push bike song' by the Mixtures! circa 1969 (I shall have to check on that tho!) Of course I wouldn't remember I was still so very very young! (Well its true!)

I was so very ready for this pint. But as we were enjoying it I asked the question "Which way we going home, through the woods?" It was then the he gave me emthe look/em> It was the look that says 'Oh dear, poor you!' The he said "It will be very muddy through the woods, what with the rain, so we are going down and up Summer hill"

I should ave guessed really! Its a hilly ride, so why not add one of the biggest to to! But there is one good thing about it, at least we are going the easier way, down the longest part of the hill and up the shortest part.

The Old Boy breezed it up there, I struggled. I got confused with my gears again as I hit the upward part of the hill, and I was in too high a gear, and I tried to change down, but just came to a complete stop as I started to change up! But after a quick rest, I was back up on the peddles, ass off the seat and peddle up to the top to see the Old Boy there waiting for me

It was quite late note, so a quick stop off for a bag of chips to go with our salad, and I shall slap a bit of ham on the plate, and voila, a meal fit for a queen!

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