Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A Winter ride!

Hello Blog lovers.

Do you remember the days when you were looking forward to Christmas, it was freezing cold outside, firework day was the last exciting day (apart from me, cos I had my birthday!) and every one was well wrapped up heading to school, with ear muffs, scarfs, hats and gloves.

I do! It's nearly December, and me and the Old Boy were enjoying a pint of the amber nectar outside the pub! Of course we took advantage of the heaters that are now springing up for all the smokers to partake of the fav pastime, but still! Years ago, and I mean years, this would have been a big fat no no!

We decided to ride for about 20 miles this evening. With a challenging route to keep us warm. The Old Boy was feeling a tad better, and was up for a plod along with me, as he calls it. I think that any sort of getting out and raising the heart rate above a complete stand still a work out! Where as the Old Boy its just a 'plod along'.

The route is one of my favs, ..... not! But today I really did have a nice time! Up the A21, into Halstead, then through to Biggin Hill. And still no stopping for a pint! It wasn't until we got to Keston that we stopped for refreshments. And boy, did that go down a treat, along with a packet of poppadoms!

So there we were, sitting outside, in the beginning of winter, enjoying a pint of lager! what is going on with out weather! I am sure that soon, very soon, the cold night air will be forcing us to ride straight home and putting on the kettle for a hot choccie instead!

Just another two miles back to home, and then cook dinner! A great ride. It was a struggle, but I have noticed that I am complaining less! And stopping less! and enjoying the hills just a tiny bit more that I did last winter!

So, geeky stats.

Bike Ride with Alan by moosh001 at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Summer Hill 1- Done!

Hello blog lovers.

What can I say!? If I could, I would give myself a medal! Getting up Summer hill, (riding towards Bickly) has been a real struggle for me. I have managed to conquer most of the hills that we have had on our routes! I believe the only hills that I haven't quite managed is....... hmmmm, let me think ..... is Ditchling Beacon and another hill just before that on my bike ride to Brighton!!

So, after an 11 mile bike ride, non stop, well virtually! (traffic lights do not count, nor does staring into our favourite watering hole, in Chislehurst,wishing it was open count now!) I really wasn't expecting to get up the shorter side of Summer Hill. But I thought, "I need to try, don't have a defeatist attitude before you even try it woman", I could wallow in that attitue if I didn't make it

Can you imagine the smile on my face when I saw the round about at the top? I was so hoping so that I didn't have to stop for the traffic, that would have been just to hard to get going again. But thankfully I could ride on accross the roundabout. The Old Boy was just past the roundabout waiting for me to appear. "Keep Going, that's it keep going" he says to me. I rode on past him with a huge grin on my face. "Did you do it" he says, as he caught up with me, even though he knew I did. I punched the air! Yup, this Old Girl got to the top of the hill!! Not at any top whack speed, but in one go!

Bloody pleased about that!! Now, just another 4 miles, and we can partake of a bowl of olives a packet of crisps and a pint of Amstel!

Geeky stats

Bike Ride With Alan by moosh001 at Garmin Connect - Details

Thursday, 17 November 2011

An Evening meander!

Hello blog lovers.

I was hoping to get out earlier for a bike ride, get back home, cook dinner and then go for a chinwag with Naggy Neighbour. But things that I think will happen never happen the way I think!

So we started off a lot later than I wanted. It was only going to be a short ride today, up through Hayes, Bromley, Pettswood and home again. But as we started he had already changed his mind. "Lets ride up through to Keston" says the Old Boy! Flippin nora! Blooming Hills! Not a nice little meander as I thought. But, really, it is all for exercise. I am doing this to keep fit! I am riding and running my ass off (literally) to stay fit, get fitter and stay healthy! (and to eat whatever I like thses days)

So the ride up to Keston was, you could say, two differnect stories. Mine and the Old Boys. The OB flew up the hill. I his back red blinking light get smaller and smaller as I tried to keep up him. In the end I had to concentrate on my own struggle. Get a pace going and stick to it. A little ditty going through my mind to help me keep my legs spinning!

I got to the top of the hill and the Old Boy looked quite relaxed and rested by the time that I got to him. But from here to our first stop it was all down hill! My fav, whether its running or cycling. I know running I am still working pretty hard, but cruising down the roads at top speeds for the conditions of the road is just so awesome!! Great fun, and scary!

A quick stop at the the first watering hole, only about 3 miles into our journey, and then off to finish our ride.

We went down through Coney Hall. Again, a lovely long down hill section. Just cruising along and enjoying the unusual November weather. It's certainly not the norm to be sitting outside pubs enjoying a pint!

Our next stop was in Bromley. A great little pub with an area outside heated by those little heater things that hang from the parasols. A packet of chilli peanuts share between the two of us and the ride on home to cook our dinner

A great ride today, very enjoyable as usual. I'm so not looking forward to the cold weather.

Anyway geeky stats for you. I kept the Garmin running while we were sitting enjoying a beverage, just because I forgot to turn it off!

Bike Ride With Alan by moosh001 at Garmin Connect - Details

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

What A Difference A day Makes!

Hello Blogees.

There was no waiting to 'get over' my fall yesterday. There was no, ok so lets take things slower again, get your confidence up, etc etc, it was just get straight back in the saddle and get on with it Old Girl!

So after a faily busy day with kids, nursery runs and toddlers. Plus visits to chemists and getting dinner ready for later, it was straight out. About 20 miles today, up to Halstead and then through to Biggin hill, with a short stop at a local hostelry! Closer to home of course.

The Weather was really quite pleasant for this time of year, especially after yesterdays horrible grey wet (and painful) day. So I was quite looking forward to the challenge.

The route took us up the A21. I found this really ok today. Ok so I still felt it in my legs, but I am old you know! I do believe that I am finally feeling the difference, even if it is getting up the A21 slight easier that I used to, even though I still find it hard!

No accidents today, I am glad to report. I know I was painfully slow, according to the Old Boy today, in getting up those hills. I just find getting up hills difficult, whether its running or cycling! Its something that I need to work on!

I did enjoy our stop at the pub in Keston. We sat outside, these days most pubs have this area that is heated to 'help smokers' go out for a ciggie with out freezing their asses off. But us cyclists appreciate this area too. I looked a complete nerd in my bright luminous jacked and wooly hat complete with head lamp, not only that but I was looking rather sweaty and 'hat head' is not a good look for me. So sitting outside, looking after the bikes was made even more pleasant by the 'smokers heated corner'

We arrived home, opened our door and the waft of the curry I had slowly cooking in the oven was a welcome and warm greeting. Mmmmm, curry......droooll.....arrrrrrggggg!!! OOps sorry, Homer moment. Not had one of those for a while!

So geeky stats, and just check out my max speed, whoo hoo!!, just don't look at the minimum speed!

Bike ride with Alan by moosh001 at Garmin Connect - Details

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A wet, Horrid Day!

Hello Blog lovers.

I know its Tuesday, but I seemed to have come down with a bit of a cold, and the thought of running and coughing and spluttering in front of everyone one else was not very appealing. Sow I cried off from the more cardio run and opted instead for a leisurely bike ride!

It was a gloomy day, it had been all day, still, the rain can't come down all day can it?! Well, anyway, I decided to join the OB on a slow bike ride, nice and local due to the weather, of course.

By the time we had got from our house to Bromley town centre the rain was coming down quite heavily. But for some strange reason I was smiling, and so was the OB. I kept on having to stop to clear my glasses and that when OB said "I am quite enjoying this really" And I agreed with him!

I wonder if it was the fact that we had properly inflated tyres! The OB had bought himself a new tire, his 'Winter tyres' he called them. More road tyres than trail riding ones. But he also bought a great new pump with a gauge on it, so that we can inflate our tyres to the right PSI. I was quite surprised how under inflated my tyres were.

So there we are, a background story to what I am about to right now. The combination of autumn leaves, wet, wet leaves and puddles, dark, newly inflated hard tyres and me getting cramp in my right foot, lead me to 'crashing' my bike, again! No one else was involved, just me and a fence! My foot cramped up, I pulled on the right hand brake with is the front brake, I slipped in the wet leaves and crashed into a fence. Fortunately I was down a tiny path as we were heading on home, so I didn't fall into the road. No one even saw me, but the OB could hear me as he came back to investigate what had happened.

The OB thinks that I am just a menace on the roads, normally just to my self, fortunately! Still, its all part of cycling, isn't it?!

So geeky stats, and if you look carefully you could possibly work out where I fell off my bike.

A wet, slow Bike Ride by moosh001 at Garmin Connect - Details

Saturday, 5 November 2011

What A Gloomy Day!

Hello Blog lovers,

What a gloomy, grey day it was today! I was thinking that maybe we wouldn't even bother about going out for a ride. But a bit of damp weather didn't put the OB off, so I just had to grin and bear it, and pretend that the damp grey conditions didn't bother me either.

It was just a short ride, compared to Thursdays ride at least, of 12 and half miles. But it was quite a hilly route.

We rode to the George in Hayes. Now the OB did say we were going to stay local, and ride to Bromley, and through that way before heading off home. But then he changed his mind. We were going to head on up through to Keston and then up and up to Downe Village! Again, like Thursday, I wasn't expecting to do anything remotely energetic, after all, I was saving myself for my run tomorrow, with my club! 7k, through the woods. And I know they are going to be very sticky and wet woods!

I managed to get to Downe Village, at my own pace. The OB said I could, there was going to be no racing today!

We had a pint in the pub there, and then headed on home. By this time it was dark, but still quite mild out. Half way down this road though, the OB had a puncture! Fortunately we have become 'honorary boy scouts' and are always prepared. But changing an inner tube in the dark is still a challenge! I was 'torch bearer' while the OB gave me tips and showed me how to change a tyre. If only he had done that on Monday.
I forgot to mention to you guys, I have sold my old jalopy of a bike, my old Raleigh, but before I took it to the shop I had to try to mend a puncture. which turned out that it was a puncture anyway, it was just me not using the pump right to inflate the tyres!

It was an experience, and it didn't take that long either! We rode straight on home, through Farnborough, and Locksbottom.

Quite a nice ride really, but then I always say that after I have finished riding!

I took my Garmin today, well, after missing out on recording my last ride, I shall take my Garmin on all rides!

Geeky stats then

Bike ride With Alan by moosh001 at Garmin Connect - Details

Thursday, 3 November 2011

A Longish Bike Ride - No Pub!

Hello blog lovers!

Well you can all remember what the weather was like today, it was coming down in bucket loads! Lightening, thunder, flash floods in Pettswood and down bottom Oxhawth! There was no way we were going riding tonight!

Yeah, right! The rain had stopped by the time the OB got back and he was well up for maybe just a short 10 mile, from here, Hayes, through Bromley and back again. No stopping at pubs now, its too dark, and cold, and wet!

We headed off up the path and then down Oakly road. I was expecting to turn right and ride on to Hayes from there. But the OB said, "No, keep going, straight, straight, straight" Well I knew where that was going. I was thinking he was going to go to Keston Ponds, then turn right from there, but then he said "Biggin Hill, thats where we are heading" Flipping nora, that was not in my psyche! Can I manage to get to Biggin Hill, I have not even thought about going that far, especially after todays thunder storm! (I was, in fact, thinking a nice cosy night it, with maybe a kebab for dinner!) But onwards and upwards I went, with the OB following behind me, closely. Too closely! He knows he makes me nervous when he is behind me. I do tend to slow down a lot, and when I haven't got anyone behind me I like the freedom to be able to stop.

Which I did. just before I got to the top of Leaves Green! I only stopped for just a few seconds, just to get my breath, and to stop my legs from turning to jelly! Then it was back to riding. On wards and upwards to Biggin Hill.

I was quite surprised how quickly Biggin Hill seemed to appear! I knew I still had a long way to go before we turned left to start our journey back home. We were going to turn left at the Spinning wheel, which has now become a curry house. Must try that place soon!

I was thinking that we were going to go down Cudham North Lane, the road that always gets me blowing out my eardrums while riding up there! But no, OB had another plan that we were going to head to Knockholt and then to Greenstreet Green from Halsted!

Oh well, At least the rain has held off. I just kept on peddling, kept listening out for instructions from the OB when he was behind me, or following his two blinking red lights.

Once we got to Greenstreet Green I knew where I was going, I nice steady ride back, if the OB wanted to speed up and do his thing, at least I knew which way home to go. But he stayed in my sight.

We went up my very first nemesis hill, Knoll Rise. The OB was behind me again. I don't know why but having him riding behind me just makes me very nervous, I just can't ride up hills with him behind me. It's like I am getting marked for exams or something, I just go to pieces! So I sent ahead of me and then rode up the road at my own pace, style and peace!

I didn't take my Garmin, for one thing the battery seems to be losing life very quickly these days, so it was completely dead! The OB's bike gizmo is not doing as it should be either, so I mapped the route out on map my run, and it came out as 21.19 miles, which we did in just under 2 hours.

A very nice ride, just a pity that none of us had a penny to buy a pint! Next time