Monday, 25 March 2013

Rest Day?

Hello blog lovers.

Rest day?, nahhhh. Rest is for wooses! Ok, so I did take some convincing from the Old Boy to get out today. For those that don't read my running blog, it's because I ran over a half marathon distance yesterday!  I was feeling a tad achy to say the least.

The Old Boy told me he was going out, just to stay loose, try to get his 'saddle bum' back after having a few weeks from cycling due to his knee problem, so the route was going to be very local and very sedate.  He told me the route that he was thinking about doing. I 'ummed' and 'ahhed' about going with him. So he changed it a bit more. "I'm not sure if I can do that either." I said to him, knowing how heavy my legs are feeling. "No, I don't suppose you can" he said to me. Then gave me sly smile. Well that was it, I had to go and get my cycling kit on!

It wasn't long before we were both ready and outside, all wrapped up against the elements.  My legs felt like steel girders as I tried to mount my bike! Oh the pain! But the fantastic feeling of being on my bike was out weighing that!  It was only going to be a very short ride, to the Red Lion at Bromley North, and then home again by a slightly different route.

Just going up the hill towards Pettswood was a real struggle! We were going  through Jubilee Park, and then on to Bromley.  Plaistow Lane was even worse! My legs complained like anything as I forced them to pedal up hill! Fortunately it's not a long hill, and after that it was all flat until the pub.

A nice pint of lager for me, IPA for the Old Boy, and then it was a leisurely ride home.  We took a 'higgledy piggledy' way home, going through little roads, down cul-de-sacs, just to look at front doors. And then once on to Southborough lane, we decided to look through the new 'villiage" Trinity Village, see how all the building is going.

After that we went through our local park to go home.  "Shall we go around the outside of it, turn left, to go home, rather than go to the right?" I said to him
 "Nah, it's fine" he assured me "It's a gravel path all the way around"
"But I ran along the top bit yesterday and it was quite wet and muddy" I said to him
"Yes but this bit's fine, it'll be alright"
Guess what?! It was water logged and muddy!  My poor bike! I am going to have to spend some time tomorrow cleaning her!

It felt good, I was glad I went out. I could have been sat in doors watching whatever rubbish was on the telly. Getting out doing stuff, that's wht it's all about!

So, just a short blog for just a short ride.  But such an enjoyable little ride! And now to rest my legs.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

WWW.Com - Great Company!

Hello bloggers!

I miss my cycling too much to not be able to squeeze a ride in somewhere in my marathon training! Today, I thought I would introduce my sister and her man to the delightful Wednesday Weekly Wanderers. A great 'gang' of cyclists (what do you call a collection of cyclists?).  I explained to Naggining Sister and Dan, that it's only going to be a short ride and the end target is a delightful pub in Bromley North, called The Red Lion. 

The start, as always, is  at Bromley South Station, where upon my arrival, it seemed that everyone was there, even Nagging Sister and her man Dan (nickname yet to be formed!) There were about 10-12 keen riders, today and after all the introductions were done, and to dispel the rumours that Moosh isnt a myth and does exist (i.e. me!)  the ride leader told us the route to get to the pub. The pub is literally just down the road from where we are starting from.  "It's going to be a fairly flattish route" John our leader said, which seemed to please Nagging Sister and Dan. I, on the other hand, interpret that slightly differently.  Its, a bit like when I go running. When ever the leaders say 'Flattish' you just know that there is a hill in there somewhere, and it's usually a 'cheeky' little blighter! But not to disillusion the newbies, I kept my 'fears' to myself.

We set off in the opposite direction of the pub we will be ending up at! A good idea, work up a thirst before getting to the pub. We turned right into Westmoreland road and then we took another right just after that. (That is the end of my navigational skills for this ride, I had forgotten to restart my Garmin, Again!) Just then we heard "Stop, stop" We all pulled to the side of the second road only, so far on this ride, to find out that the tandem the two brothers had bought back from the brink of death, was still not quite ready! The pedals had some kind of issue, Twiddlydid or Twiddllydidn't hadn't quite tighten some nuts and bolts or something (too technical for little old me) and one set of pedals were both in alignment!  So they had to somehow get back home, and then they would meet us at the pub later! (on seperate bikes)

The ride, from there, was virtually incident free.  Now for the little undulations. Of course there is undulations, this is Bromley, we live in a very pretty undulating place, (I keep having to impress on my self that hills are pretty, interesting and our friends!) I kept behind Nagging Sister, I remember how far behind me she was when we rode up the A21 a couple of weeks back!  But the ride leader was very kind and kept the pace just perfect, (even for me, my cycle legs and derriere need more saddle time)

There were more twists and turns than a two year olds drawing of spaghetti! And with my sense of direction I could be riding to any where.  I just hope we don't lose them!  We were passing schools and golf courses, and going through little back alleys, and dark tunnels "Don't look at the floor Old Girl" I thought to myself as we went through the dark tunnel," you would only scream to see the 'dirt' so near your bike".  What was that stuff, yuck? I just don't want to think about it.  Now, on the Facebook page, John did assure us that there would be no mud and no off roads, "So it's safe to bring your best bike" he said. What he negleted to say (apart from the yucky tunnel bit) was that we would be going over an unmade road. Trying to dodge all those holes and puddles to keep my bike clean, plus keeping an eye on where we were going was, to say,....challenging!

There was another little incident on our ride,  of one rider heading up the road by herself when we all had to turn left. I won't name her.  We all rode to the end of the road and waited. "Who went up the road then?" I asked, and the rest of the crew said "Linda!" We continued our ride after one of the others went to reel her back in. We rode through Penge, Shirly and Beckenham, (whether it was in that order I have no idea). And now for the 'ish' part of 'flattish ride.  We rode up one road, it seemed to stretch up to the heavens. "Well Old Girl" I thought to myself "You haven't been riding as much lately, so just take it slowly" I often talk to myself, it keeps me going.

We all made it up the hill! Fantastic. I really thought I would get off and walk, my legs were burning!  One other rider with us (Sorry forgotten his name) said "If that is what John calls flattish I would hate to go on a hilly ride" I laughed, understandingly!  We carried on a little bit longer, Nagging Sister riding just in front of me, Dan up head with the main crowd (showing off!) and then I heard a "pstssssssssssssss" The rider that had I had just spoken to pulled up. "I got a puncture" he said. I tried to call ahead to let them know, but another rider went ahead to let them know. Nagging Sister, me and Steve B stayed with the other chap and provided lights while he changed his tube.

We weren't that far from the end, and once Nagging Sister and I realised exactly where we were then we realised there was a bit more 'ish' to do! A real nasty little f....ff.....friendly hill!  It's not long, but it is steep. with four of us left to find our way to the pub, which is not to far, we all started up the hill, Steve, me, puncture man and Nagging sister, in that order. Steve flew up the hill. I crashed and burned! I had to get off and try and walk up with jelly legs. Puncture man managedto ride up the hill and........Nagging Sister! Grrrrrrr.

We were about 5 minutes away now from a lovely pint of the amber nectar, and meeting up with the Old boy (His knee still not quite right, but a short ride from home to the pub is doable for him)

A great ride, and great company! Thanks all, and here is pictures of some of the WWW's

John Wood, The Linda, and TD

Twiddlydid and Twiddlydidn't and Steve W

Erm, The WWW's

TD, Steve W and Mel, and another WWW

Steve B

Me and the Old Boy

Nagging Sister and Dan

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Hello Baby!

Hello Blog lovers.

Can you see which blog I am writing on! Thats right, its my cycling blog! I am back on my bike, my little baby! It was either a run by myself this evening or a cycle ride with the Old Boy!  It's always so much more fun when there is two or more, especially when it's dark.  During the daylight hours I can cycle for miles by myself, and run by myself. But when it's dark, company is just so much nicer, and plus, it makes it so much easier to go for a quick pint!

We both got ready, two pairs of socks, cycling tights, track suit over those, running top, cycle jacket and a nice warm cycle waterproof over that. Then there was a buff, hat, thermal under gloves and gloves on top! I was finally ready to go out! I hate being cold! There is nothing worse for me than being cold! I just cant ride, or concentrate.

We eventually got out, rode about 10 yards down the road and the Old boy shouted to me to stop! I turned around thinking his chain had fallen off or some other mechanical failure. but when I saw his face I realised that it was nothing to do with the bike, but all to do with his knee!  His pain had returned and he didn't want to go on any more.

So there I was all dressed up and nowhere to go.  "Go by yourself, just cycle around for half hour or so" he said to me. That was something that I didn't fancy! But then I thought "Why not go cycle to my sisters house, show off my bike" as that household has yet to feast their eys on my bike! And I am ever so proud of her. So that's what I decided to do.  The Old Boy went into to take the weight of his knee, and cook dinner, while I rode off into the darkness towards my sisters house.

Now, she don't live that far, I can run it in twenty minutes! But still, I had a purpose to ride now, and plus the fact my brother always has a beer in the fridge!  I  was singing to myself all the way there.  It was only after I passed the umpteenth person that I realised I was singing out loud! At least I made it seem as if cycling is easy peasy and that anyone can take it up!

I just got to my sisters house and, just as they opened the door, my sisters boyfriend pointed out a load of cyclists coming down Palace View Road! "Are you with that lot" he said to me. And just then I realised, that it was probably the Wednesday Wanderers! Darn it! I could have gone with them if I had remembered what day it was! I could have grabbed some cash off the Old Boy as well, as they usually stop to sample some ale some where en route!

Oh well, at least my brother will have some in the fridge.  Boy was I disappointed! There was none to be had!  So my sister made me go with her to the offy for a few cans! I enjoyed one can with them, then showed off my bike and went on home to a lovely dinner of green Thai curry! Delicious!

No geeky stats as it was always going to be such a short short ride! And besides which the Old Boy would have had his Garmin going!  But it felt so good to be on my bike, and I was very toasty in all my gear.