Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Pedal Dash For A Santa Dash!

Hello blog lovers.

Just a short bike ride today, a short bike ride with just a little purpose to go out for as well as just the sheer pleasure of getting out! And that was to get mine and my grandsons running attire for our race! A Santa suit each! I entered me and the little dude into Bromleys Santa Dash for this Sunday!

I  put on my cycling attire for this very short ride, one reason, because cycling in jeans, especially as my jeans that I had on today were a fairly snug fitting, is not very easy! And also second, my cycling tights had the very effective reflective panels on them. As I had those on I might as well have gone the whole hog put my cycling jacket on! Even on short journeys it best to be seen!

Our plan was to stop off for a glass of ale, well, the Old Boy would be having the warm beer, I shall stick to a glass of the cold stuff, and then make our way to the Pavilion to pick up the Santa Suits.  Then just ride on home ready to take our dinner out of the oven. 

We left quite late, at least an hour later than we usually do, so it deffo will be a nice slow short 'dash' to Bromley and back.  I noticed some of the drivers coming down towards us, along Tylney Road, they waited their turn for the car drivers to go past them before making their way down the road Me and the Old Boy we were not slow off the mark to make our way along the road and kept up with the flow of traffic, but why those car drivers didn't wait a couple of seconds more until we passed by them I don't know!  After that we made our way to the Red Lion un hindered by anymore crazy drivers!

Anyway, the little dash was successful, I am now in possession of two Santa suits, on adult size and one child size, so bring on the Santa dash, and lets all start the festive month in a most fun way possible!  And what a great fun way to introduce grandson to the joys of running for fun!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I'm The Leader!

Hello blog lovers

It's been a while since I posted a cycling blog, but I did go out last week, I just didn't get around to writing about it, and today I am still writing about my ride yesterday!  I am just a slow rider! Getting back late and then eating dinner! Well that's my excuse anyway!

So yesterdays route was slightly different to where we usually go, up to Halstead then through to Knockholt Village and then down Cudham Lane, across the round about and then down to Opington up the awful Knolls Rise and head on home! Simples.

The weather was kind to us, there was a few very short moments of drips of rain coming down at us, but that stopped before I had even realised it. We didn't go the usual way to Halstead either.  I don't really like going up the ally way, so we decided to go on through Pettswood, and I took a detour through the Palace estates.  It's where I sometimes go running with my running club, nice quite roads and streets.  Then we turned left to go up towards Orpington but turned right on to Newstead Avenue.  This is the way I go when I drop off a little squashy character to nursery school.  Again these are nice quite roads.  I chose these roads as we were cycling along, and I really did feel like I was the leader of a ride, even though there was only me and the Old Boy!

All the  latest  accidents resulting in  the deaths of cyclists have been really hitting the news lately, now I am not saying that I am a little more worried that usual,  but it does make you think.  I know people in the morning are all trying to get to work on time, and they're in a hurry, which you would hope, make the homeward journey a bit more relaxed.  But then drivers could be tired or stressed about a particular horrid day, and even thinking about their next days work, but yesterday I noticed there were quite a lot of drivers giving us plenty of room as they passed, and also when they were approaching us, instead of trying to squeeze by on the narrower lanes, they waited until we had passed them.  I was very pleased with that, and I said "Thank you" to the driver, not that he could hear me, but I just wanted to say it.  The Old Boy said "He must be a cyclists!"

We reached Cudham North Lane and the Old Boy gave me a choice, we could stick the the route that was suggested or turn left and go through to Biggin Hill.  Now I know that just down Cudham Lane here there is a very nice public house, with the outside smoking area being one of the most cosiest I know!  Wood burner, lights, books, not that I have a smoke here, or even a read, but it is a nice place to sit and you can keep an eye on your bikes without having to chain them up! So we turned right and headed for the Blacksmiths arms!

We slightly over stayed out usual 1 pint and off, as it was just so cosy there, cooking dinner went on the back burner (pun intended, I think) as we headed off towards Opington and that hill, but of course we had a new stopping destination added, and that was our local kebab shop for a tasty burger to go with our already prepared salad!

Just slightly under 20 miles, I shall grab the Old Boys geeky stats later this evening and upload them here. A very nice pleasant ride indeed, albeit blooming freezing, especially after coming out of the cosy room!

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Wednesday Meander!

Hello blog lovers.

This blog is only about 24 hours late! But better late than never I hear you all say......right?  The Old Boy really had to cajole me into going out into the cold night air.  Well, for November it was quite mild, but I was just feeling nice and snug in my house, and maybe just a little bit jaded as well!

It was to be our usual route up to Halstead. From there.....well, from there we were going to discuss which way to make our way home.  I knew which way I wanted to go! But you never can tell, if I fancied a bit more of a challenge once I got there.

We along the path to Princes Plain and the rode up to the bus garage.  There was a runner going in the direction of Locksbottom.  I slowed down to let him go past. I knew I would be riding past him pretty soon.  He was running really well and I had to make a bit more of an effort to go past him, and then I took it a bit easier until the hill came.  I really did slow down, I pedalled as hard as I could and just then the runner caught up with me! I was mortified!  Then he started to over take me! How can this be, my legs were getting that 'burn' feeling as I chased after him! I managed to catch up to him as we were both going up hill and stayed neck and neck for a short while! But to me it seemed like an age!  Then the hill started to flatten out and I eventually went past him!  I had to make myself pedal just a little bit harder up the next hill just to make sure that he didn't catch up to me again!

It was a little bit of fun (well, apart from the fact that I really did feel mortified!) But at least now I know what the 'burn' feels like! Something that I almost get to and then I stop before it kicks in.  I know that it was just a small example of what 'the burn' is and I have decided that I don't like it!  I am seriously going to look into this and see if it is actually good for you! (I think it will be though, as we touched on it during my recent L.i.F.C. that I took!)

I took it nice and easy all the way to Halstead and then the Old Boy told me that it took 47 minutes to get there! Now that is slow! I still had to get up to Knockholt and then to the Shampam, it really was going to be a slow ride. 

Struggling through Knockholt village but eventually getting to Cudham North Lane, I allowed myself a bit of a sigh of relief!  Nearly there. Just 20 minutes or so to the Shampan (that is an estimated guess, which I am not very good at, I didn't take my Garmin with me) and then it was the wonderful fast downhill although way to the put at Keston.

The lanes were pretty dark but me and the Old Boy were lit up like Christmas trees, you could deffo see us coming along! Lights is everything when you are out in the pitch dark lanes! Once we at the Shampan the Old Boy said that it was quite late! "Well, lets just go straight home" I said "No, we can stop for a swift one, if we can get there within 20 minutes" Well, I think I must had done it.  Riding through Biggin Hill is just so fantastic.  Mainly down hill, light traffic I can really begin to enjoy the ride, and it was good to see the Old Boy pull into the pub!

A very quick refreshment and then off to rescue our dinner at home!  22 minutes later than planned!

While I write this my thoughts are with the families of the cyclists that have been killed in London the past 10 days!  It truly is horrific, and I feel for the families.  But I am not ready to put away my bike, hang up my lycra or bag up my lights.  I just hope and pray that government will finally get their fingers out and start doing something to protect cyclists in our cities.

Here is the Old Boys geeky stats of yesterdays ride.