Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Pleasure Ride - To The White Bear?!

Hello Blog lovers,

The Old Boy is going to let us have a couple of easy days of bike riding. I have a race to do on Sunday, its not a cycling race, (I am not that brilliant a cyclist!). Its a multi terrain running race. It's going to be quite a tough running race......and quite hilly, I have been told!

The Old Boy thought a nice easy ride out, a pleasant hour of so of gentle cycling. Well all of that is what happened, if you happened to be young and fit and have strong legs! Because the way to the White Bear is, yes you've got it, is uphill! Yes of course, the idea of going out on a bike ride is for exercise, get the old heart rate pumped up to what its normally doing, it doesn't mean that I can't and won't moan about it!

When the OB said that we were going to go past the road on the right , which takes us down to the pub, I though to myself "Hang about here, he is making this into an adventure!"  As we rode on past the usually road I wondered how far this would take us out of our way. He did say something about only riding for about 14 to 16 miles today, to save the old legs for Sunday, but this was uncharted territory, not sure exactly where this is going to take us.

As it happened, it was that far off from where our intended first and only stop was going to be!  The evening was getting darker, and for some reason this makes drivers want to drive a little faster, a little closer to us lovely cyclists. I think it must the the 'moth and light' scenario, drivers see the lights of our bikes and are just drawn to us!

I was quite pleased to get to the pub, we chained our bikes up outside and went in to enjoy a lovely pint! By the time we came out the sky was very dark. Donning our headlamps we made our way home, via Hayes, passing the George! Incredible as that seems! We really did pass The George! I think the call of my chilli con carne was just much this evening!

Yes, it was a hilly, and a good workout, but it was a pleasant bike ride!

Geeky stats from the Old Boys Garmin, (I had forgotten mine!)

Monday, 17 September 2012

Just A short one.......20 Miles!

Hello blog lovers.

I do seem to be saying that a lot these days, "Just a short ride today, only 20 miles!" From way back in the humble beginnings of a bike ride to Farnborough Village, having my first official stop there, consisting of a sandwich and diet coke, and the riding back again. All of about 6 to 7 miles maybe be.

These days I don't even stop on the hills that used to make me puff out of my ass! My first stop, and only for 3 minutes is at the top of the hill at Halstead. By the way, according to the Old Boys Garmin, I got to the bus shelter in about 36 minutes and something seconds. I'm not sure, but that could be close or even beat, my PB for getting to that point, so far!  He left me have 3 minutes rest at this point, and a swig of orange squash, change of gum, and suck in some air! He is kind like that!

The nights are drawing in, the lanes will be getting dark, but I have my lights and my/OB's trusty head light. It lights up like a car! I will be noticed, but more importantly I will be able to see the edge of he road and so not ride into the bushes or walls!  When the cars come down with their lights blazing they sure do blind you for a couple of seconds! The light on the side of the road helps me to stay in the right place!

I always use the ride up to Halstead as a 'push as hard as I can' piece of road, and then after that, its a 'push if I want to' piece of road. It's where I concentrate on 'spinning' the peddles rather than grinding them. I think I know what that means. I try to keep a steady pace going all the time, push and pull back on the peddles, and try to get as much from the revolutions as possible. Practise for when/if I ever get cleats!

I can definitely tell where the muscles are working when I concentrate on my technique, but I just can't keep it up for too long. I have been doing 'lazy riding far to long' or at least using only half power! But the more I practise the better I will get. I don't think I will be enterering in any major races this side of my first 50 years!

The up hill continues up wards. Sometimes I get it right on the not so steep hills, other times, usually on the harder hills I just can't get it together. Then there is the occasionally car coming down, that just messes up my assent up the hills!

Getting to the Shampan is always a very welcome relief! It's all down hill from here now, more or less. And as it was still fairly early, (I must be flying through todays ride) then we decided to stop of at Hayes and have a quick one at the George! As we said last year, and continued to say all through the winter I think, while the weather is still bearable to sit out and enjoy, then why not! It's what life is all about, work, exercise, rest and play! I think the Old Boy, though, thinks its playtime when he goes out riding with me as it's so slow, compared to what he can go now days!

Geeky stats, I stopped my Garmin when we got to the George, which was just shy of 20 miles, so todays little 'short ride' is just over 22 miles

Saturday, 15 September 2012

The Anniversary Bike Ride With You!

 Hello Blog lovers.

Well this time last year me and the Old Boy started the ball rolling on the ole married life road! 28 years ago we were saying vows, in front of our family, and then having a party to celebrate! So how do we celebrate this occasion! With a mega bike ride of course!

45 miles, of pleasurable bike riding, well,thats what the Old Boy calls today's bike ride! He told me he kept some of the really big hills out of todays ride. Well I am so glad he did! Because even on some of the hills that we couldn't avoid I was having walk up! It was supposed to be a fun ride today after all! I am having a jolly fun bike ride, I will not be swearing my head off as I try to go up hills. If I can't get up them then I will walk! Simples!

Out route is going through Fickleshole again. And we are going to be riding the route that he did last Saturday, only in the opposite direction. Which, he says is mainly down hill! Well that only says to me that it really is going to be a lovely enjoyable time. Not only that,  he has promised me lunch somewhere on route!

We were going to be starting out at 8 this morning, a lay in seemed more important to us though. We eventually got out about twenty to eleven! Plenty of time to get in 50 miles, before a lovely curry this evening to finish off our celebrations!  I think even our big son will be joining us.

Well back to the ride. The ride to Fickleshole is an uphill part of the route! I know, because I have done it before! Twice! Only this time we are not stopping, we are flying on past here and then heading for Walingham. I have never heard of this place before! The Old Boy has, he came through here on his solo ride. He also tried to take me up that way the last time we went to Fickleshole! I wished I had listened to him, as from where we were when he suggested it, I am sure it would have been all down hill!

So there we were, riding along the route that the Old took, but in reverse, and I was walking up the next nasty bit of hill. The Old Boy just flew up it. After a little further it flattened out a bit for me to get on and ride some more. I saw the OB waiting for me at the top. As I rode up along side he he suddenly clapped his hands, and from behind a six fence and dog jumped up, held on to the top of the fence with his two front paws and barked at me! I nearly jumped out of my skin! The OB thought this was funny, (the dog had already done the same to him!)

We were now at Walingham and riding up along hills. Hills that seem to go down on either side of us, on the left and the right, yet I was riding up and up, along a ridge. I am guessing that is why there is a road called the ride, which we just had a look at before carrying on our journey. It was a great photo opportunity here, I just had to take some of the lovely views, and also a picture of a carved tree. These carvings are in several locations and they let people know they are entering a special place!
One of the carvings around this parts.
View from the top of the ridge

"It's only a few miles to Brastead" the OB said, "we can stop there for a coffee if you want" If I want, if I want! Of course I want!  Ninety six degrees is the name of the coffee  shop that we stopped out, favoured by many cyclists I believe. A nice bit of cake and a coffee! Lovely.

A Welcome stop!

After our coffee, and after the Old Boy realised what the time was, he suggested that we ride on through to Shoreham and have a sandwich at the Kings Head! Now it was mainly down hill, but there was a some 'humps' to go over. But my legs were getting tired.  I am old you know! Well, thats my excuse anyway!

It seemed to me to be a long way to Shoreham, I just couldn't figure out how we were going to get there from where we were. I should pay more attention when I am riding about really, just in case I have to navigate to these places by myself at any time! As we were riding along the OB pointed out the vineyards that we were passing. Me and my eldest daughter was talking about British wines, and how I for one didn't know of any. But the OB had said that we do actually have vineyards in Britain, and it just so happens that we were now passing them by, Here, take a look for yourselves,
The Vineyard we passed

But I was so pleased to see the Shoreham sign!

We came into Shoreham from a different road, but I just knew where there pub was. We stopped here for a BLT for me and a tuna may sarnie for him. Then it was back to the bike riding. We were going up to Eynsford and then through Eynsford and head for Dartford way.  But again we were going to go a different way home. new territory for us both.

It is good to explore about, we still had plenty of time left before we had to get back, rest up, clean up and get out to finish our celebrations with a delicious curry. In fact we had quite a bit of time left and we ended up going to the Five Arches, having a 15 minute break, just watching all the dogs, ducks and kids playing in the river there.

We rode through the park and along some roads which looked familiar. I then realised where I was. I was in Bexley! We carried on riding through here,  up more hills, and heading for our last stop for todays ride, The Tigers Head!  I knew where I was now! If the OB felt the 'need for speed' and sped off, then I knew were to go! But I also knew that there was just the last of the hills to get over today, they hills going up to Chiselhurst!

After a pint here we made our way home. Out of the gate of the pub another two cyclists followed us behind. The were all set to be going in the same direction as us. She kept me talking, her partner got on his bike and then they were both off! I think they saw the traffic coming and timed it just right that they got off first and that I had to wait for the traffic to pass. I tried to catch them up as they rode on towards Pettswood! "Come on Old Girl, don't embarrass me, catch them up" The OB teased. We caught up with them at the junction, but again they got off first leaving me to wait for the traffic to pass.

I tried to catch them up as we headed for the newly built bridge. They will have to slow down there! I managed to catch them up just before we had to cross the bridge. I was quite pleased with that. We got off our bikes to cross over the bridge, we had to, there was a motorbike trying to come the other way!

Again the couple had the pole position, they got off first as I had to wait for the people to step aside so that I could walk past them with my bike! I nearly caught up with them as they neared the roundabout. If they turn right at this roundabout I have a great chance of cathing them and overtaking them. But they went straight on as me and the OB made our way home.

A very enjoyable ride today, exhausting, but almost fun!

My geeky stats, I remembered to switch on and off and on again at the official stops, although I did forget to switch it off when we took our fifteen minute break at Five Arches!

And just a couple more pictures from todays ride

See I did get to the top, Its me!!

Me at the Five Arches

The Old Boy at the five Arches.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Driving Miss Daisy!

Hello blog lovers.

Today's title, you may be wondering why, or indeed you may even have heard or seen the title before! But that's what the Old Boy has been calling me this evening! Miss Daisy. If she ever did ride a bike, then apparently she will be riding like me.

I have no problem with that actually! Miss Daisy drives or wants to be driven at a genteel, easy, sociable speed! Nothing wrong with that! But my ride today, in my opinion, was nothing like what Miss Daisy would be doing! It was hard work! Up and down hills, even though I did try to dodge one! I think it would have been better not to have dodged 'Foo Kin Hill' commonly known as Crockenhill Lane. I shall explain more in a minute.

Our route today was up the A21. When we were nearing  Greenstreet Green roundabout I saw a group of cyclists, just ready to go join the roundabout. I thought they would whooshing on, going really fast, but I got closer and closer, and they were still faffing about waiting to join. By the time I was next to them they were on the roundabout, and then I overtook them! That's right! Miss Daisy here, overtook all the other cyclists! Mind you, I had to stop just by the petrol station further up as a flying insect had made it's way on the inside of my sunglasses! I was a bit worried that it might go in my eye, so a pull over to the left was called for! By then two of the cyclists that I had passed by flew passed me! It was inevitable really!

From here it was up to Halstead and then the turn off for Shoreham Village. As we were crossed over the A21 and headed up the hill, the two cyclists were pulled over in the lay by! So again I was overtaking them! No stopping for Miss Daisy this time!  Further up the hill though, as my old legs started to get tired they two other cyclists flew past me!

I thought thaty maybe they maybe heading the same way we were, and that was to the Kings Head, but when we got there, there were no other cyclists. After a stop here, we made our way to Eynsford. This is where the Old Boy gave me a choice! 'Foo kin Hill' or Swanley village' He said. Now, I can remember going to Swanly village last time. I knew that it was a dodge to get out of climbing up Crocken Hill Lane. But what I had forgotten about are the hills that we still have to do! Plus, of course, it's a longer route! The hills, although not as steep, they are still there, and there does seem to be more of them. When you start to think that it's the end of the hills and  you can start having a nice cycle ride the hills are back.

I said to the OB 'If I hadn't of dodged Foo Kin Hill we would be almost at the Tigers by now' He just said, "probably!"

Too late now, the night was getting  chillier, I was well wrapped up, nice and warm, two long sleeves tops on, and nice warm leggings! No getting cramp this time! I'm not sure if it is the cold that does it, if it is, it has no chance of getting me tonight! 

By the time we got to Bexley I was wanting to have a 'natural stop' so the Tigers was on my mind. I can make it there, it doesn't matter if we don't stop  'officiallly'  or not, I will be stopping here!

I just concentrated on getting to the Tigers head, up more hills, negotiating big round abouts and going as fast as I could possible go.  My legs were feeling very tired, it's not that far to go now! Up the last of the hills 'Lets go through the woody bit' said the OB. I like to stick to the road, but today I said ok, its only a very short path, but being as its gravelly it's a little harder work. I can see the pub and I can finally....make myself comfortable!

The Old Boy went into the garden. This can only mean one thing, we are going to be staying for a little longer than a natural break! Mmmm olives!  Refreshment sorted, we sat and enjoyed our well earned pint of lager!  Afterwards we made our way home.

On the way home as we were riding through Pettswood, I spied a group of runners. I recognised the running style of these runners, it was our Illustrious group 1 leader with some of our club members! They must have been really bad on Tuesday, as she was taking them for HILL TRAINING!  I was told, by our leader, to say that they were running very fast indeed! (I don't want to anger our Illustrious leader, so job done).  What is it with the fit bods that they need to 'do' hills?

Just a nice gentle ride home from here. I believe it is about 27 miles! I shall add geeky stats..........from the Old Boys Garmin, because...... well you know!

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Not Another Pleasure Ride?!

Hello blog lovers,

Not another pleasure ride, that's what the OB calls it when I ride along with him these days! The man has become super fit! He laughs at Summer Hill, he scoffs and the twin sisters that at 15% at Biggin Hill, Bitchling Beacon, more like 'Puppy Dog tealight'. But to me, anything with inclines is a workout. Anything that has my thighs quivering like jelly is a workout.

Pleasure rides are when I take it easy, go slowly, smile as I slowly make my way up a hill, or maybe even get off and walk, and look at the views, the wildlife, a leaf, or anything for that matter. Anything that makes it a pleasurable. But I know that during the week, jogging and cycling are training days for me, they are to keep me fit and hopefully get me fitter!

Today's little jaunt was only a short one. The rain started, ever so slightly, just as we left the house. I really was not in the mood for getting wet and cold! The evening seems to have really chilled the day down as well. We left while there was still plenty of daylight to be had, about 6 in the evening. Our destination was the 'The White Bear' and beyond!

We wanted to just check out the route, and take notes for our Saturday ride out to the Ridge, or someplace secret that the OB is keeping to himself. No doubt it has some lovely 'bumps' to negotiate! We took the right roads this evening, no going through footpaths and bridle paths, and no turning left when we should have been turning right!

We made out way to 'The White Bear' I really thought that we would be stopping there, and then going back home. For some reason I had it in my mind that the Old Boy had said it was only going to be about 14 miles or so! I must be hearing things, or wishful thinking! The whole journey from when we turned down Fox road, once at the bottom that is, was uphill! It's Cudham North lane in disguise. Just gently slopes, and then a steep bit, and then back to gentle, with another steep bit to throw you off guard. All the while my thighs are complaining, they are wanting to stop, to get off the bike and walk back to 'The White Bear' Yes that's right, we didn't stop there! Mind you, I really didn't expect to! Its only about 7 miles into the ride! We never normally stop now until we have done at least 18 miles! But the thought of doing another 11 or so miles wasn't getting me thrilled with delight!

We eventually came to the end of the road, a junction! One way it said Westerham and the other way said Wallingham! Both ways looked arduous! Westerham, well that has that hill that we would have to do! and Wallingham, who knows where that is. The OB thinks he went that way on Saturday, but couldn't really remember, so I opted for the safe option, back the way we came and stop off in the pub!

We enjoyed a refreshment in the pub and then headed off in the direction that we came from. But we past by Nash Road and carried on towards Coney hall and Hayes.  It was quite dark now and I was glad of my headlights.  These are very useful for seeing the edge of the road when inconsiderate drivers forget to dip their headlights and try to blind you! I can shine my headlight at the edge of the road and follow the white line!

There was no more stopping off now, it was straight home, it was getting quite chilly. Although when we got into civilisation again it did seem to go up a degree or two!

Now here's the thing, I had my Garmin on, I even started it when I left my house, and I stopped it again when we stopped at the pub. I just neglected to start it again from here til when we got home!  It's just as well the OB has his super fandangled 'autostopping/starting' Garmin on his bike!

So geeky stats are again from the Old Boys proper bike mounted Garmin! (think I may ask Santa for one of those, underneath my Christmas tree this year)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Bear Wrestling!

Hello Blog lovers!

It's been a while since I had written anything, which can only mean one thing, I have not been doing any exercise lately! Tut, tut, lazy mare.

But there is good reason. There is always good reason, no excuses, just proper, real reasons! And right now........ I can only think of one, for the Saturday just gone! My eldest daughter and her man are moving to Australia! So of course we had to have a celebration to commemorate this huge step in the lives! And what better way than a BBQ, So that is what I was doing on Saturday morning, preparing, and cleaning, and  buying and getting ready to host a great BBQ.  The Old Boy went out for a spin, I think he managed to get 35 miles on his Garmin while I was 'putting my feet up' as my middle daughter said later that day!

So this evening, feeling very fat, bloated and lazy, (especially as I had a rather pleasant lunch with my bestie this afternoon as well) we set off on a new route. We were only going to do a very short bike ride, to a place that me and the Old boy rocked up to on one of our Friday nights out. A place called Fickleshole.

Now this place is not that far from us, but some how on the Friday we found this place, we made it quite a trek, driving through country lane, adding miles on the clock. The OB decided that this Saturday mornings ride out, he will track it down again, and find out if this will be a do-able ride for me. He knows that I moan like anything if there is a hill anything higher than a nursing homes driveway to ride up.

We set off from home, and made our way, he tried hard to keep it as flat as possible. I made things a little more difficult by suggesting that we took a wooded path I saw as we 'cut' the corner of a road and used the footpath. It's always quite exciting trying new ways, but only when you are with someone of course, I couldn't think of anything worse than getting lost when you are by yourself!

But the path that I chose was very difficult to ride on, it was a bridle path. We both ended up walking to the end, which didn't bring us any closer to the place that he wanted us to be anyway! Still, it was an adventure.

We arrived at Keston and turned right, just before The Fox pub, down a road called Fox hill, he kept saying to me "You will be surprised how near you are to the pub that we went to on Friday" Quite frankly I couldn't see it. We seemed to be in the car for ages, it was a long time from leaving house to getting first pint! The journey home seemed even longer, said first pint was wanting to make an exit now!

Anyway, I digress as usual. We rode of down hill, until we came to a T junction. "Well, I know that way definitely takes us to the road I want, but this way could be it as well" Now this is where it got interesting. "Let's just turn left and see where it goes"

We rode for a while, and the Old Boy was beginning to think we should have turned right instead. We popped out of the road on to Leaves Green!  Ah! This can only mean that we still had to head on up to Biggin Hill!  And then turn right to ride on the 15% hills, the first of which is's down hill! I walked up it's 'sister' hill! The OB slowly rode on behind me. "Can't you walk any faster" he taunted me, "No" I said, "Can't you ride any faster?" and with that he rode past me, smiling as he did and disappeared up the hill!

At the top I spotted the OB waiting for me, and we carried on to the destination that he was planning on. "You will be surprised where were are going, and how far it is" he kept saying. If we had turned right instead of left on Friday, well, you will see" he said.

After getting slightly lost, heading down a road, which meant heading back up  to take the right road, it wasn't that long before we came upon the pub that we were in on Friday night! The white bear!  White bears are virtually extinct now, from this part of the country, but when I came face to face with the last remaining bear, the OB saved me. I took a picture of this heroic act, like any good damsel in distress would do here it is.

We enjoyed a lovely refreshing pint of ozzie stuff, and, well you know me and my olives, I just had to try out what company they get theirs from. Let me tell you, they are very nice. A packet of crisps for the OB and we were happy!

Now for the Journey home.

Like we should have done on Friday, we came out of the pub and turned right. We rode on for a very short while and then we saw Layems road! This is not that far from us at all. I would say from door to door it is about 7 miles, making this a very do-able ride in the winter months. But we are going to find out where a couple of the other roads lead to, hoping that they will take us through to Keston, instead of heading off to Hayes.

A great little ride out, just what I needed after a very boozy, face filling weekend!

Geeky stats from the Old Boys Garmin.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Is Summer Back?!

Hello blog lovers,

Well what a day today was, the sun was shining, it was warm, and it felt like summer had come back. Unfortunately I was stuck in doors for most of the day!

But once me and the Old Boy were ready for the rest of the evening we were off. Our route was going to be to Halstead and then Shoreham. Our first stop was at the Kings, in Shoreham village. This is such a great little village, and the pub is just so friendly. I was 'earwigging' some of the other patrons of the establishment and heard that they had come from South East London, and Bermondsey, close to where I was bought up. It seems all the best people come from that neck of the woods, out of the smoke and into the stunning country side that is literally on the doorstep of London.

I wasn't in any mood for a hard slog, so no matter what the OB said to me today, I was going to go at my own speed. If, indeed, he did say "Get a move on girl, the snails want to get past" then I was just got close the old lug 'oles and keep to my own pace. If there was any extra energy to 'attack' the hills then I would attempt it, but it would still be in my own time.

The ride to Shoreham was uneventful, the OB did his best keeping my ass moving a bit quicker, with things like, "Come on, you're on target so far, don't slow down now"  We got there in just over 50 minutes from leaving our house! I am pleased with that, considering that the first time me and Nagging sister did the exact route it took us 55 minutes just to get to Halstead!

We were going to Eynsford after that, its all up hill. I was feeling tired so again I was going to push myself only as much as I wanted to. No amount of nagging from anybody will be me go any faster!

Eynsford seem to come quite quickly. Am I getting stronger, or did I just nod off on my bike? Now it is up 'Fooking Hill Lane' the lane that Nagging sister has renamed, the lane that I over took her on, and not just when the Old Boy helped me here, by pushing me past her either! But I feel sure that I was going a lot slower than I have done this before. Oh well, at least I am still moving! And I am not getting off my bike and walking!

Over the M25 then turn left to head towards Orpington. It's a lovely fairly downhill section, and this road is usually quiet as well, so you can get quite a speed going. I just love it.

At the bottom of here we turn right, then left and the right again, we are now on the Sevonoaks way, heading towards Crittals corner, more hills, and I know there were yet more hills after that, to get to the Tigers Head, and this time the Old boy said we will be stopping!

None stop all the way up the 'Slope' as the OB calls it, and none stop all the way to the Tigers! Made it, and I was still smiling.

It was a great little ride today, even though I was tired!

Geeky stats are from the Old boys gadget as mine needed to be recharged!

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Meet Me In Tonbridge!

Hello blog lovers.

Well, for someone with 'rooted lead legs' I sure seem to be doing well to hide it! Saturdays me and the Old Boy usually go for a nice ride out together, but I promised Nagging sister that I would do park run with her this morning, so the Old Boy went out by himself, and I was going to meet him somewhere, en route, after park run.

After I did my run, I went home and then I rang him to find out were he he had to. He told me to meet him in Tonbridge. Now obviously, I wasnt to to ride there! I was going to get the train, there was no way I can ride that far from our house, to meet him there. He was already twenty miles into his ride.

So I rode to Orpington Station to catch a train to Tonbridge, where the Old Boy was going to meet me in a local cafe.  The ride to the station is only about two miles long, so was there in no time.  The train only had two stops so I felt comfy enough to sit down, instead of moving my bike out of the way for each station.

The journey didn't take long at all and I was there looking up at yet more stairs to carry my bike up (there were stairs at Orpington as well) There was a lift, but I thought it would be quicker to walk up. I came of the station and turned left, I was going to head for Jimmys Cafe, where the Old Boy said he was going to be. But as I was riding along, I heard a whistle and a 'oi oi' the old boy was in the cafe just by the station! Jimmys was full.

After a cup of coffee we headed for Penshurst! This is a lovely ride, with a few hills! In fact, each destination that we had in mind had hills! This is going to be a very hilly ride. Ridiculous of me to agree to come really, after running for 6.50 miles yesterday and then running again today! I must be mad or crazy, or delirious or something!

When we got to Penshurst our next destination was 'The Bottle House Inn' for lunch.'s up hill.  The last bit, just about 15o yards or so from the place, there is quite a steep hill. I decided that I would walk some of this hill, the Old Boy said that he would see me up there. I carried on walking, I turned right at the cross roads and then headed down Nunnery Lane. The bottle house inn is not down Nunnery lane! Thank goodness I didn't go right to the bottom. I rang the OB to let him know where I was and that I would be there shortly.  By the time I got there he had already got my first beer in!

After that we headed off for Edenbridge. Again hills! This was to be a theme today. You can imagine my legs now, they are complaining, my mood was getting more and more ....well moody, and I was getting tired. Maybe I should go to the train station. But the OB told me there was no one near by!

Edenbridge done, legs hurt, more walking, and then on towards Westerham. I know whats after Westerham, there are more hills! I know! We sometimes go to the pub in Westerham to enjoy an evening out on a Friday night. I know how long and how steep the hills are!

We decided to go up the hill from a road further down, in Brasted.  It's the same hill, but a much less used road than the one coming out of Westerham.  It's long, its steep and again I am off my bike pushing it. There was another cyclist's riding up the hill, him and the OB were slowing making their way up. Each refusing to give in first and get off and walk up I was walking up slowly, I looked up and saw the hill get even steeper! "Blimey, they got to walk now"  I thought to my self. Just then I saw the other chap get off and walk up. The Old Boy cycled on a few feet more before he too got off! "Men are human" I thought, you can see how tired I was just thinking that thought!

Our next stop was to be Keston, and the Greyhound pub. We turn left into Grays road and I know these roads so well. I know there are some hills involved, but I also know how long they are, and I know they are doable for me.

I rode on to Keston feeling a lot happy, knowing that todays ride is nearly over!

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