Wednesday, 6 July 2011

I Was Stiched Up!

Hello blog readers.

Today me and the Old Boy dusted off our bikes for a quick ride. He is feeling pretty achy today, (he went jogging yesterday and the day before, doing about 2 or so miles each time) He said to me "Lets just go for a very short ride to the George and back" he says, "I don't think I can do much more than that"

Well, I do like the George, and its only about 3 miles away, so that makes about a six mile round trip if I done my sums right! so we set off for the George. Have a lager there, packet of crisps and some olives! A regular little feast really, and the The old Boy informs me that we are not going through the farm, but straight up, and either to Keston or Locksbottom.

As it turned out we did both! But after we go through Locksbottom, he says to me "Do you fancy just one more pint?" Well, how can I resist. I love my lager! So I said "Yes, love another" But then he continued, "Yes, I was thinking of the Bull, in Chislehurst"

Now the Bull in Chislehurst is a little further then Pettswood is from our current position! And Pettswood is so much nearer to our home than Chislehurst! But, being the biker that I am, and feeling fairly fit (ish) I agreed.

Of course we had already done some hills, and then there was some more hills to get up to Chislehurst, but I had the Old Boy giving me encouraging noises from behind! And plus the songs that he was singing out loud, 'The Push bike song' by the Mixtures! circa 1969 (I shall have to check on that tho!) Of course I wouldn't remember I was still so very very young! (Well its true!)

I was so very ready for this pint. But as we were enjoying it I asked the question "Which way we going home, through the woods?" It was then the he gave me emthe look/em> It was the look that says 'Oh dear, poor you!' The he said "It will be very muddy through the woods, what with the rain, so we are going down and up Summer hill"

I should ave guessed really! Its a hilly ride, so why not add one of the biggest to to! But there is one good thing about it, at least we are going the easier way, down the longest part of the hill and up the shortest part.

The Old Boy breezed it up there, I struggled. I got confused with my gears again as I hit the upward part of the hill, and I was in too high a gear, and I tried to change down, but just came to a complete stop as I started to change up! But after a quick rest, I was back up on the peddles, ass off the seat and peddle up to the top to see the Old Boy there waiting for me

It was quite late note, so a quick stop off for a bag of chips to go with our salad, and I shall slap a bit of ham on the plate, and voila, a meal fit for a queen!

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