Sunday, 14 August 2011

Oh My Goodness!

Hello bloggers,

Just a shortie, after the park run and after buying new shoes, me and the OB decided to go for a bike ride to the pub on the other side of Hayes common. It's a great pub, and what better way to relax, after getting a PB, paying a small fortune on running shoes, and a quick bit of house work!

We had a couple of pints here and then decided to go home, but via the local pub to us. On the way tho, I needed to.... well......fluid retention is not a good look, shall we say. I thought I may be able to make it to the pub, but after attempting to ride down and up the other side of this little hill, I caught my bike peddles in the dirt and fell off my bike!! The Old Boy was laughing his head off, I was laughing, and I just needed to go there and then. So I abandoned the bike and walked down to the river, and, well I'm sure I don't have to explain. In the meantime the OB had similar thoughts as well. I could see him laughing at me, but I just carried on. Until that is, a jogger ran passed at the top of the path. In my embarrassment and slightly inebriated state, I thought to my self "Oh please don't look" Which had the OB in complete stitches by now, and the jogger laughing his head off as he continued his run.

To my horror I realised I hadn't said those words in my head, I had actually called out!! But the jogger was a gentleman and he didn't look! Thankfully.

So, lesson learned, use loo before continuing to next pub, or home! Which ever is on route!!

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