Sunday, 25 September 2011

What A Lovely Sunday!

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The Old Boy has the whole weekend off, so we decided to not waste it. The sun was shining, it was a fabulous day for a ride along the coast.

The Old Boy strapped on the bikes to the back of the car, and after a delicious breakfast cooked by the Old Boy we were on our way, heading for the coast! We decided to head for Hastings, at least that was where our bike ride was going to end. Just a leisurely ride along the sea front.

We started off at Bexley on Sea, it is only about six miles from Hastings, but to just loosen up a bit we rode in the opposite direction and headed off on the coast road towards Cooden. We rode to as far as the path could go before it turned into pepples. Then we spun around and headed off back up to Hastings.

Now there is a hill at the other end of Bexley, I wasn't looking forward to climbing it. But I didn't look as if it went on that long, so I just breathed in, and took it at a leisurely pace. This is what this ride out today is all about, just a nice ride along by the seaside. And it had to be slow, because for some reason, there were tons of people about as well! Very inconsiderate. Mind you, one of the 'people' that we rode past just happened to be a friend of the Old Boys. And we saw him just as we reached half way up the hill. Of course we had to stop and say hi. Boy was I relieved! His mate said to him "Oh, it's true then, you do actually ride the bike, its the first time I seen you on it"

So after a few more minutes just chatting and telling the virtues of getting a bike, we headed off up the hill towards Hastings. Of course I just had to try and make it look easy, and like its just no problem at all, after I been sprouting about how good it is for you. I was off the saddle, and riding up the hill on the peddles, trying to look like its a pimple of a hill.

After that hill, the ride to Hastings was a piece of cake! Well, apart from all the people about. We rode on the cycle path, and for most of it, pedestrians kept off the path, mainly because it was well pointed out to all, where the cycle route is and where pedestians walk. Perfect.

We enjoyed a pleasant ride, stopping to admire the views, till we get to Hastings. There the cycle route is not well signposted or noted on the floor. So we were people dodging. I had to get off my bike and walk along with it. I suppose we could have cycled on the road, but then we would have missed the views of the sea, people on the shore, the kids having fun on fair, the crazy golf! It was just so nice! Just like a summers day!

We rode on to the Rock & Nor where we of course had to partake of some cockles! Perfect! Just perfect. It really was just a lovely summers day at the seaside. We had decided as well that we are going to have some fish and chips, but once we got back to Bexley. Well, we had already filled up on tea and cake before we left Bexley, and now cockles and mussels as well. I am sure that will sustains us until be get back.

The ride back was uneventful as well, but on the way here we went under the bridge to get on the road, till we got to Hastings, but this time we carried on the coastal paths. They were very gravelly, and stones where flying all over the place, but it really was a lovely ride. Better than negotiating traffic and breathing in their fumes. and there wasn't that many people to dodge either.

Along this path, that we missed on the way there, we stopped off a a viewing platform, see photos here.
To think that just a few feet from here there is a wreck of a ship that sunk there in the 1740's. You can actually walk out to it, and see the shape of the boat, when the tide is out. And also there are still signs of an ancient forest as well. A petrified forest out there that you can, again, walk to and see this tree laying in the sand! We would not have seen that if we went back to Bexly via the road.

It didn't take long before we got back to Bexley on sea, and of course the other side of 'that hill' where we saw the Old Boys friend. I forgot to mention it was an up and down type hill! Which means that I have to climb up it again. But towards the top of this hill on this side, is a skateboard park, where the kids where doing their tricks on the scooters and skateboards. But there was one group that was walking up to it, on the cycle path, and I really didn't want to stop, because I knew I wouldn't be able to start again.

I was gripping so tightly on to the handle bars of my park that I couldn't let go to ring my bell for them to step out of the way, the Old Boy had to do that. They seemed to move so slowly out of the way! But I kept going! I didn't have to stop and I made it to the top, and then the lovely ride down to where we started.

This is where we had a fish and chip dinner! Here is a few more pictures of our day by the seaside.

Anyway, more pics of our ride today,

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