Wednesday, 15 February 2012

On Me Bike!

Hello bloggees!

13 days since I last put on my padded cycling tights!! It's been a while! I was hoping for a nice gentle peddle around a nice flat(ish) route, but the Old Boy had Downe village in mind. Oh well, I'm stronger these days, I'm fitter these days, and...... I'm still kidding myself that hills get easier!

I am sure I am still suffering colds and what not, just by the nasties that are oozing out of my nose! But who worries eh!? If i am feeling ok, not coughing up and no headaches, pains or feeling tired, then being out doing a couple of miles on my bike is where I should be!

The road up to Downe Village is a slog though, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, I am sure even the professionals are out of the seats pushing up here, albeit about 50 mph, but there is me, in my last 40 something year, ex couchie plodding away, not getting off my bike and walking up it, just doing it! You can imagine what I said to the old boy when he told me how many miles an hour I was doing that his super duper new Garmin was reading, (as he was cycling behind me!) Did I care, was I bothered! Nope! I was doing it.

In fact I hadn't stopped cycling from my house until we reached Keston, and stopped off for a lager! Not one stop, apart from traffic and junction's, obviously! so I was quite pleased with myself! Ok it took us 1 hour and 10 mins to ride 11.55 miles, but I did it not stop.

As we started to ride home from here it started to rain, it had become a bit colder as well, and the wind had picked up. I think time to go home! I love my cycling, I love my bike, and I love getting fit on my bike, I would like it to stay that way, and cycling in the cold getting wet is not my idea of fun!

So geeky stats,

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