Monday, 7 January 2013

Quick Change No.2

Hello Blog lovers.

First, explain title. After work today, my mate known on my running blog as Smarty Pants as been chasing her running mojo, getting back into the zone for running! I have been helping her, keeping her company on our runs, (and today being totally left eating dust, as she tore off the final 100 m).

But as soon as we got back, did our warm down stretches, it was straight up to change into my third outfit of the day! My cycling gear. Time to practise gear changing on my new bike!  And getting used to the new riding position, checking that my saddle is in the right position, etc!

Our route, (because that Old boy came with me) was up to Halstead, and then back again, and through to Orpington. Just a nice little ride, Up hills! Oh well, it will be a good test, to see if I can ride with the grown ups on a grown up bike!

It was hard work, but such a lovely ride! Ok, so getting up to Halstead round about is still hard, and I still struggled! I really shouldn't have expected to fly up there just because I have a brand new snazzy bike. It is still going to require this same Old Girl to use the same old muscles to move the bike up the hill!  I felt my legs burning, it could have been the two miles I had run a little earlier, but some how, I think its is because I am going up hill! It will hurt, I think it will always hurt! It's just a case of how quickly I get up there so that the pain will stop!

I was pleased with todays practise ride out, but my neck and shoulders were aching! It is obviously the new riding position. It felt like the first time I went out on my Giant, achy and sore but so very happy!

Geeky stats for todays little ride.

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