Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mid Week Plod!

Hello blog lovers.

It's not that long now before we have to get our selves sorted for the London to Brighton bike ride, trying to tackle that huge horrible Bitchling Deacon!  I really do want to try and get up it again! I know, crazy eh! I think that last time I attempt it I was not a happy bunny! I could have quite easily have had some cycle road rage thing going on, with .....shall we say two particular individuals that were really only trying to get me up the hill!

Any way, today it was the usual Halstead and Biggin Hill route, but I really do need to try and push hard up the hills, something that I really don't like.  And, to be honest, I didn't quite achieve it. I still plodded up the A21 and the Knockholt road! But still, there is still plenty of other hills that I can practise getting up at speed and with power! Fortunately they are short and sharp hills, interspersed with some flat sections and even some down hills.

Our goal is to get to Keston, The Greyhound pup, and I hope it can be within my fastest or maybe even a pb for this particular route, even with the 3 minutes stops at the top of Halstead, by the round about, then at Cudham north lane, for another 3 minutes, and the at the Shampan!

The thing that I was quite pleased with about todays ride was the bit just before we have to turn left to get to Keston.  After all those long hills, and the little undulate hills, then the long rest as we flew down Biggin Hill, usually, by the time I get to that particular hill there is just no power left in my legs.  But today, I found a bit of energy to push myself up these last bits of hills.  I could hear the Old Boy behind me saying "That's it, keep it going, you're doing well!"  I just wanted to get to the top as quick as I could!  Lets check the geeky stats out, see if I did just that!  (I nice link into my geeky stats, I thought)

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