Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Pedal Dash For A Santa Dash!

Hello blog lovers.

Just a short bike ride today, a short bike ride with just a little purpose to go out for as well as just the sheer pleasure of getting out! And that was to get mine and my grandsons running attire for our race! A Santa suit each! I entered me and the little dude into Bromleys Santa Dash for this Sunday!

I  put on my cycling attire for this very short ride, one reason, because cycling in jeans, especially as my jeans that I had on today were a fairly snug fitting, is not very easy! And also second, my cycling tights had the very effective reflective panels on them. As I had those on I might as well have gone the whole hog put my cycling jacket on! Even on short journeys it best to be seen!

Our plan was to stop off for a glass of ale, well, the Old Boy would be having the warm beer, I shall stick to a glass of the cold stuff, and then make our way to the Pavilion to pick up the Santa Suits.  Then just ride on home ready to take our dinner out of the oven. 

We left quite late, at least an hour later than we usually do, so it deffo will be a nice slow short 'dash' to Bromley and back.  I noticed some of the drivers coming down towards us, along Tylney Road, they waited their turn for the car drivers to go past them before making their way down the road Me and the Old Boy we were not slow off the mark to make our way along the road and kept up with the flow of traffic, but why those car drivers didn't wait a couple of seconds more until we passed by them I don't know!  After that we made our way to the Red Lion un hindered by anymore crazy drivers!

Anyway, the little dash was successful, I am now in possession of two Santa suits, on adult size and one child size, so bring on the Santa dash, and lets all start the festive month in a most fun way possible!  And what a great fun way to introduce grandson to the joys of running for fun!

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