Thursday, 30 January 2014

Cycling? Tonight? Really?

Hello blog lovers.

After all the rain we had today, (and there has been a ton of the stuff today) I really didn't feel like going out cycling.  I had done 4 miles jogging in the rain this morning, and I felt that maybe that is enough.  But the rain had stopped! you could see the stars! And as I have already said once today, if we wait for the perfect weather then we really wouldn't get out much at all!

So after the Old Boy had pulled on his lycra I felt as if I just had to get out there.  I got changed and we got out quickly, before I had a chance to change my mind.  Our route was going to take us up to Halstead.  I chose to go the nicer way to get to the A21, going through the ally now, is just not an option for me anymore.  I mean, who choose to run the gauntlet of dog poo and kids smoking a sneaky ciggie away from mum and dads eyes?

So through Palace estates it was, and up over the hill and down Newstead and Tubbingdon Lane.  Why we didn't go through this way all the other times I shall never know!  I am still getting used to the directions to certain places from here.  I know that if you go straight across now you can get to Farnborough Village. But we are going to Halstead, so there was still a couple of roundabouts we need to pass before we head there.

When we got to Halstead, the mist and fog really started to come down.  I was glad of my head touch!  I had that pointing at the white lines (when they were there) in the middle of the road to stay in the middle.  When I looked a head all I could see was fog! My glasses steamed up and I really couldn't see very far at all.  I had to stop on a couple of occasions to clean my glasses.  This is my first experience of cycling in the fog! I didn't like it! It was quite scary and maybe just a tad exciting! But at least I was lit up like a Christmas tree!  The head touch was on it's brightest, it was also on beam.  We must have looked like a couple of Darleks as we 'glided' through the fog.

We did stop for a pint at the Blacksmiths, and I sat so close to the wood burner!  I just didn't want to move.  I even suggested that the Old Boy go home and then bring the car to come and fetch me!  But the ride home wasn't as bad once we started riding again.  It's all down hill which is good, but those fog patches were still scary and blooming chilly.

We stopped off a Pettswood to grab something to eat and then rode on home!

A good ride considering, and the Old Boy was right (as usual!) I did enjoy it once I got out......well apart from those foggy bits!

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