Friday, 7 March 2014

Life Is A Breeze!

The B-iatch being a
Hello blog lovers.

I'm back out here, I'm enjoying my riding, and being back on the B-iatch!  Today Yvonne was taking Breeze ride to lovely Ladywell in Lewisham.  And it so happens I have nothing pressing to do but to go along and join in.

After yesterdays glorious sunny day and me stuck indoors waiting for boiler man to come round I was itching to get out. But the weather was nothing like yesterday, "well, at least its not raining" I thought to myself!  The last Breeze ride I went on it was raining, and all the other ones that I had seen on line, the rain was there to keep the ladies cool!

My ride to Beckenham has a mixture of ups and downs,  plenty of opportunities to test out the new brakes.  I am hoping and praying that these are just what I need, and no other adjustments needed!  I left early, I want to just meander down there, I know the route, and there is going to be traffic to deal with.  A great test run!

I was hoping the sun will come out, I was feeling the cold wind as I rode through my local park, why couldn't it be like yesterday!  I was so glad that I had put on my rain jacket, but I was regretting, slightly, for only putting on a short sleeved jersey underneath!  Maybe the hill climbs will warm me up.  For now though I will concentrate on the new braking system.  Lets see how my hands cope with them.  I really don't fancy getting the 'Scouse Brow' for my bike, 'Suicide brakes' they used to be called, but apparently a lot better these days! Thank goodness for that, I say!  It is a solution to my problem, my weak, pathetic hands, but altering the look of 'her' like that, well, it really will be like giving her a scouse brow!

Here is a picture of a 'Scouse brow' for those not familiar with the term

Take a look at those falsies!

Can you see the connection!

I got to Cator park with plenty of time to spare, so I decided to let 'B-iatch' do a bit of modelling, which is where the picture at the top comes from.  Don't she look pretty nestled among the little flowers and the trees!

Soon two other ladies turned up for this ride, for this, Yvonnes (the Ride Leader) 1st Breeze ride anniversary!  A year ago Yvonne took her very first ladies Breeze ride out to Ladywell! First to turn up was Paula, with Mary joining moments later, then the smiley Yvonne, with a big cheery hello and 'happy birthday'.  She came bearing gifts too, for all those that turned up, we all got one of these.

With lights flashing on it

With out flashing light

After the introductions the conversation turned to the bikes "Well you've pimped up your bike Donna"  said Yvonne, "What else have you done to it?" So I started to tell her, "Well, she has had 'implants' in her handle bars, new lovely cushioning gel pads, she has new black 'clothes' around her handle bars, and now she has had these super duper new brake calipers" I said, as I pointed to each new enhancement!  "I can see that" she said!

Then Yvonne continued with the 'A' 'B' 'C' of biking checking!  Air, brakes and chains!  Then we were off for a birthday Breeze ride, exercise, great company and the coffee and cake was on Yvonne!!  Well, not literally, but when we get to the coffee shop!  This was Paula's first Breeze ride, her friend told her about it, so she was looking forward to it.  The council will be doing some work on the route that we tak, and Yvonne wasn't sure when they will be starting it.  Which could  mean that we will be riding on a bit of road that is normally very busy, so it was a welcome relief to find that they had not started!

I was quite warm by now, although the sun was still trying to burn through the clouds, I wasn't feeling as cold as I did when I first started out.  We  rode on through the waterway link, by the river, looking at the ducks.  Yup, it's a going to be a good ride.  We arrived at the park, where on my very first Breeze Ride, I came down the slide at an alarming rate and flew off the end, and ended up in a heap about 2 feet from the slide!  All in good fun, but I wasn't tempted to have another go though.

We were soon at the coffee shop, looking forward to having coffee and cake!  And, as a birthday treat, Yvonne was in the chair!  a chocca mocha cake for me and Yvonne, a chocolate fudgy thing for Paula, and something ridiculously healthy looking for Mary, some sort of seed bar!

Me and Mary at the front with  Paula and Yvonne at the back.

We were soon ready to head back to Cator Park, all too soon our ride seems to be coming to an end.  So to prolong the pleasure a bit more, it was photo time!  I just called out to all the ladies to halt, in different places, to lean on or over something (something I have learnt from having a photo shoot done) and to hug trees! 

Here is some pictures of our ride, and just for giggles, I got the ladies doing their very best 'C&A' catalogue poses!

Come up and join me!
Any king fishers there?

Yoo hoo, We're over here!

Look at the Muriel!

Be kind, hug a tree!

All in all though a very lovely day!  The sun even came out for the ride home from Beckenham! What more can you want.  Oh, of course, Geeky stats, and being me, I forgot to switch it on a couple of times, so it will look a bit odd!  But the gist of the ride to and from Home/Cator park and to and from Cator Park/Lewisham.

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