Saturday, 7 June 2014

Yes! I Conquered Cudham!

Hello Blog lovers.

The weather wasn't what the experts predicted, well, not for this area anyway!  Yes there was a slight down pour and at least one clap of thunder and I was expecting that to just carry on through out the day!  So it was a great surprise when the 'storm' finished, and I was still stuck up at Kwik-Fits with the Old Boy waiting for bloomin hours for his tyres!

We particularly didn't plan an all day cycling day because of the expected 'storms', but we did have to do the tyres on the car.  Afterwards, however we made plans to cycling up Cudham North Lane and then ride on through to Downe and Keston.

Just before we left I did a  little bit more collecting 'Stuff' for the Spirit of Running Man event that I am busy with at the moment,  and then we got ourselves ready to go out cycling.  The Old Boy had already said, "Ok, so non stop all the way to Grays Road"  Well, in my mind that was just a tad to far!  It's a long bloomin hill, and to me, in my mind, just getting to the pub at the top will be a victory for me!  So I chose to ignore what he said, and psyched myself up to get up to the Blacksmiths, (at least) before I unclip my feet! (Roads and traffic allowing of course!) 

I went through the nice quite little roads,  they maybe a tad hillier than going straight up the A21, but it's what I like.  So much better than all that pollution going into your lungs.  And getting to the last rouandabout at Greenstreet Green, near Cudham North Lane seemed to come around even quicker than all the other times I rode here!  Am I getting better, or is the 'dreading of the hill' clouding my senses?!   We rode around the roundabout and then straight onto Cudham North lane.  No stopping to 'whet the whistle' albeit with orange juice, I carried on straight up the road with a feeling of foreboding! 

I tried to ignore that feeling!  I am going to get to the pub! I am going to get to the pub.  If I think positive then I am hoping that will be enough to get me to my goal! The Old Boy was already on the encouraging streak, "Come on, non stop until Grays, you can do it"  And this was just 5 minutes into the climb!   I don't like hills, I am trying to 'come to respect' them, although that seems as tough as actually riding on them!  I know the more I do, the stronger I become! It's a fact, isn't it?

I kept that thought in my mind.  My legs started to hurt after a while, but I remained focused.  The stupid driver who thought it was a wise move to really cut in close didn't even sway me from the fact that I am going to try my best to get to the pub!  The timing for me seems irrelevant at the moment, as I kept riding on up this bloody hill. I didn't care how long it took, I just wanted to get to my goal.  I have no idea how long it takes me each time, to get to some of the drive ways and roads that I recognise.  All I know is that it is long!  "I am going to stop, I can't do it" I said to the Old Boy "No, keep going, we're nearly there, you're doing so well, you are just so close" he said.  I just thought he was lying!  I knew the place that had me wanting to pull over and catch my breath, (which by now we had passed!) and I began waiting for that 'easier' bit he just mentioned.

"You get a little reprieve at the top of this bit" he said to me.  It did feel a little bit easier when I got there, and so I carried on.  Before I realised it the pub came into view!  I was just so pleased!  I had done it, I have finally, for the first time this year, got to The Blacksmiths arms.  But I didn't stop!  I carried on, the pub flew(?) passed me as I cycled on up the road.  I was smiling!  Can you believe it!  There I was smiling after riding up my nemesis! 

I thought to myself, "If you want to stop any time before Grays then that's just fine Old Girl"  But I didn't!  I rode on to Grays, and just stopped there!  I really did need to have a slug of squash! "Right, no more stopping until we get to Downe" said the Old Boy.  Well after what I have just did I thought that I may be just able to do it.

Along Grays Road right up to The Shampan and then turn right to go down the lovely country road to Berrys Green road, the road that I missed with Nagging Sister that time!

For me, up to that point, that was my exercises, after that it was all just a pleasure ride, apart from the nasty little blighter of a hill that is the left turn to take you up to Single Street! (I had to stop on that hill, but I didn't walk it, I just took a moment and then rode up it)

Yup, a very successful ride today, I did it! I finally did it!  All year, well, all the times this year that I have gone up this shit of a hill, I finally made it to the turn off!

Geeky stats from the Old Boys Garmin.  He was behind me all the way until the Shampan, and then he 'enjoyed' the faster ride to Downe from there.

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