Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Just A Very Short Ride

Hello biog lovers.

Just to get out for a little ride, and see if I can keep up with the Old Boy (some hope) we went on a very short one to Bromley, the Red Lion, and back again.  

I really had to drag myself out this evening though, as after work I had a little nap!  I don't usually nap after work, but maybe today was a bit to hectic, what with having to a a quick ride out this morning and making sure I was back for the window cleaner!  But instead of saying no I went up my stairs to get into my long cycling pants!  That's been a while since I put those on!

Because we didn't get out early, we decided on this short route and headed towards Petts Wood area and then ride through Jubilee Park.  It was quite dark by the time we got there and I put on my brightest light to go through there.

We only had the one hill to climb really and that was Plaistow Lane.  It hurt! Even though it was just a short hill, maybe being in the evening has something to do with energy levels and what not, but it really hurt! Ok, maybe not as bad as getting up to Botley Farm, but I was pleased it was over and there wasn't going to be anymore hills this evening.

We rode around just a few more smaller roads before turning up at the Red Lion for a quick pint and then we came back home, virtually the same route!

So there you go, must be one of the shortest blogs of mine in my blogging history!

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