Monday, 23 November 2015

It's A Bootie Ride!

Hello blog lovers.

Ok, maybe the title has double connotations! So it may attract more people to read my blog! But it really was a bootie ride.  It's cold out, it's the middle of November, and I'm on my bike!  So I finally got a chance to try out those overshoes the Old Boy bought me.  The do look like cute booties!

So there I was, everything ready and then......getting those booties on!  Talk about hard!  It's like squeezing the Michelin man into a size 8 wet suit! Yes, they're stretchy and they are the right size for me, in fact they are a size bigger because of the type of shoe I wear, but the positions I had to get into trying to get them on was ridiculous!  I got cramp in places I didn't know I could get cramp!

FinallyI was ready, I had more layers on than a full ballroom dancing dress has, my booties securely on my feet, and out of the door and heading for Hayes!  I hadn't a clue what the time was, I was hoping I was going to be in time, I had forgotten to pick up the Old Boys Garmin too, so I was just going to have to rely on the girls to let me know how far we would have done.

Didn't you just love
the old time ballroo dancing!

Towards the end of Barnet Wood Lane I heard a "Good Morning!" I turned to see who it was and it was a young lady that I hadn't met before. "Are you Donna, Donna Moosh?" she asked.  "Yes" I answered, still didn't know who she was.  "I'm Karen" she informed me!  Karen is one of the newest members of Panagua Ladies.  She has been on a few rides, but mainly on a Tuesday, the day that I can't ride.

We rode on together towards the cafe at Hayes.  Already there was Mhairi and Mary-Ann and also one other lady.  A newbie, never been before on a Panagua Ladies Ride, lady.  It was Brenda.  I had met Brenda before on a couple of Breeze rides with Yvonne and her girls.  So with the five of us we chose a route, just a short one, to Downe Village.

I was quite pleased it was a short one as I was having a little problem with my hand.  After I had fallen over a couple of weeks ago my hand is still hurting.  With every little pot hole or little lump I rode over it felt like I was bashing a huge bruise on my hand!  I was thinking that maybe the flat bar bike would have been a bit easier on my hand, at least for braking anyway, but too late now.

We set off with  Mhairi in front looking, as she said, like a traffic cone, Mary-Anne looking much the same as she proudly wore her Panagua colours, (I so got to get me some club gear!) and Karen next in line with Brenda slotting between them and me.  We turned right to go down the hill, the way we usually go.

The two ladies in front were in the zone as they pedalled along at a steady pace.  We got to the main road and Mhairi suggested that the two front runners go ahead at their pace, and we just keep on going on the way to Downe.  So off they went and that left just the three of us chatting and cycling along.

My little booties, I think were doing a good job.  I am sure my feet would be freezing by now.  I felt nice and toasty with my three layers on, and I didn't resort to putting on my liners in my gloves.  I should really try to start acclimatising myself to the winter onslaught.  I don't do cold very well, just ask the Old Boy, there has been many a times he has had to loan me his gloves to wear for the last little bit home! A little and often of getting out cycling is probably what I should be doing!

It was a steady slog up to Downe, I went in front and Mhairi cycled along with Brenda, I knew where we were going anyway.  We got to the tree in the middle of the village and had a little break there before we started off again.  I forgot to get a picture but as I was out in front again I thought it would be good to get an action shot of the two ladies. I stopped at the junction of Single Street and Jail Lane.  A 'decicision' making stop as to which way we would go, once the other two ladies had caught up.

We decided to carry on straight down Jail Lane and then take a left turn
through the quieter roads.  Our destination was going to be Costa's in Biggin Hill.  They do do a lovely coffee in there.  We cycled on through for just a few minutes more and before we knew it we were on our way down to the coffee shop!

This is us after we had warmed up with our coffee and hot chocolate, cakes, slices and choc cornflake treats!  Yum.

Brenda, me and Mhairi

After I said goodbye to Mhairi and Brenda and made my way back down.  I do love a bit of speed and it is so much easier to speed when you are at the top of the hill!  I was enjoying it so much that I continued all the way along to the Keston Mark, usually I turn left to go through Keston.  I don't know why I do that, I think because usually me and the Old Boy stop at the Greyhound for a pint before heading home.  I couldn't possibly do that now, not on my own......only because I didn't have my bike lock with me!

No geeky stats, it was a nice easy free ride!

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