Monday, 3 October 2016

An Evening Meander!

Hello Blog lovers!

Back to my bike!  Not only that I was out with the Old Boy!  It's been a while since we both been out on our bikes together, I just hope that my running, with the occasional bike riding and his lack of riding lately, will be able to bring our speeds to around the same pace!

I put my long pants on, forgetting all about my 'commando' training!  Boy did I feel that!  But I still only had on my short sleeve jersey with my long sleeve autumn jersery over the top of that!  Full finger gloves and my nice cosy socks!  Where did that summer go, eh?  I just realised how much I have missed going riding on my bike, but work and other things just got in the way!  Anyway, there I was ready, dressed and eager to get out, even missing out on my favourite programme, Hollyoaks, just to enjoy some of what is left of the light! We made sure we had fully charged lights and spares, just in case.

So Downe Village it is!  I had to make a conscious effort to try and keep at a steady pace!  But I also want to keep it so that I am not struggling every second of the way, but just a nice work out!  That's what I need to do.  Steady work out.  The weather is a lot cooler, the workout will seem harder.....or maybe it will be easier....? It's been a while since I could compare the difference!  Anyway, I was hoping that I had the right attire on for the short ride.  I hate feeling cold....or too hot!

We set off up the ally way, and then along the A21 towards the Farnborough turn off.  The hills, or boy do I hate the hills!  But these one are not half as bad as High Elms Road!  But I tried not to think about that, I am way to near home.......I don't want to suddenly find myself ...quitting.....and heading off home!  No, I can do this, just keep it steady, not too fast, I got to keep it enjoyable, not too slow, the Old Boy needs to feel he is working out......just right.

It was soon time to turn off for Farnborough and then that awful hill begins at the bottom of church lane!  I was not looking forward to it.  I tried to remember where I had stopped on the last time I rode up there.  I know it was about half way.  I am not going to beat myself up if I have to stop again this time, but I will try and try and try to get all the way to the Village before I do!  That is my this evening.....but my shorter goal is to get further up before I have to stop!  I know! I am rambling now, but it's all clear in my head.

I asked the Old Boy to cycle in front of me, I just feel a lot better if I am the last rider.  I can relax a bit more, I can go at my pace and not worry if I am getting in anyone's way or slowing them down.  I don't feel half as bad making them wait at the top thought! It's probably why I say to the Panagua Ladies to "Ride on by, see you at the top", they are all way fast than me at tearing up them hills!

I did stop.  And I was a bit annoyed at myself too....after I saw how near I was to the two pubs in the centre of the village! But I will not beat myself up.....I am back at it....I am here.....I am doing it!  I am not sitting on the sofa wishing that I had been on my bike today!  That is how I am going to look at it!  

But from the here though, from this tree in the centre it was non stop!  I just kept on going, up some more undulations as we rode on towards that lovely, perfect, enjoyable down hill to Biggin hill! I am glad that I decided to start my Garmin on that up hill to Downe Village because I can now see how fast I came down that hill!  It does feel good!

There was not stopping of for a crafty pint this evening either, no, we are both determined to get back into shape and lose those extra pounds!  I have a party frock to get into!  It's my running clubs 10th anniversay this November, and the day of the party just happens to fall on my birthday!  Now if that isn't incentive enough then I should just go sit in the middle of chocolate town and weep!

Here is just some of my geeky stats!  There is about 5 miles would have been that slow slog up to Cuckoo House, (something like that anyway) where I stopped for a breather!  The Old Boy had his Garmin on, I shall check just how far we done when he uploads it!  Just looked at them, and it's not showing how fast I was going, unless you go and look on the speed thing and go along it to see!  31 mph!!

<iframe src='' title='Downe & Biggin Hill' width='465' height='500' frameborder='0'></iframe>

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