Sunday, 26 June 2011

Why Is Kent So Gorgeous With Rolling Hills?

Hello blogees,

I finally got around to writing my blog about my bike ride yesterday. I was not suffering too much for my run I had in the morning, as was looking forward to riding with the Old Boy as the weather men promised a glorious day.

We set off with our bikes on the back of the car and our fleeces on! I am sure it will warm up, its quite muggy out so the promise of sun could quite easily be fulfilled!

We Arrived at Tonbridge and our route was going to take us through to Penshurst. I know of a lovely pub there, and then after that head of somewhere else and do a loop back to our car.

The paths were a tad muddy to say the least, the Old Boy is just fine, with his off roader, this is where his bike comes into its own. Of course I opted for the bike I have, it should do well with the terrain, and I am hoping the super duper gel gloves will absorb some of the impacts.

Just as predicticted the weather warmed up. We where about 2 miles into our ride, at the top of quite a long hill and my fleece came off. Now it was really muggy! But of course there is that lovely pub at Penshurst! I nice long cools drink is what is in order. But when we got there, the Old Boy said there is another lovely pub just about 3 miles away in Fordcombe. Well, three miles is nothing when you're on a bike, is it? And I do love going to different places.

Fordcombe is a lovely place, a little village, with a church and pub, but the top of the hill! Spring Hill! The Old Boy managed to cycle his way to the top, but I just couldn't do it. Even the thought of a pint and a bite to eat couldn't get me to peddle my way to the top.

Eventually the pub was in sight, I got back on to my saddle and rode the little bit extra, I wanted to 'ride into' Fordcombe, the sign was just up ahead and I rode slowly past it, past the church, who where having the summer fete, bang the rat out of the tube, soak granny in the stocks, and dunking the wicked witch, were probably among the games. A real old time summer fete.

The pub was lovely, and empty! Everyone was probably at the fete. We order our beer, and a lovely light lunch of crayfish salad for me and chicken and bacon Caesar salad for him!.

After lunch we spent a few minutes looking around the lovely church opposite. Some very old types in there! from 1790 and something, up till 2008 I think I noticed. Then it was back down the hill and we head for Bidborough. And another refreshing drink stop. It really has warmed up nicely now!

We stopped at some places to look at the great views. We also stopped off a another establishment (I do like these pleasure rides) called the Spotted dog. Here is a picture of it. Its been going forever this place!, since 1520!

After this we continued our ride back to the car. We past the Leicester Arms again, which looked so inviting, but we kept right rolling by and headed for Bidborough. He neglected to tell me of the next hill as well. I noticed the name of this one, Rogues Hill. I could have called at few other things as I attempted to climb it, with my lunch and a pint inside of me, and the weather heating up nicely!

Getting to Bidborough was a relief, we stopped for another pint of lager, well at least I did, the Old boy was doing the driving home from Tonbridge. A large diet cola for him! After we carried on straight down the road. A great free wheeling down, but coming to a main road so we had to keep the brakes on.

On towards our car. After we got back to the car, what with all the stops and taking in the views, and things, it was getting late. We thought about dinner! One more stop before we got home. Here was our dinner! And of me, enjoying it!

It was nigh on 11 at night by the time we got home. But a great day, a busy day, and and active day......yes yes, a drinking day as well!

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