Wednesday, 7 December 2011

A Wednesday Meander

Hello Blog lovers.

What can I say, definitely getting old, I forgot to take my garmin, but even in this cold me and the Old Boy were out cycling. I am just glad that wind has died down. Wasn't it windy?!

It was a nice ride though. We turned left this evening and headed towards Jubilee park. Our route was only going to be a short one, from Jubilee up through to Bromley, through the high street, and the turn right through an ally way to ride towards Hayes. I was really expecting to stop for a pint at the George, but the the Old Boy turned left and went into Normans Park. Darn it, no pint and olives today!

We cycled around the park towards the gate that will take us to Bromley Common. I then heard the Old Boy say "Noooooo!" when I caught up with him I could see why he said that. The gate was locked! So it looks as if we are going to go off road, through the woods, near the stream! in the dark. But fortunately the Old Boy knew another path, it meant lifting the bikes over a gate, but with the our lightweight bikes that is not difficult. We ended up coming out just by the college, Not too bad, and no danger of me plopping into the water!

So just a ride home from here, but of course, it was heading up before we headed home, going through Chatterton, and whaitehall rec! A stop for some choccies and a bite to eat.....chips!

A nice pleasant saunter this evening, and no beer! Well not till I got home, I had a bottle of lager that has been sitting in my fridge for two weeks now!

Oh and I know that the wind had died off, but I just like the picture!

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