Monday, 15 October 2012

Just a Short One, Yeah?

Hello blog lovers.

Well the cold virus has taken its nasty little grip on me! I have been hold up for a couple of days, even though I did go and do marshaling duties for my running clubs 10k race on Sunday, its my way of giving something back to a fantastic running club, that has not only kept me running, but I have found some lovely friends there too!

This evening I said to the Old Boy, "I wont be able to go too far this evening, so maybe just a short 10 miler will do"
"Yeah we can do that" he said.

I went upstairs to get changed, still feeling as if I should really be changing into some PJ's instead. I got my bike out of the shed, and then.....noticed the flat tyre! I can't remember getting a flat, but then, I don't suppose your do remember things like that, if when you put your bike away the tyres were still inflated!

The OB swapped the inner tubes around for me, he can fix the other one when its more convenient! And then we were off.  Just up to Halsted and then down to Opington, that was our plan, but as usual, plans change! I wanted to do an even shorter route, and ride off back down to the A21 and then back home.

The Old Boy suggested that we go through the lanes and then down to the Greenstreet Green. But then his suggestion to go through to Opington and the up Knoll Rise didn't do my aching limbs, snotty nose and tingling throat any good!
"How about if we go through Halstead, then down Cudham north Lane, stop at the Blacksmiths, and then got to Greenstreet green and I ride on up the A21 and go home"
"Well if you do that, you might as well just carry on to Orpington, and go up Knoll rise, as its just one hill, and its all over and done with" he reasoned with me.

In the end, we did stop at the Blacksmiths, and then we did go through to Orpington and up my old nemesis, Knoll Rise! I was just a tad intimidated, but only a tad! After all I had done Turners Hill, and rode up some of Ditchling. Even so, I do have this cold virus, and I will struggle a bit. But not as much as I thought, yes it hurt, and yes, I still know that is hill that I am climbing up, but I was actually going a little quicker than the first, second or even third time I rode up this hill!

I am pleased with that, I can live with that. And now......home, home, home! I am tired, I am hungry, and I am disappointed.I wanted to wear my new jacket today,  I had ordered it but it just wasn't what  I thought it was, and it was a bit big! So I sent it back. I shall have to go to a shop, try one on and buy it there and then, you know, they old fashioned way of buying things! And also excited! But I shall explain why that is in tommorws running blog!

So geeky stats, from the Old Boys Garmin, and you will notice, it wasn't the 10 miles, that I had asked for, it was virtually double that! Not bad for a sick Old Girl, is it?

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