Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Riding With Skelator!

Hello Blog lovers.

Where has this year gone! It,s cold out, we have to start our ride with lights, and I knew I should have put on my bright woolly hat to start with! Yet I went out with my cap still! Brrrr, my ears were freezing!

The last time our bikes saw the sky was a week last Saturday. When me and the Old Boy were on our way home from the night ride! Since then, there has been colds and man flu plus a fishing trip for the Old Boy. So today was all about getting back on the bike and seeing how much rest we have both indulged in!

"Just a little plod along" said the OB, "Just to loosen the legs up"
Our route was the usual one, up to Halstead round about, and through the lanes to Biggin Hill. I wasn't feeling in the greatest of form. It seems as if the cold virus is trying to capture me. It has started with a cough and a bit of sore throat! But I am not going to let it get to me! I shall fight it, tooth and nail!

I thought I was doing a pretty good pace. The Old Boy wasn't nagging, and I was just pushing along at what I thought was pretty fast! Non stop all the way to the round about.
"Whats the time?" I said to him.
"39 mins"
Oh the disappointment! I really thought I had done so much better. And the he comes out with,
"It did feel a bit slow, but this is a pleasure ride, so no nagging"
I could have swung for him, I really pushed hard up the last bit of hill!

We decided on the next part of our route and that was through the lanes to Biggin Hill. It was that way or going up to Chislehurst! I think I would rather keep the hills all together, get them out of the way and then a nice roll on down to home.

We did decided to stop in the Greyhound, just for the one, and then ride on home, through Hayes and Jubilee park and finally PettsWood.

Oh speaking of Pettswood, my running club is having their annual 10k race this Sunday, there is still some spaces left, so if you are into the cross training why not turn up to this race, the link is HERE, I shall be there marshalling, and cheering on the runners! Its a great day, voted the top No.1 10k in the uk, 2010 and 2011, and we have kids races as well now!

There thats my running club advertised! But it really is worth it!

Geeky stats, from the Old Boys garmin.

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