Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Hello Baby!

Hello Blog lovers.

Can you see which blog I am writing on! Thats right, its my cycling blog! I am back on my bike, my little baby! It was either a run by myself this evening or a cycle ride with the Old Boy!  It's always so much more fun when there is two or more, especially when it's dark.  During the daylight hours I can cycle for miles by myself, and run by myself. But when it's dark, company is just so much nicer, and plus, it makes it so much easier to go for a quick pint!

We both got ready, two pairs of socks, cycling tights, track suit over those, running top, cycle jacket and a nice warm cycle waterproof over that. Then there was a buff, hat, thermal under gloves and gloves on top! I was finally ready to go out! I hate being cold! There is nothing worse for me than being cold! I just cant ride, or concentrate.

We eventually got out, rode about 10 yards down the road and the Old boy shouted to me to stop! I turned around thinking his chain had fallen off or some other mechanical failure. but when I saw his face I realised that it was nothing to do with the bike, but all to do with his knee!  His pain had returned and he didn't want to go on any more.

So there I was all dressed up and nowhere to go.  "Go by yourself, just cycle around for half hour or so" he said to me. That was something that I didn't fancy! But then I thought "Why not go cycle to my sisters house, show off my bike" as that household has yet to feast their eys on my bike! And I am ever so proud of her. So that's what I decided to do.  The Old Boy went into to take the weight of his knee, and cook dinner, while I rode off into the darkness towards my sisters house.

Now, she don't live that far, I can run it in twenty minutes! But still, I had a purpose to ride now, and plus the fact my brother always has a beer in the fridge!  I  was singing to myself all the way there.  It was only after I passed the umpteenth person that I realised I was singing out loud! At least I made it seem as if cycling is easy peasy and that anyone can take it up!

I just got to my sisters house and, just as they opened the door, my sisters boyfriend pointed out a load of cyclists coming down Palace View Road! "Are you with that lot" he said to me. And just then I realised, that it was probably the Wednesday Wanderers! Darn it! I could have gone with them if I had remembered what day it was! I could have grabbed some cash off the Old Boy as well, as they usually stop to sample some ale some where en route!

Oh well, at least my brother will have some in the fridge.  Boy was I disappointed! There was none to be had!  So my sister made me go with her to the offy for a few cans! I enjoyed one can with them, then showed off my bike and went on home to a lovely dinner of green Thai curry! Delicious!

No geeky stats as it was always going to be such a short short ride! And besides which the Old Boy would have had his Garmin going!  But it felt so good to be on my bike, and I was very toasty in all my gear.

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