Monday, 25 March 2013

Rest Day?

Hello blog lovers.

Rest day?, nahhhh. Rest is for wooses! Ok, so I did take some convincing from the Old Boy to get out today. For those that don't read my running blog, it's because I ran over a half marathon distance yesterday!  I was feeling a tad achy to say the least.

The Old Boy told me he was going out, just to stay loose, try to get his 'saddle bum' back after having a few weeks from cycling due to his knee problem, so the route was going to be very local and very sedate.  He told me the route that he was thinking about doing. I 'ummed' and 'ahhed' about going with him. So he changed it a bit more. "I'm not sure if I can do that either." I said to him, knowing how heavy my legs are feeling. "No, I don't suppose you can" he said to me. Then gave me sly smile. Well that was it, I had to go and get my cycling kit on!

It wasn't long before we were both ready and outside, all wrapped up against the elements.  My legs felt like steel girders as I tried to mount my bike! Oh the pain! But the fantastic feeling of being on my bike was out weighing that!  It was only going to be a very short ride, to the Red Lion at Bromley North, and then home again by a slightly different route.

Just going up the hill towards Pettswood was a real struggle! We were going  through Jubilee Park, and then on to Bromley.  Plaistow Lane was even worse! My legs complained like anything as I forced them to pedal up hill! Fortunately it's not a long hill, and after that it was all flat until the pub.

A nice pint of lager for me, IPA for the Old Boy, and then it was a leisurely ride home.  We took a 'higgledy piggledy' way home, going through little roads, down cul-de-sacs, just to look at front doors. And then once on to Southborough lane, we decided to look through the new 'villiage" Trinity Village, see how all the building is going.

After that we went through our local park to go home.  "Shall we go around the outside of it, turn left, to go home, rather than go to the right?" I said to him
 "Nah, it's fine" he assured me "It's a gravel path all the way around"
"But I ran along the top bit yesterday and it was quite wet and muddy" I said to him
"Yes but this bit's fine, it'll be alright"
Guess what?! It was water logged and muddy!  My poor bike! I am going to have to spend some time tomorrow cleaning her!

It felt good, I was glad I went out. I could have been sat in doors watching whatever rubbish was on the telly. Getting out doing stuff, that's wht it's all about!

So, just a short blog for just a short ride.  But such an enjoyable little ride! And now to rest my legs.

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