Sunday, 7 July 2013

Hot Hot Hot!

Hello blog lovers.

What a splendid day it was yesterday. Hot, hot, hot day. I do believe the summer is sticking around for a few days now.  Now me and the Old boy was supposed to have got up early to go for a bike ride, but sleep kept hold of us for a bit longer than we wanted.  Needless to say, we didn't get out in the morning, and then by the afternoon the sun was beating down and having us held prisoner in our home. 

We eventually got out in the late afternoon.  We decided to do just a little route, a very pleasurable, slow paced, enjoying the evening air type ride.  We went to Shoreham and then Farningham and eventually ending up at Chislehurst.  It was an uneventful ride today, and was just out enjoying the evening.  Now this is what cycling is all about.  Just out there doing it, stopping when you want, and pushing hard when you needed. And there were times I had to push hard! Those pesky hills still haven't be flattened out, despite me and everyone else riding up and down them all the time!

I went on my white giant , I am still having issues with my hands, and yesterday even my other hand was playing up, but I think that could have been when I fell of my bike on Thursday, in Hayes Common! (oh didn't I tell you about that!)

Well, Thursday I did some marshaling for the first Business 5k race in Normans Park, and I took my bike, because then I could ride to The George afterwards to meet the Old Boy for a swift one before going home for dinner.  But when I got there, the OB told me to go see who was sitting at the bar, and it happened to be an old pal of his and mine, who we have not seen for quite a while, so you can imagine what happened. Anyway on the way home, to stay safe we went across the common, with all those tire ruts and stuff....and plop! I  was off in the long grass, but it was a soft landing. But I think maybe I landed a bit heavily on my right hand, and so had a bit of pain there.

Anyway, back to Saturdays bike ride.  We took forever to do the short 20 + miles but it was a pleasant way to spend a very hot evening.!

Here is my geeky stats, you can see the start time, and the finish time! See what I mean about a pleasureable plod along!

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