Tuesday, 25 June 2013

What An Evening!

Hello blog lovers.

Today I am writing up about my exercise that I did yesterday, and tomorrow I shall be writing up todays exercise!

So to begin. It was a very pleasant evening yesterday and me and the Old Boy decided to ride out, through Shoreham, through Eynsford and a stop of at Farningham Village.  Our distance has increased before we stop for a beverage now!  I decided to use my gorgeous pink bike.  I need to get used to riding it again, and I love the cleats, and of course I can wear my shoes.

I felt comfortable all the way through to Halstead, there was no stopping there for a breather, or anything it was going to be non stop all the way to our first destination, but as I was climbing up the hill by the pig farm my hands started to become weak again.  I had pins and needles in them and I was hoping nothing like my last Friday Night ride was going to happen.  But it did!

My hands became weaker, and what you don't need when you are at the top of a hill, looking down the other side, is to worry whether you will be able to keep your brakes on with weak hands!   I just can't understand what the problem is.  I feel relaxed in my self, there is a bend in my elbows, ok, so no all of the time, and I do change position of my hands as well.  Maybe I don't change position enough.

It's all very worrying, and I am wondering, if buying my bike because it was pink and matched my cycling shoes, probably wasn't the best moves.  All though I did try the bike around the block a few times before I actually signed on the dotted line!   Maybe this old girls is only suited to the 'Sit up and Beg' style bikes, the flat bars.  Maybe I should have left the 'big girls bikes' to the more experienced cyclists.  I shall have to go and read up about this.

This is where we stopped.

A very welcomed pint here!

All though she is a very pretty bike, she can be a bi-atch!

Here she is, looking lovely against the flowers

Isn't she pretty!

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