Monday, 2 December 2013

Get Riding Before the Weather Turns!

Hello Blog lovers,

They say the weather is going to turn next week. It's going to be cold, there will be snow and ice and quite frankly not the sort of weather I enjoy riding in.  The day today was quite mild, after yesterdays lovely Sunshine day for the Santa run in Bromley! I am just hoping it will hold out until after the weekend at least, I have another race booked for Sunday!

So today, just to keep my legs spinning and enjoying being out riding on my bike and enjoying the last of the mild weather I chose the same route that we did last week.  I find this route so much better than going through the ally and then on the A21 from Princess Plain.  Much nicer to join the A21 from Tubbenden Lane.

I was getting quite warm as we headed for Halstead, and the ride up to the round about had me stopping briefly for a breather!  But I was soon on my way again.  I was looking forward to riding down Cudham Lane, even though I have Knoll Rise to contend with at the end of the ride!  But at least I know that we will be virtually home by then.

But before that time there was a quick stop at the Blacksmiths Arms.  I do like stopping here, and that's because of the lovely woodburner they have there.  I get right up close to it and it really does warm up my feet, which were the only part of me that's was feeling cold, oh and my ears too!

A very nice pleasant ride out, with some sort of cardio workout, with those hills that is the only thing that you can do.  But the Old Boy made me give it a little bit extra going down Farringdon, he said something about me getting up to 16 miles an hour on this straight bit of road before he flew past me!  

The geeky stats are from the Old Boys Garmin, and he did speed up and raced ahead of me on some parts of todays ride.

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