Monday, 9 December 2013

Shall I, Shan't I?

Hello blog lovers.

The title, 'Shall I shan't I?" That was referring to whether I write a blog this evening.  Well, yes, is obviously the answer.  It's all exercise to me.  1 mile running, or less than ten miles cycling, it's all getting out there and doing it.

I needed to get out for a bit of fresh air, the little lad I look after wasn't too well, and my house was not smelling too good after he had been sick!  The Old Boy wasn't feeling 100% either, so he suggested just a very short spin into Bromley and out again, via the Red Lion of course. 

Although it was quite a chilly night, as we were not out for that long, I found it quite comfortable.  I don't think I would have liked to be out for 2 or more hours cycling around. We kept to the roads, not going through the parks this evening. It would be just our luck to get a puncture on such a short journey and not be able to do even a two mile ride!  Straight up to Southborough from Faringdon Avenue, and then turn left towards Bromley. With the usual route to get to the pub. 

We stopped there for one pint and then headed directly, (kind of) home.  The Old Boy fancied some garlic bread to accompany our dinner for when we got home, so we rode on up the A21, past the bus garage to a little convenience store there.  He also bought a little treat for later on! It was nice getting home to my nice warm, thankfully aired sitting room! Plus a nice chilli con carne to enjoy.

There, this must be the shortest blog I have ever wrote, but with only 8 miles on the Garmin, on an uneventful ride out, I think I have covered everything.

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