Monday, 21 December 2015

Panagua Ladies Christmas Get Together! 2015

Hello blog lovers!
Me and Mhairi

The great thing about being a member of a group is that we gain new friends!  A what do you do with friends at this time of year?......You go out and share your friends company  and have some fun!

Yes, we are about cycling when we usually meet up, yes we love cycling and talk about our road trips and competitions and the rides we have been on.  But we are not all about the cycling!  We are fun ladies!  We own frocks, dresses, glitterery jeans and lippy to rival any 'Made In Chelsea' party!  Our Mhairi arranged for 10 of us to meet up last night at The George in Hayes, just across the road from the Panagua Bikes shop.  Yes, it was on a 'school night' but what the heck, it's Christmas time!  At least the kids are on holiday, so there is no pressure to get them to their schools on time!

The Old Boy had very kindly given me a lift to the pub, (and was picking me up again after)  I was 'fashionably' late (had tons to do during the day, friends to visit, shopping, carol service!) so you can say I made an entrance.  Everybody else was already underway with the wine!  There was no gently dropping into the conversation that I am in fact a lager girl, and not just half at a time either!  So I was quite pleased to see that actually, there was another 'pint' girl among us, she was enjoying a glass of ale!

We all started to relax into a very happy mood as we chatted and laughed and generally had a great time.  But then Mhairi pulled out a bag and began dishing out little gifts for everyone there!  Wow, how cool is that!  There was no standing on ceremony from me, I got straight into ripping the paper off!  How cool to find that it was a compact cable lock, and tyer levers.
But she didn't stop there, I recieved an extra gift as well, for being the groups blogger it was a drinks bottle with some stickers inside plus a little puncture repair kid tood!  We don't like to mention the 'P' word to loudly!
I felt quite special.  But then, the cherry on the cake (I was wearing red by the way!)  I also won the best dressed prize as well!  A fantastic little gold bell for my bike!
 ......Who am I kidding!

Panagua Ladies are all about the Bikes, we just all scrub up well!

The ladies, looking gorgeous!

A brilliant evening with some very lovely ladies, my mates, the Panagua Ladies, we love to ride and we love to party!!

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