Monday, 12 September 2016

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Today was such a gorgeous day, warm, the sun was shining!  Perfect for a ride.  I wanted to go along to meet the Panagua ladeis at 10 but the bike I wanted to ride on had a flat.  So instead I sorted that out and then did my new Petts Wood loops.

Straight away I felt different on my pink bike from the my white bike that I used on Friday.  I was 'feeling' like I could go faster with this bike.  Now if I do go faster, do I call it a PB, can I still claim it? Or will it be a new challenge, due to the different bike? Hmmm.  Well, in the Tour de France they change bikes, don't they!?  And they are still in the same race!  So I think I am going to have it, if I beat last Fridays of course.

I rode on up Farringdon, quite leisurely actually, until I remembered I had a target to beat!  And then I just upped the gear slightly.  After all, I don't want to peak too soon!  I was thinking about last Friday's ride around Petts Wood, how I was feeling at the time.  I know I was feeling disappointed that I wasn't on my Spesh, and I was feeling a bit tired too, having done a few runs during the week!  But today, after having two days rest as well (I should have gone running both Saturday and Sunday!) I was feeling pretty good.

I was soon looking up Petts Wood Road ready to start the first of the loops.  I was feeling positive, this was going to be good.  I felt pretty strong going up that first incline, again I thought that maybe its the bike, and I was in a better frame of mind. I thought to myself "Don't get cocky Old Girl, it's only the first loop". Once at the top I took the first left at the round about and looked forward to the first down hill, Birchwood!  The 'undulations' as I call them, when I am running with my running club, just after the long downhill of Birchwood seemed 'easier' too!  Nah, sure not, it's got to be the combination of all of those factors, rested, different bike, feeling good, etc that is making this ride a good one!

I was doing the third loop and I couldn't remember how many I had done, 2 or 3 or was it 4.  I thought about it on the nice down hill, and realised it was the third time I had come down here.  So just one more to do, and I was still feeling good.....glad it was the last one though!  I started to singing a song, to keep me going, I put my own words to it though, "#This is the last time, going up this hill, this is the last time going up here" to the tune of "Mummas little baby lovest shortening shortening"  Why I don't know, but it kept me focused.   Once at the top by the roundabout I was smiling!  "That's it, all done" I thought to myself. "Just those inclines to do and then back home for a cuppa"

All done, and whats more, no plonker car drivers.......well maybe just that one that just couldn't wait a few seconds more till I passed the parked cars before he went drove passed me.  It's not as if riding up hill is easy or anything!

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