Sunday, 23 October 2011

Hello My Little Sparrow!

Hi blog readers.

Today I needed to run! I wanted to run from my house. No taking the car, just out the door and run. The woods on my door step were calling to me. I gave the Old Boy a call and told him I wanted to run into them, and he said he will come along on his bike, and tinkle his bell at me.

I decided to put my IPOD on, just get lost in the music and run and run. It was tough going for me, I felt totally drained to begin with, but I needed to run.

I thought I wouldn't know my way to the path at the end of the woods, but if you just run and run, not veering off the path then its easy going! We soon got to the path, it felt like I had run for 2 miles, but we hadn't even run for a mile! And I had had a banana and everything!

I was only heading for the park, then once round it and back the same way! The Old Boy was on his bike, and of course his bike as that darn bell. He used it to death! "come on, get going" was what filtered through my music. I kept having to remove my ear phones just to check what he said! In the end I gave my IPOD to him so that I can listen to his encouragement instead.

Back through the woods to go home. Not exactly the same way, but a little bit more of running through the woods before we got back on the tarmac path. I was looking for the 'fenced' walk over bridge, because that is the path that we take to get back home. That is just less than a mile before I run up to my house again.

It felt like hard run today, but less than 3 miles! I guess some runs are like that, I'm sure I can remember a run where I felt I could run forever! So now I have felt both extremes.

Todays geeky stats

Short run by moosh001 at Garmin Connect - Details

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