Saturday, 29 October 2011

A Saturday Saunter!

Hello Blogees!

Now I thought our time for sitting outside pubs was at an end. I am expecting the weather to really do its worse, and give us our winter at any time now. But today was yet another glorious Saturday. Somebody must have had a word with Him upstairs.

The Old Boy had plenty of time and sunlight and dry weather to do some work on the bike, the one with the engine. Oh By the way Mr. S, its beginning to look like it is just going to fire into life any day now! As soon as OB had done all he could for the old Japanese girl, then we got our selves ready for just a nice leisurely ride through our woods and Pettswood and up to the Tigers, for a glass of sherbet.

When we got there the weather looked really 'iffy' as it it was about to throw cats and dogs down any minute. The wind had picked up and the big umbrella at the put was 'complaining' like mad as it tried to spin in the wind. We decided to just have one pint here, and then go straight home, no trekking on wards to another establishment.

We decided to go virtually the same way that we came here, but then the OB took off at different paths, just take a look at the geeky stats map, it look like a drunk snail has crawled across the floor! (I say snail, because no doubt the OB thinks I ride as slow as one!) Don't get me wrong, I loved every minute of it. Its lovely just cycling through these woods. We even rode passed the place where I did my marshaling duties for my clubs' 10k race.

When we popped out of 'Dog Poo' ally and headed for home via our woods. These are the woods the OB grew up in. We had a reminiscence ride through them. He was telling me of the places where he used to pitch a tent and camp out for the night, and the places he used to do his pigeon shooting, and so many other stories. The paths that I remember strolling along with the kids so many years ago seem to be getting smaller and over grown! But they are still such lovely woods. It was like riding through 'mother natures veins, as they reach out in all sorts of directions. Wonderful trees that look so inviting to climb, and plants and foliage. As well as the brambles and holly bushes that were reaching out and scratching me at every occasion!

My goodness, is this the same old townie girl writing this blog!! Enjoying all of Gods creation, (well except the brambles and holly) I definitely think the old townie girl is finally leaving me, it gives me so much hope that the Old Couch potato me will finally be gone as well!

So Geeky stats, and that look at our 'snail trail' route through the woods and to Hayes.

Leisurely Bike ride by moosh001 at Garmin Connect - Details


  1. Awesome blog! Hope to get my bike back on the road next year. We are pretty much neighbours and who knows, maybe I will bump into you guys on our travels...although at the pace you both are going, you will be passing rather rapidly lil. Happy cycling

  2. Hey thanks Stevie! I am still in the 'plod along' stages, but we are, or should I say, I am getting a bit faster these days :-) The Old boy just seems to getting faster and fitter everytime we go out!!