Saturday, 22 October 2011

Two Woods, Three Stop End Of Summer Ride!

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After a very stressful Friday, what with one thing and the other, today started off with breakfast in Hayes. No we didn't ride our bikes, we took our grandson and his mum, and big son along.

After that we tinkered on the bike with the engine. I am getting to know all about solenoids!!

So eventually we got on our man powered bikes and headed for......... Hayes! The same area we started this morning with breakfast. Only this time we stop off for a lovely lager before heading on up to keston, and beyond. The Old Boy mentioned cockles, so we carried on up to Greenstree Green. A stop there for a glass of ....refreshment and cockles, then on and upwards.......literally. Because after the ride to Orpington it was up the hill, Knoll Rise. That was the first hill I attempted that was steeper than a .... I don't know..... a slope! and I failed, but today I kept on and on. I wasn't go to let it get me. I was hoping the cold wouldn't get to me, (I knew I should have put on my top rain coat as well) I just kept on it. Then the Old Boy said that we are going to Chislehurst, just to pop into the Tigers there, and then ride home through the woods.............. two woods!

Petts Wood I could almost navigate now, blind folded, well, maybe not blind folded, but when you have pound the paths over and over, then you do tend to get to know each nook and cranny. But the woods near my house. Well, thats a different matter. When I started running by myself all those months and months ago, or is it years now, anyway, I never thought about running through our woods. Mainly because I hate getting lost! Although I have lived next to these woods for over 20 years now, I have never walked through them by myself, always with the Old Boy!

It is quite excited riding through the woods at night, I'm sure I have mentioned this once or twice before, and I have decided that I will try and run this way the next time I run by myself during the day, or maybe even with one of the other running buddies!

So geeky stats for our LONG (in time only) bike ride.

Bike Ride with Alan by moosh001 at Garmin Connect - Details

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