Friday, 15 June 2012

Get Some Miles In!

Hello blog lovers.

It's been two days waiting for this blog! Me and the Old Boy went out on Wednesday to try and get some more miles under the saddle in preparation for our BHF ride from London to Brighton! Thursday wasn't going to be a day to get in the saddle as we were babysitting our grandson, who would be staying over night, which means very little sleep for little old grandma here! And Friday, well Friday is generally our 'let our hair down' and enjoy an evening out.

But this is is just a short blog (as it has been two days ago, the old memory these days is not good!)  I do remember that I was aching from my club run the previous night, only because it had been a whole week of couch potatoism! We only rode for about 25 miles with a stop after 19 miles,  (and another one as we went on through to Bromley!) but it was a very good ride.

I feel sure that I rode to Halstead roundabout in record time! 37 minutes and about 30 seconds.! Deffo a PB for that route! The Old Boy did ask if I wanted to go to Eynsford as we arrived there so quick, but the thought of going up Crockenhill Lane just didn't do it for me. So up to Biggin Hill it was. I took 'my foot off the gas' a bit after getting to Halstead, and just enjoyed the rest of the ride. Even though I could hear the Old Boy behind saying 'Come on, a little bit more, 2 miles an hour more, you can do it" But I felt happy with what I had done so far.

It was good to get to The George, at Hayes, and enjoy a lovely pint of refreshment! Then afterwards we rode into Bromley to visit the Red Lion before heading off home. 25 miles done, and very enjoyable it was too, even the fast bit to Halstead!

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