Monday, 25 June 2012

'Special' Shoes!

Hello blog lovers!

Second day out for my new shoes! And so far I am loving them. Even though the Old Boy thinks that its all in my head, and that I am a sucker for a sales line and a gadget! I am sure they are going to be good.

Just another little saunter out today, 26 miles this evening, with a couple of pub stops just because the weather was holding, it was warm and, darn it, we were feeling pretty good! 

Now the shoes, oh, how I am enjoying my shoes. Yes of course I love gadgets, for goodness sake, I couldn't wait to upgrade my philip sagem handset to a sanyo whatever handset after five years, and getting a laptop rather than the oldd desk top is just so much more convenient. As for getting a dishwasher after 25 years of marriage, well!!! But my shoes, I am sure they are going to be very beneficial to me. Getting up in my saddle and peddling up the hill I did notice that my feet didn't cramp up and I felt as if I could have pushed harder. But I shall wait a little bit to really test them out and push harder with them!

I am breaking them in slowly, I have a nice ride planned for the end of the week, which I will tell you all about on Saturday morning!

Todays ride was great though, we did the same rout that we did on Saturday, and I got to Halstead  at the same time, moving time that is, as Saturday! I did stop at the bottom of the road just after we left the A21 to take of my jacket! It was a pretty warm evening! Still, I was pleased with the timing.

We were heading for the George at Hayes. Onwards and upwards. no more stopping until the George. Well, there was no need, was there? There are a few hills, but they don't last long, and I knew when the flat bits were coming. I guess thats the best bits of doing the same route, you know the best bits, but its also the worst bits, because you know whats coming!

We got to the George in about and hour and half, not speedy gonzales mode, but neither was it total laid back and chillaxing!

Yep, I really enjoyed todays little ride, and I like all my cycling gear, its all in pink!!

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