Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Post L2B Ride Around

Hello blog Lovers.

On Monday I just went out for a nice paced, leg loosening ride around with the Old Boy. But the route that we took was up to Downe Villiage! I nice little gentle ride! I know, its weird me enjoying going up hills!

I did feel every single mile though. Every signle inch going up, I could feel it in my legs. But I kept on going, I didn't stop and get off, I didn't stop and start again, I kept going, a little slow, but I still kept going!

Yup, just what was needed after riding for 8 hours the previous day! It took me half the time to cover  the same distance that I had done on the L2B!

Here is the geeky stats! If you want the geeky stats for the L2B then you can see my previous blog, I had actually fogotten to take my Garmin with me, so the stats are from the Old Boys Garmen, and we all finished the ride at the same time, in a team!

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