Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Lets Practice with the Cleats!

Hello Blog lovers.

I'm back on my bike, and loving it!  The Old Boy has got a brand new bike too, a Giant Defy. Well He has to keep up with me now that I got my new baby!, and also new shoes with cleats!

Tuesdays are normally Running Club nights, but, and this will sound ridiculous, 4 days ago (Friday) I was putting on a pair of socks and somehow managed to hurt my back! Or course I went into complete panic mode! "Oh no, my marathon is out of the window now" were the thoughts running through my head.  I tried to ignore the pain, I carried on moving and doing stuff, even went shopping, well I needed to get some ibuprofen! It seemed to have worked, but then, at the end of my work day, clearing up after the kids, I bent down, using my knees, to use the dustpan and brush and then I couldn't get up again as the 'bubbling' thingy happened again in my back!

I decided thatn that maybe, just doing nothing is probably best, and to rest for a good few hours. Not to go on about my back, I did consult my running clubs' Physio 'PhysioMike' and he used his magic hands, unknotted my back, and gave me confidence that the marathon is still in my reach! woo hoo!

But, to give my back total rest, but also to keep me from going stir crazy in doors, I think cycling is just perfect. It's gentle, it's comfortable, but its also exercise. It's working my legs, its keeping the muscles warmed and not letting them forget what they have to do on the 21st April!

So our route was my nice gentle little ride, through jubilee park, up to Bromley via Plaistow lane, just a little hill, yet one that used to terrify me, and still gives me shiver when I think about riding up it!  But now, with my new cleats, the whole push/pull spinning thing should benefit me and get me flying up there like Victoria Pendleton.....well I can dream, can't I.

We were soon at the little hill. I waited at the traffic light, waiting to go, right foot clipped in, left foot out, ready for the off. I made sure the pedal was the right way round, (I have pedals that can be flat or clippies!) I got up the hill now problem! Yes, of course it was still bloomin difficult, after all the only engine on the bike is me! But I feel that, once I am fighting fit, doing more riding on my bike, then I will understand how going with the cleats is going to do me good!

We only went to Bromley North, just for a quick pint, and then we made our way home again, via the main roads, including the A21, a road that is slowing becoming an enemy of mine (with the running that is.)  I had time my oven to start cooking dinner and be ready for when we got home, see not just and adventurous cyclists, and marathoner-to-be but I can also programme an oven!

Geeky stats not really necessary on this ride, as it really was a 'lets just get used to the clippies' ride.

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