Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Post Marathon Bike Ride

Hello Blog lovers.

It's good to be out and about, exercising with no agenda what so ever! I am still a little sore, and I knew I would be stopping and resting up somewhere on this little jaunt out. So I really didn't want to go plodding along with the Wednesday Wanderers! They were heading to Shoreham, from my house that is a 20 mile round trip! And also there is those nasty little hills as well! So me and and the Old Boy plodded out to  Downe Village.

Downe Village, for those that don't know, is actually up a very long road! As it was just me and the Old Boy, I really didn't mind saying "Easy, stopping!" whenever I felt the total burn in my legs. It took at least three goes to finally get up to the village. I am looking forward to do lots more miles on my bike! The weather is improving all the time, all though this evening it looks a bit cloudy, I expect it may even rain as it has that stormy feel.

From Downe village it was a pleasant plod along down Jail Lane. I wasn't going to try and go fast, I was just enjoying being out. There is a little bit of a hill to climb up and instead of changing down to the lowest setting I thought I would try getting out of the saddle and powering up there, after all it was only a short hill. I can feel how the pedals were helping to pedal up efficiently. I deffo think I  grow to love these pedals.

We soon reached Biggin Hill and from there it was a very short ride to Keston for a quick drink. The raid had just started to gently fall. Hopefully it will stay very light until we get he.

I thought I would take a picture of our bikes while the Old Boy was getting out pints. They just looked really cool just leaning against this flower planter.

So a nice gentle ride out, not to fast and not to slow, of about 15 miles. Very nice indeed.

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