Saturday, 20 April 2013

Rest Up Old Girl!

Hello Blog lovers.

How does an ex-couch potato trainee marathon runner relax. Well, there are several schools of thought on that.

  1. Rest all day, on the sofa, great film, bucket of pasta, order everyone to, 'get me' fetch me' do me' and maybe even get a massage for the old bunions and crusty feet!
  2. Go for a very short 2 mile jog, around an old favourite route, taking care not to tread on cracks, stones blade of grass, or anything that can possible sprain an ankle.
  3. Go on a 'Beano' taking in nine pubs then have a curry at the end of the day. (This really is only recommended for tried and tested athletes!)
  4. Go for a nice meander around two local pubs, in the fantastic sunshine, stopping at each pub for a nice unrushed relaxing drink with a packet of poppadoms at the last pub!
I opted for option 4, which I am sure all of you budding  Monsieur Poirot and Miss Marple's out there guessed!  The weather was just to perfect for sitting in and chilling, although that is a very good thing to do before I do my very first marathon tomorrow.  But I did take at least one safety precaution, I chose to wear my 'hanging out' trainers instead of cycling shoes and try clipping into my pedals. I do not want to fall over. The only thing that is on my mind right now is the marathon, clipping in and out of my pedals just wouldn't enter my head at the moment.

The sky is blue, the wind is still a tad chilly, just reminding us that we are still very much in spring! Even though I saw cyclists out in short sleeves and shorts! Brr, brave souls, but maybe they had been working a lot harder than me today. The Old Boy was on his new bike, I could hear him clipping in an out of his pedals. I really felt quite envious, especially going up the couple of inclines that was in todays ride, I really could  have done with the whole pull and push system!  Our route was through the local park, up to the common and then down towards Hayes. 

Our first stop was at the George. We a lovely chilled beer there, and a chat with some fellow cyclists.  They were just out for a little jaunt too, the young lady there was out for only her second bike ride!  And what better way to introduce cycling to her, then a nice pleasant, sunshiny plod about.  They were also going to our second stop of the day, the Greyhound in Keston.  We met up with them again after we had left Hayes.

But still, it was a very enjoyable 8 or so mile ride out with the Old Boy, I think, the best option for relaxing for me!

No geeky stats, just a chill out bike ride!

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