Wednesday, 19 June 2013

I Have Missed You!

Hello blog lovers.

Well today being as it is a completely gorgeous summers evening, me and the Old Boy felt like a lazy little peddle about, just local, and enjoy sitting in the garden of a couple of establishments.  My Giant is still at my sisters house, so there is only one thing for it, I am going to have to forgo the healing process on my hands and take the bull by the horns or the Spesh by the handlebars, and go out on her!

It felt good to be back on my lovely black an pink bike, (my visions of the all gold bike I saw on Sunday, slowing going!) and of course getting my cycling shoes on again, the ones with the cleats!  I hope I don't forget that I have them on!  It has been a while now! But I am sure getting back into to those will be just like 'riding a bike'!

We really only just went up to Bromley, popped into the Red Lion at Bromley North, and then we headed towards Hayes, The George, for one last before going home for dinner.  On the way to The George saw Eve just pulling up out side Bromley South Station, in readiness for the Wednesday Weekly Wander.  It would have been perfect to join them today, if we didn't have other commitments later this evening! Oh well, next time! 

Just in case you have forgotten what my bike looks like, (and the fact that I just totally love my bike) this is it.

Without her new pedals of course.

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