Monday, 10 June 2013

Out On A Giant!

Hello Blog Lovers.

Well this has been the longest significant ride since the FNRttC!  My hands have started to get better, praise the Lord! And just like my marathon, I have to virtually do the next long ride without hardly any saddle time!  I hope my bum and hands will survive the ride to Brighton on Sunday!

Today our little ride was just 20 odd miles through Shoreham Village and then on to Eynsford.  The weather was overcast, and a little chilly to start with, but the ride up the A21 soon warmed us up.  I am riding my white Giant Escape today, my hands are still a little weak and I didn't want to have any problems changing gears.  It's a hilly ride, well it is for me!  And my biking fitness has taken leave of me! I am trying to get it back!

I had to pull up at the garage to adjust my seat!  For some reason it no longer feels right! It feels just to high for me.  The Old Boy thinks I have worn a couple of inches off my legs with all my running!  So after the adjustment was done we carried on our journey to Shoreham and beyond!

It was a slow slog up the hill to the round about, but we eventually got there.  And then it was the couple of hills before the down hill into the village.  I tried to relax on the handlebars, no gripping too hard, keep my hands totally relaxed. I think I managed it, but occasionally I did have to grip quite hard, the road surface is not the best down there.

We went straight through Shoreham village and rode on up to Eynsford. This was our stop for a beverage, at the Plough.  Just stopping for the one, here, this is us.

The Old Girl

The Old Boy

                                               And this is what we were enjoying.

After this is was straight home, via 'Foo Kin Hill' I am very pleased to say that I pedalled up each hill! Even though I was so very tempted to get off, especially Foo Kin hill, after the stop at Eynsford it's always a shock to the system to get on the saddle have to pedal up a steep long hill!

But I am glad I managed it! I think Brighton is still a doable ride for me, and if I just treat it as a nice day out then I won't put any pressure on myself to get anywhere in a particular time!  At least this time we are not expecting the family to be down at Brighton waiting for us!

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