Saturday, 10 August 2013

Early Start!

Hello blog lovers

It was only 8 in the morning, on a Saturday, and the Old Boy was waking me up to go and get ready to for a bike ride.  It is only going to be a short one, about 20 miles, but I was going to take my White Giant bike.  My hand is getting better as time passes, and the weeks holiday I just had seems to have really helped things even more. 

For the time being I will use my Specialsed on shorter more relaxed rides of 20 miles and under.  And work up to more longer challenging rides each time.  I am trying to get this old body of my to learn to ride in the new position on my bike. I think maybe jumping straight from one style of riding and into another style of riding and doing it over longer distances, was maybe a contributing factor to why my hands went all weird!  At least its one notation I'm thinking about!

So todays bike ride was going to be a minimum of 20 mile, which means we could end up doing a little more, depending on how we feel, or more than likely, how I feel!  The week away has left me with just a bit of lazyitus and maybe a tad feeling of bloatedness! (ok very bloatedness!) So I wasn't expecting miracles, or indeed anything resembling speed!  It was all about getting back out there and doing it.

A climb up to Halstead left me in no doubt about how many miles I am going to be doing today!  20 miles, and that's it!  So from Halstead we made a steady (slow) climb to Cudham North/South Lane and then carried on climbing up to the Shampan!

I was really feeling it, I didn't really want to push out any further, or any harder, as I have a race to run tomorrow morning! A 5 miler! Nothing like giving myself a challenge for when I have a fantastic week on a beautiful Greek island, Cephelonia!

Altogether I think we rode about 23 miles, as we went to Hayes from Biggin Hill, to indulge in a coffee and bacon butty!  An average of about 10 miles an hour I'm guessing.

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